Welcome to your entrepreneurship Journey..

I am Yusuff, founder of Claso Digital, a digital marketing agency.

A chemical engineer by qualification, but I was always passionate about software, marketing, etc.

My first interest towards anything related to computers triggered when I read about Linux and how great of an ecosystem it is, running almost the entire internet to supercomputers.

I have always been a Linux geek since then and it pushed my interests towards software in general.

Not at all satisfied with my chemical engineering job, I started my research on online businesses and founded Claso Digital in early 2018.

The mission of Claso Digital is to provide enterprise grade software and digital marketing solutions to small and local businesses.

I wanted to share my journey and also knowledge I gain through this via this blog.

You can expect online business opportunities, software reviews, details on our recommended products and solutions.

Build an online business with me.

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