Starts from $69 for lifetime

UI & Ease of use


Payment Integrations


Customer support


Value for money



  • Good user interface that is clean and intuitive
  • Excellent editor to build the content for lessons
  • Multiple academies can be built under a single account
  • Webhook and API support in all plans


  • Payment gateways not supported natively and required to use PlugnPaid for accepting payment
  • No option to offer multiple payment types

Building a successful online business with information products and earning a sustainable recurring income with it has become more of a possibility than ever before.

However, it has also become a fiercely competitive atmosphere where there are just so many courses available irrespective of your niche and specialization. 

Therefore it is absolutely vital to stand out from the crowd if your course or membership to be successful among so many competitors. Every single aspect counts to improve the user experience of your students. 

The software you use to build the course or membership plays a huge part in providing a good experience for yourself and the students. 

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It has to be easy for you to build the courses and for the students to consume the content without much confusion. It is also important to offer a well-branded environment that helps in improving your personal branding. 

Acadle is a tool that promises the same with white-labeling offered as well. Is it good enough to host your courses and build your audience? Let's find out in this review. 

Dashboard & User Interface

Once you have completed the initial sign-up, the first step is to name your academy and a matching Acadle subdomain will be initiated. 

Acadle - Academy setup

The main dashboard displays all the academies you have set up along with the users and members. 

Acadle - Main Dashboard

In the main setting of the academy, you can set up the maximum number of users, number of members, and the storage allotted for the particular academy. 

Acadle - Academy Settings

Once you enter the academy, you can start building your first course. Here, you can give the main title of the course and a short description of the topics the course covers. 

You can also set up the course duration, provide a display image for the course, select the access level of the course, and add tags of your preference for better organization. 

Acadle - Course setup

It is also possible to lock or unlock the course after a pre-defined number of days. If you set up to lock the course after a few days, you can display a countdown timer showing the time period the course is available to join. 

You can also add a highlight to the course such as 'Featured', 'New', etc. to make it stand out among the list of other courses.

The course can also be marked as live where you can either stream a video live or paste the URL of a pre-recorded video. Make sure the video is mp4 format it is the only format Acadle supports.

It can be displayed in the list of courses only when it is live-streamed or listed as 'Scheduled' and notify the students when it starts streaming.  

Under the main dashboard, you can see the stats on the number of page visits, new users, active users, number of users that have started the course, completed the course, etc. 

You can either share the course page with your prospective customers or invite them manually by adding the email addresses. 

Acadle - Invite Users

It is also possible to import a complete list of users by uploading an Excel file. 

Acadle - Import Users

You can add groups to keep the students organized based on the courses they sign up for. It is also possible to search the users with filters like the status of the user if they have started the course or in progress, last login date, date the user was added, group, etc.

Inside each course, you can start building out any number of lessons. Each less can be given a name and can either be locked or unlocked. If it is set to be locked, you can define the number of days before it gets unlocked. 

Acadle - New Lesson

By default, the lessons are unpublished and hence you have to make sure that it is published once the editing is completed.

The editor to build the content for each lesson is excellent. It is fast, easy to navigate, and has a lot of options to add rich content like images with captions, text, videos, tables, raw codes, etc. 

Acadle - Lesson Content Editor

In the case of videos, you can just paste the URL of the hosted video that can be in YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and there is no need for iFrames.

Acadle also supports quizzes that can be added to the lesson. You have to give a main title to the quiz and add any number of questions to it. Each question can be given a unique number, a brief description, points gained, and a featured image.

Acadle - Quizzes

It is also possible to give detailed instructions to the students about taking the quiz. The minimum pass percentage or the number of points needed can be set up as well.

Acadle - Quiz Settings

The results of the quiz can either be shown or hidden from the students. An approximate duration can be mentioned to give the students an idea of how long it will take to complete the course. 

Also, it can also be enabled for the student to retake the quiz if they wish to. Also, after the quiz session is completed, the right answer for each question can be displayed. 

Under the results tab, you can see the list of all the users that have taken the quiz, how many attempts they have made, and their scores. 

You can also enable private notes and discussion for each lesson to keep the community engaged. 

Acadle integrates with a lot of live chat and customer support applications if you want to offer live chat support for your students. 

Overall, the user interface is pretty neat and intuitive with all the navigation clearly labeled. 


There are three plans in total ranging from $39 to $399 per month. All the plans give you access to unlimited courses, lessons and the number of files attached which is quite good. 

The main differences include the number of users you can have in your academy, the number of team members, and the storage space included. 

Acadle Pricing

A lot of custom brandings like removal of Acadle branding, custom badges, custom fonts, and custom certificates are available in the mid-of-line Onboarding plan. 

The highest Training plan gives you enterprise-level features like single sign-on, access to mobile SDK, login access from your own domain, custom onboarding, and a dedicated account manager.

There is a lifetime deal currently available for Acadle for a limited time that starts from just $69 paid one-time. 

Get the Lifetime Deal of Acadle


Live chat support is available on both the website and the main dashboard. The help & support documentation is pretty good as well with a public roadmap and changelog to keep track of all the features that are planned.

There is also a sample academy to have a look at how to use the tool most effectively to build your courses.


To wrap up, Acadle is a pretty good Learning Management System with all the necessary features covered to offer a well-rounded learning experience. 

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The lack of native payment integrations is definitely something the team has to work on and improve upon, but if you are okay with using an external tool like PlugnPaid to sell the course, it is definitely worth trying as the tool is really feature-rich to build your courses.  

Acadle Review (2021) – Is it a good platform to host and build your online courses?

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