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  • Very easy to use interface and dashboard
  • Ability to assign tasks to clients and team members
  • Landing pages with support for custom domain
  • Google Data Studio integration to connect with multiple other tools


  • Lacks good support documentation and video tutorials
  • No native integration with other tools or Zapier

If you are running any sort of marketing agency, one of the biggest challenges is to convey what you have done to your clients in an efficient manner whereby they will completely understand the worth of your agency to their organization. 

Communicating via emails will be a messy affair, particularly if you have multiple clients to handle. It might do more harm than good as you might miss some vital information to be shared. 

Also, it makes it incredibly difficult to scale your agency as the more clients you get, the more employees you need for constant communication with them.

What if this entire communication process is automated and all your clients can access information and updates in real-time without your intervention? This is exactly what client portal tools help you achieve.

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You can set up a portal for your clients to access that gets updated in real-time. There are quite a few SaaS tools in this space like Octoboard, DashThis, Oviond, etc. Ahsuite is a newer one that looks good on the first view. Let's dive a bit deeper and see how good it is in this review. 

Dashboard, User Interface, and Features

Once you have completed the sign-up process, you are welcomed to the main dashboard which on first look seems like a project management tool with kanban-like vertical columns.

The first column has the details of all your clients, the second one lists the tasks, and the third one displays your agency profile. 

Ahsuite - Main Dashboard

Next up, you can set up your profile with details of your agency's name, logo, phone, location, etc. It is also possible to give a brief description of yourself or your agency describing the specialization of your agency in a few words. 

The description can be divided into the main headline and a sub-headline. If you want an even bigger explanation of your services, there is an about section as well where you can explain things in more detail. 

Ahsuite - Agency Profile Settings

You get a standard Ahsuite URL when you sign up, but you have an option of connecting your custom domain for better branding. It is also possible to customize the page with your preferred brand colors, favicon, banners, etc. 

You can also connect the links of all your social media accounts, agency website, reviews, Upwork or Fiverr profile, etc. along with a sign-up form where your prospective clients can enter their email addresses. 

Ahsuite - Agency Settings

Once you have completed setting up your agency profile, then you can add your clients. While adding the client, you can set up the password for the client portal along with any other comments if needed.

You can make your agency profile either private or public and if public your profile will be shown if other users search for similar keywords matching your profile. 

Ahsuite - Adding a Client

You have to send the portal's login information to your clients and manage the portal as per your preference from the back end. 

You can then link various other third-party tools and display them in real-time on the main dashboard of the portal. The following options are available,

  • Google Data Studio,
  • Tableau,
  • Figma,
  • Google Presentations,
  • Google Forms,
  • Google Sheets,
  • YouTube,
  • Vimeo,
  • Loom.

That is a decent distribution of options to choose from to embed on the dashboard although if you are not used to Google Data Studio, you might see many of the tools missing. 


There are three plans in total ranging from $30 per month to $170 per month. 

Ahsuite - Pricing Plans

While you get all the essential features in the starting plan itself, the medium and highest-tier Agency plans will give you access to landing pages, and sub-account for your team members. 

Best Alternatives

Although Ahsuite is a good tool for agencies, there are a few alternatives as well if you are looking for a more mature platform or some additional features. Let us have a look at some,


MarketPlan is an all-in-one funnel mapping, tracking, and client management tool. You can white label it completely with a custom domain and your brand colors making it a perfect fit for agencies. 

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If you are looking for an all-in-one CRM to manage your clients with an excellent client portal, SuiteDash is the tool for you. 

In addition to reporting, you get a whole lot of features including appointment scheduling, email marketing, file transfer, LMS, billing, onboarding, e-signature, etc. making it a truly wholesome software tool for agencies of all sizes. 


To wrap up, Ahsuite is a pretty neat tool particularly for agencies if you need something very simple to display your work to your clients effectively. 

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Yes, it would be better to have more direct integrations, but with Google Data Studio integration available, you can connect multiple platforms easily. Worth trying out for a marketing agency. 

Ahsuite Review (2023) – Will it Really Add Value to your Agency?

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