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  • Real-time subject line testing
  • Availability of many automation templates & blueprints
  • Easy to set up AB/tests
  • Visual flow builder with an excellent canvas


  • Limited number of native integrations
  • A/B tests can be done only for subject line and not for the email body
  • No landing page builder

If I have to name the top 3 most competitive product categories in SaaS, it would easily be CRM's, Marketing automation, and Email marketing without a shadow of a doubt. 

Irrespective of whether you are a person Solopreneur, SMB, mid-market, or an enterprise firm with millions of subscribers and contacts, there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to email marketing. 

So when I saw another email marketing platform, my first reaction was just "Oh, not one more!!"

However, when I saw the demo video of Automizy, something stuck me. The visual automation builder looked super simple and the built-in subject line testing to improve open rates was quite interesting which made me finally give in and try it out. 

So, let's find out in this review if Automizy is worth trying out. 

Getting started

The sign-up and onboarding process was quite simple with minimum information asked for.

I liked the fact that during onboarding, some important information like the type of your website and your goals in email marketing was asked for. 

Automizy onboarding

There is an option to even provide your phone number for more personal support. 

Dashboard & UI

Right after the sign-up process is completed, the main dashboard welcomes you with an easy to navigate and intuitive user interface. 

Automizy dashboard

The first step is to name a list and add contacts to it. Contacts can be either added manually or imported from a CSV file. While importing a CSV, it is important to make sure the right columns in the CSV file are mapped to the custom fields in the contact list.

Automizy email list

Overall, the dashboard is very intuitive and easy to navigate with all the elements clearly mapped out. Some email marketing tools get this so wrong and make it impossible to do anything with a single click which makes it very ineffective and time-consuming.

Thankfully, Automizely has nailed that part and made the overall user interface very slick and fluid to get things done. 


The campaign builder is where you build the email newsletter campaigns.

Automizy campaign builder

The email editor has 3 options to choose from based on which is the type of email you want to build for your campaign,

  • Drag & Drop email,
  • Simple email,
  • HTML email.

Simple text emails do well when it comes to delivery rates to a personalized email list, however, the other two can be used for e-commerce promotion based newsletters. 

Try the campaign builder

There are many pre-made templates available as well based on the type of emails. All the templates look pretty good and it is possible to save your own templates that can be used in various campaigns.

One of the best aspects of Automizy's campaign builder is the real-time testing and improvement suggestions for your subject lines. 

Automizy subject line testing

Also, it is super simple to set up AB/tests for the subject lines with multiple variations. The winner of the test can be set to be selected automatically or manual rules can be set up to decide the winner. 

Automizy A/B test

Based on the selected winner, the remaining emails can be sent after a set number of hours. The ease of setting up the whole A/B test with just a few clicks is seriously impressive.  

Automizy A/B test selection winner

The email editor is neat and has a lot of personalization and merge fields to have a good level of personalization in the emails. Some of the available tags include First & Last Name, Company, Position, Phone number, UTM parameters including medium, source, campaign & content, etc.

Automizy email editor

Once the email is completely drafter and edited, it can be previewed on desktop, mobile & tablets. Also, a test email can be sent out to check on the deliverability.

Automizy email preview

Finally, the email can be either sent immediately or scheduled for a time later. 

Automizy email scheduler

One more cool feature in Automizy is that to improve the open rates, emails can be resent to contacts who haven't opened the email.

This doesn't work when you have A/B testing set up as it will be a hindrance to determine the winner of the A/B test. However, in all other cases, it is an awesome feature to significantly increase the open rates of your campaigns. 

Automation builder

Easily my most favorite feature in Automizy.

The tool makes it incredibly easy for someone who is just starting out in email marketing to build powerful automation. 

One of the best features in ActiveCampaign and the reason many marketers love it is the visual builder for setting up all the automation. It is refreshing to see Automizy take a similar approach and even simplifying it further with so many fantastic templates to start with. 

Automizy automation templates

There are templates for welcoming new subscribers, following up leads from offline events, offering a special discount for someone who visited a specific product page, product launch campaign, delivering lead magnet, etc.

New templates are being added continuously and if you want to start to build automation from the scratch yourself, that is possible too with a blank canvas as a starting point. 

Automizy canvas

The canvas is slick and fluid with absolutely no lag or stutters. The changes you make are auto-saved and the handy zoom function makes it very easy to navigate across the canvas even after building out complex automation consisting of a lot of steps. 

The whole automation can be set up to run once or multiple times whenever a contact's action activates a trigger. 


Automizy has native integration with Shopify, Hyperise, Optimonk, Unbounce, Retarketit, Cart2WP, VerifyBee, etc. 

While more native integrations are added with other third-party tools, Zapier integration is available in the meantime to connect and use. 


Pricing starts from $9 per month for 200 contacts.

Automizy pricing

All plans come with an unlimited number of users and sub-accounts making it perfect for agencies and marketing teams.

Also, all plans give the eligibility for a free migration service to migrate the contacts from your current email marketing platform. 


Live chat is available within the app dashboard but not on the main website. 

There is a good range of support and help documentation available covering a lot of features and many video tutorials on the official YouTube channel. 

A public roadmap and changelog page are also available to keep a track of all the features that are planned and released. 

Users can also submit and vote on feature requests right within the app dashboard. 


To conclude and going back to the original question, is it worth the look among the tons of options when it comes to email marketing?

Well, I was genuinely impressed by the automation builder and how neat the canvas worked. It's just super easy to use and build powerful automation sequences. 

Try Automizy for free

Add to that a very good support team, subject line testing, ease of use in the UI and setting up of A/B tests, it is definitely worth a look considering you get a free migration service done by the team irrespective of the number of contacts. 

Automizy Review (2021) – Does it stand out among the plethora of email marketing tools?

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