Content marketing remains one of the most effective traffic channels for any type of online business. 

It saves you a ton of money by not spending on ads in the longer run. However, as expected, it doesn't come easy.

You should have the time and resources to keep generating useful and educational content consistently that your customers would love to read & engage. 

This is where AI copywriting tools come into the picture. They essentially help you in writing better content easily by automating the process as much it can. 

Only by providing short & high-quality inputs, and with minimal tweaking, you can cut your writing time by more than half using the AI copywriting tools. 

While there are a ton of these tools available currently in the SaaS space, we will have a look at the best ones with the most extensive feature list.

Let's get right into it.

Pricing - starts from $29 per month, $109 for the unlimited pro plan, $119 for the unlimited pro+boss mode plan.  

Free Trial - Yes, available for 5 days. 

There is a reason is easily one of the most well-known products in the AI Copywriting space. It is overall the best all-around tool in this segment with an incredible list of extensive features. 

Best AI Copywriting Tools - Jarvis

You can easily build copies for Ads, long-form content for blog posts, email content & subject lines, landing pages & websites, product descriptions, marketing frameworks like AIDA & PAS, Quora answers, social media posts, image descriptions, e-commerce product descriptions, blog post ideas & outlines, video ideas, video intros, video descriptions, title and meta descriptions for SEO, features to benefits, marketing ideas, company & personal bio, review responder, cold emailing copy, email subject lines, and a whole lot more. 

It just covers every type of content a content marketer or  SEO consultant would need for generating high-quality content.

You can also select different tones for the content like educational, professional, funny, witty, etc. that adds more personal touch to the content generated.

In addition to generating completely new content, with the Content Improver feature, you can also rewrite the existing content and improve it to be more engaging and interesting for your readers.

Content Expander lets you expand a short sentence or a few words and make it an interesting paragraph.  

If you need any inspiration and learn how to use the tool most effectively, the support team and the community of Jarvis are simply excellent.

There are tons of video tutorials hosted on the Training Academy and frequent webinars are conducted by the Founder himself on any new feature release. 

The official Facebook community is highly engaging with a lot of users sharing how they are using Jarvis for various use cases and industries. 

The website also lists the blogs and books that are written by Jarvis which gives you a lot of ideas and inspiration to start generating content for your niche. 

Jarvis can write you content in 11 different languages that makes it a truly global product that is not limited to only the English-speaking audience.

The generated content can be organized under workspaces and projects to keep everything streamlined and less confusing. 

Jarvis can also write persuasive bullet points from a brief product description. These points can then be used as input for long-form content. 

Another unique strength of Jarvis is the incredible number of templates available for short-form content, be it for emails, websites & landing pages, Ads, etc. There are 40+ templates to choose from based on your specific copywriting requirements. 

When it comes to customer support, Jarvis can help there as well with the Review Responder template that writes you responses for your customer reviews.

This can be of huge help to instantly build a long-lasting relationship with your customers and let them feel appreciated for leaving a review. 

For email marketers, Jarvis can assist in writing catchy subject lines for your emails that help in increasing open & click-through rates. 

The Starter plan costs $29 per month that gives you access to generate 20,000 words of content.

The Pro Unlimited plan costs $109 and you can generate an unlimited number of words. Additional seats can be purchased separately in the Pro Unlimited plan if you have a team of many writers. 

The Pro Unlimited plan can be of very good use for content marketing & SEO agencies managing multiple clients. As there are no limits on the number of words, you can essentially use it to write content for many of your clients. Also, the long-form assistant is only available in the Pro Unlimited plan. 

The top of the line Unlimited Pro+Boss Mode plan costs you $119 gives you access to the Boss Mode in addition to all the features you get from the Pro Unlimited plan. For an extra $10, it is totally worth it as it gives you access to a lot of powerful features.

The Boss Mode essentially functions as a writing assistant where you can input any sort of command and get the output. Also, character look-back is also much higher when compared to the normal mode which in turn helps you write content with more context. 

If you need to build in-depth content with perfect on-page SEO settings, Jarvis integrates natively with Surfer SEO that gives you the ability to build completely optimized content to rank highly on search engines. 

Try Jarvis Free for 5 days with 10,000 Credits

Also, while writing the long-form content, you can utilize different frameworks and templates for each section of the article that gives you complete control over how the post has to be structured.

Another very useful template is the one where you can come with content for cold emailing. This very much helps in writing ice-breaking emails that generally require quite a lot of time. 

There is also a marketplace where you can recruit experts that are good at writing copy and posts using Jarvis. These experts are pre-vetted by the Jarvis team, therefore you can be confident of the quality you get. 

Overall, Jarvis is one of the best tools you can choose for AI-based copywriting that is easily the most feature-rich. 


Pricing - starts from $29.99 per month for 50,000 characters per month.

Free Trial - Not available. 

ClosersCopy is another AI copywriting tool that has a lot of templates for sales pages, ads, and email campaigns.

Best AI Copywriting Tools - ClosersCopy

There are over 18,000 copy examples for Google and Facebook Ads that you can take inspiration from to build a successful Ads campaign. This is a huge database that can help any copywriter to come up with good ads. 

With a built-in Thesaurus look-up, you can instantly improve the vocabulary of your writing as you can access synonyms easily without even leaving the tool. 

Once you have written the copy, you can also do an emotional analysis of the content to make sure it matches the desired tone and voice that you want to convey. 

When it comes to the email copy, you can instantly check the quality of your copy to make sure it doesn't end up in the spam folder of your recipients. For SEO-focused content, it is possible to analyze the distribution of the target keyword in your copy to avoid keyword stuffing. 

Another unique advantage in ClosersCopy is that you can build custom frameworks that exactly match your specific writing style and requirements. These frameworks can be easily shared as well making them super useful for agencies with many team members. 

For existing content, you can shorten, rewrite, or expand it easily. Also, most of the copywriting frameworks are supported as well. 

CloserCopy uses a combination of both GPT-3 and its own proprietary AI. This can be a huge advantage as it helps you overcome all the shortcomings of GPT-3. 

The built-in AI gives you continuous guidance and insights on things to focus on while you are writing the copy. You can also analyze the complexity of the sentences and simplify them if it too complex to understand.

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Once you have completed the copy, you can either save it within the tool or directly download it as a pdf or a word document.

Pricing - $79 per month or $65 per month when paid annually.

Free Trial - Yes, available for 3 days.

If Shortly specializes and nails in one specific feature, that is its excellent long-form content generator. 

If your focus is only on long-form content for blog posts, then Shortly is quite simply the best available choice. 

Best AI Copywriting Tools -

The interface and the content editor are neat and minimalistic with very little distraction for building your content. It gives you a clean canvas to start writing from scratch with all the navigation elements on the sidebar leaving the canvas completely blank. 

It works as a content assistant for your writing. As you enter a brief of your content, the "Write for Me" command auto-completes the sentence for you. You can also use Ctrl+Enter as a command that activates "Write for Me".

As you write a long-form article, the AI continuously learns the patterns of all the previous words and paragraphs written and fine-tunes the upcoming content to give as relevant information as possible. 

If you do not want the AI to get influenced by the previous paragraphs and write completely new content, you can use the triple-slash (///) command while you write. This helps when you want to write different sections of an article that are completely unrelated. 

There are more slash commands that can be used to completely rewrite, shorten, or expand your content. There is also an Instruct command that can be used if you want to instruct the AI about a specific type of content or information. Using the Instruct command, you can also generate ideas for listicles or any other type of blog post. 

A few more commands are also available to use or not to use a specific word in the content generated. While writing long-form content, you can select between short, medium, and long when it comes to the number of words. 

Another unique feature of Shortly is its excellent use of commands to aid your workflow. You can use commands to rewrite, expand, or shorten your sentences to accelerate the content generation process. 

Try Completely Free

When it comes to pricing, the monthly plan costs $79 per month and when paid annually, it comes to just $65 per month which is quite a good deal as both plans give you access to unlimited content generation. 


Pricing - starts from $19 per month for 50 monthly credits. 

Free Trial - Yes, available for 3 days. 

Copysmith is another affordable and feature-rich AI copywriting tool. It supports both short and long-form content with a lot of templates available. 

Best AI Copywriting Tools - Copysmith

Some of the available templates include Amazon product description, Facebook Ad copy, Google Ads copy, Instagram Ads, Carousel Ads, Instagram product description, LinkedIn Ad text, Blog ideas, Blog outline, Blog post content, AIDA framework, Ad ideas, FAQ ideas, PAS framework, Listicles, YouTube video description, Event press release, Unique value proposition, Landing pages, SEO metatags, Content enhancer, Sales email, Content rewriter, etc. 

It covers most of the copywriting needs for various use cases. Another unique feature of Copysmith is that it has an official Chrome extension. It helps in building a seamless workflow between your browser and the Copysmith workspace. 

There is a direct integration with Shopify that is available in the Shopify App Store. This helps in easily writing product descriptions for your e-commerce products.

It can also help in optimizing your store for SEO with good copy and description. This feature alone can save a ton of time for Shopify stores with a lot of products listed.

Copysmith also has a built-in plagiarism checker that saves you even more money as you don't need to invest in a separate tool for it. 

With prices starting at just $19 per month, Copysmith is quite affordable as well for the extensive list of features offered. The Professional plan costs $59 per month and gives you access to the long-form blog generation. You get 100 plagiarism checks per month and 100 long-form blog posts generated per month in the Pro plan.

There is also an Enterprise plan that costs $499 per month that gives unlimited access to both plagiarism checker and long-form blog post generation. This might be useful for content marketing agencies with multiple clients. You also get access to a custom domain and team collaboration in the Enterprise plan. 


Pricing - starts from $19 per month for 100 monthly runs. 

Free Trial - Yes, available for 7 days. 

GoCopy is another AI copywriting tool that covers a lot of copywriting use cases. The user interface is very easy to use and distraction-free with minimal inputs needed to navigate. 

Best AI Copywriting Tools - GoCopy

Similar to Shortly, GoCopy supports a lot of keyboard shortcuts and commands to fasten up the writing process. 

GoCopy supports copy for listicles, rewriting, condense & expand sentences, blog titles, blog ideas, blog outlines, blog introductions, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, and product descriptions. It also has a built-in plagiarism checker.

Get 40% off GoCopy's Annual Plan - Limited Slots Available

Pricing is affordable with the base plan costing $19 per month and the Pro plan costing $49 per month. The Pro plan is excellent value for money as it gives access to unlimited projects, unlimited files, and unlimited content with the AI writing tools. 


Pricing - starts from $49 per month for 15,000 words and 1,500 outreach credits. 

Free Trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

The way SmartWriter is different from any other AI copywriting tool is that it specializes in content for sales outreach and cold emailing. 

Best AI Copywriting Tools - SmartWriter

You can write completely personalized outreach emails and email sequences with the help of SmartWriter's AI. 

You can use SmartWriter for even prospecting to get the email address of your ideal prospects. It is also possible to verify these emails within SmartWriter to give you maximum deliverability and decrease bounce rates to the least. 

You can also get access to the LinkedIn data of your prospects along with company information and other details. 

Apart from cold email copywriting SmartWriter also supports other copywriting features like e-commerce product descriptions, AIDA framework, PAS framework, blog ideas, blog introduction, listicles, meta description, bullet points to paragraphs, etc. 

SmartWriter can also help in your social media strategy by assisting in writing content for Quora answers, Instagram captions, and Tweet ideas.

Try SmartWriter Free for 7 days

There are three plans in total ranging from $49 per month to $129 per month. The main difference between the plans is the number of words the AI can generate for you and the number of outreach credits. 


Pricing - starts from $99 per month for 10 content briefs per month. 

Free Trial - No, but a 7-day trial available for $7.

Topic is a content research and optimization tool that focuses on the topics you need to write in order to rank high on the search engines. 

Topic has two parts to it, Content Research and Content Grader. In the Content Research part, you can do keyword research using a priming seed keyword. 

Best AI Copywriting Tools - UseTopic

Based on your primary keyword, Topic will give you a list of competitor websites that rank for that keyword with the details on their domain authority and word count of the article. 

You can then decide on the title based on the suggested ones. Once the title is selected, Topic's AI can then help you in writing a brief description for the article and a complete content outline with the sub-topics to cover. 

Once you have defined the content outline, you can use it to write the content and send it to your writer. After the post is written, the Content Grader helps in evaluating the article based on sub-topics that are covered in detail. 


Pricing - starts from $44.99 per month for 30 monthly credits + $35 per month for SEO add-on. 

Free Trial - No, but a completely free plan is available. 

Frase is a SaaS tool that primarily helps in content and topic research for your content generation with a built-in AI copywriting tool that is sold separately as an add-on. 

You get a topic score, related keywords, and questions asked for your primary keywords to come up with ideas for new posts. 

Best AI Copywriting Tools -

Frase also supports content optimization that helps you to structure your posts to give the maximum probability of ranking high on search engines. 

You can come up with highly detailed content briefs for your articles that help in defining the crux of it with the structure defined. If you are outsourcing your writing, this will be very handy to make sure the writer sticks to your idea of content structure.

Once you enter your primary target keyword, Frase analyses all the top-ranking pages for that keywords and provides you with a content outline that you can build upon to outrank the competitors. 

Frase also has an NLG based AI built-in that generates headings and FAQ for your keyword. This will help tremendously to rank in the featured snippets of search engines. 

It has automated paraphrasing as well where you can simply highlight a part of a specific paragraph and the AI will regenerate a new copy. 

Frase works pretty well for content marketing & SEO agencies as the Team plan gives access to 3 users and you can also add more users at $25 per month per user.

Try Frase for Free

The Team plan also has no limits on the document credits and integration with Google Docs to have a seamless collaborative workflow. All the documents can be organized into project folders for even better collaboration with team members and clients.

When it comes to the AI-assisted copywriting tool, Frase covers all the basics and uses its own in-house AI technology and not GPT-3. 

If you need API access, that is available as well in the Enterprise plan where everything is completely unlimited.

Pricing - starts from $39 per month for 30 document searches, 20,000 words of AI-generated content, and 10 users.

Free Trial - Yes, available for 30 days.

Outranking is another excellent content research and copy generation tool that can be used by a wide range of users from individual entrepreneurs to agencies. 

Best AI Copywriting Tools -

For any specific keyword you want to target, you get a detailed analysis of the top competitors that are ranking for it, their domain authority so that you can plan your content to outrank them. 

Concepts in Outranking lets you collect factual data for your target niche and compile it in paragraphs that can be edited later. It helps you structure your content effectively to make it easier to consume for your readers. 

It also comes with sentiment analysis that can assist you to write detailed content on the benefits & disadvantages of a specific product or service you are interested in. 


So, there you have it. The above five are not the only AI copywriting tools available in the market, but they are my favorites.

Each has its unique strengths but overall Jarvis has to be the most robust and well-rounded tool with tons of features. If your only focus is long-form content, then Shortly will suffice your requirement as its long-form content quality is excellent. 

Do you agree with my list? If you know of any other better tool that you have used, please let me know. 

The Ultimate List of best AI Copywriting tools to help you write more and Skyrocket your Content Generation

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