In order to run an agency successfully over the long term or a sales team to crush their goals & target numbers, it is imperative to have a continuous influx of leads to fill the top of the funnel. 

Although many agencies solely rely on referrals to find new clients, there are so many other underrated ways to outreach for prospective clients. 

However, the problem in such an approach is, where to find high quality leads to pitch your services?

Surprisingly, there are quite a few good B2B lead generation tools that agencies can use to get a consistent flow of leads. 

We will see some of the best among such tools in this post.


Price - Starts at $99 per month for 200 monthly credits. 

UpLead had more than 40 Million verified B2B leads in various industries and niches. 

One of the main pros of UpLead is that all the emails are verified in real-time right inside the tool and hence there is no need to use an email verification tool separately. 

There is also a free plan that gives 5 monthly credits to test the tool and the quality of the data. 

UpLead has some extensive range of filters to search the database including location, job title, industry type, the revenue generated, number of employees, company size and ranking, etc. 

You can also search based on the technology stack used by a company. This is a very good feature for software development agencies offering services specific to a certain tech stack.

Apart from searching leads through a database, UpLead also lets you enrich your existing contacts and get more detailed information.

UpLead has native integration with most of the majorly used cold emailing and CRM tools making it easy to automate your cold email outreach campaigns.  

Pipedrive + LeadBooster add-on

Price - Starts at $15 per user per month + $39 per month for LeadBooster.

Pipedrive is an excellent CRM tool with a huge user base and market penetration. Apart from a CRM tool, Pipedrive has an add-on called LeadBooster that gives so much additional functionality to it. 

Among others is a feature called Prospector that has a database of more than 400 Million B2B contacts spread across 10 Million companies, which is a huge pile of data. 

You can filter the data based on job title, location, industry type, etc. The available data includes verified emails, social media profiles, and direct phone numbers. 

In addition to Prospector, LeadBooster also gives you access to a live chat tool, chatbot builder, and a web form builder. 

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Price - Starts at $67 per month for unlimited searches and leads.

The unique aspect of ScopeLeads is that it is a lead generation & cold emailing tool in one. 

You can search for specific keywords based on your agency's specialization and location. ScopeLeads gives a list of leads for the search with filters ranging from companies that lack in Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Retargeting, Mobile optimized website, Reviews, etc.

You can also search only for businesses that are currently investing in advertising which is a really useful filter for PPC and advertising agencies. 

Once you have the list of leads, ScopeLeads lets you send personalized cold email campaigns right within the tool. 

You can also add follow-up drip sequences to improve the open and reply rates of your campaign. 

Plans start from $67 per month for unlimited searches, but bulk email sending and drip sequence campaigns are only available in the pro plan that costs $99 per month.

Price - Starts at $49 per month for unlimited email credits and 10 direct dials per month.

Apollo is a B2B contact database with cold emailing, automation, sequences, and a voice dialer built-in.

The best part of Apollo is its excellent free plan which gives access to unlimited email credits. It is easily one of the best free plans in this space. 

The paid plans which are quite affordable will give you no limits on the emails sent & sequences, two way data transfer with CRM's like HubSpot & Salesforce, dialer, direct dial credits, A/B testing, advanced filters, etc.

The database consists of more than 200 Million contacts from 10 Million+ companies. You can filter the searches based on the job title, name of the person, location, industry type, company size, alexa rank, etc. 


Price - Starts at $399 per month for 40 hours of manual data research.

Taskdrive is quite unique from every other data generation tools in the market.

Rather than being an automated SaaS tool that scrapes the data from various sources, with Taskdrive you get customized lead generation done by B2B lead generation experts. 

Of course, it is going to be more expensive than other tools, but the data you get is unique to you and done exclusively based on your specific needs and use cases. It is similar to having a qualified B2B Lead generation expert in your team at a fraction of the cost. 

D7 Lead Finder

Price - Starts at $24.99 per month for 10 searches per day.

D7 Lead Finder is a lead generation tool that is particularly useful for agencies serving local businesses in various niches. 

It is also one of the cheapest tools with plans starting at just $24.99 per month.

You can search leads based on filters like the presence or absence of a remarketing pixel. If you are a PPC advertising agency, this helps to find businesses that are already spending on advertising.

In the professional plan, you even get access to the API that you can integrate with any of your apps and get the leads.

D7 Lead Finder also allows bulk searches where you can input a keyword and search leads from multiple locations.

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Price - Starts at $132 per month for 500 monthly credits. 

LeadFuze is another fantastic B2B leads database with leads from more than 14 million companies worldwide. 

Similar to UpLead, you can search and filter the leads based on location, job title, industry type, company size, etc.

A unique feature in LeadFuze is the automation tool called FuzeBot which lets you set up your desired criteria for the leads and it will continue to scrape the leads and send it to your cold emailing or CRM tool. 

This saves a lot of time for an agency needing a continuous influx of targeted leads.

All the emails are verified as well which helps massively in reduced bounce rates. You can also filter out leads based on the average monthly spend on Adwords.

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Another unique filtering method in LeadFuze is that you can search based on expansions to get a list of companies that have recently opened a new branch, launched in a new country, opened a new office, announced new business partnerships, hired key executives, etc. 


Price - Starts at $49 per month for 100 monthly leads. 

The way Soleadify differs from all other lead generation tools is that all the data available within it are only that is publicly available on company websites. 

This might be an extremely important feature for outbound campaigns that have to strictly abide by GDPR and other privacy-related laws. 

The database consists of more than 30 million businesses with filters based on the industry type, job title, company size, employee count, and a lot more. 

One of the impressive features of Soleadify is the wide range of tech stack it can detect in its database. You can narrow down to companies using a very specific type of technology for their marketing, sales, or other activities. 

This is very useful for agencies offering software development or any other services that confine to a specific technology. 

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Cold CRM

Price - Starts at $99 per month for 10 phone credits, unlimited email search & 500 ABM search.

Cold CRM is an excellent lead generation tool when it comes to data enrichment.

The free plan is quite good which gives 3 phone credits and up to 50 email credits. The paid plans start at $99 per month and the unique aspect is every paid plan gives unlimited email search credits. All the emails are verified as well which is quite good for the price.

The difference between the plans is the number of phone credits and ABM search credits. 


Price - Starts at $47 per month for unlimited lead search.

Leadcarrot is a multi-channel lead generation, outreach, and client management tool designed for marketing agencies. 

It has a built-in database of B2B leads in so many different niches. Once you get the leads, you can do omnichannel outreach right within Leadcarrot as it supports email and 2-way SMS. 

Additional to a lead generation database, Leadcarrot can also be used as a complete CRM for your agency with a drag & drop pipeline manager with pipeline automation. 

Leads are available worldwide with filters based on niche, city, and a lot more. 

Starting at just $47 per month, Leadcarrot offers a lot of value for money. 


So, there you have it. These are some of the best tools you can use to get a consistent flow of leads for your agency.

It makes filling the top of your client acquisition funnel a lot easier and saves a ton of time in the process. 

The best B2B Lead Generation tools for Marketing Agencies and Outbound Sales Teams

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