Offering live chat support was a significant way to stand out among your competition.

It is not the case anymore. Live chat support has become a norm and your customers expect you to provide it irrespective of the size of your team. 

You need to provide something more to stand out among the crowd for exceptional service and get the maximum out of your website visitors.

Callback widgets are one of the ways to get instant responses from visitors or to provide a better and more personal level of customer service. 

The way it works is that any website visitor can request a callback directly by clicking the widget on your website and you get connected to your registered mobile. It is a super simple process to warm up any cold lead on your website and increase conversions. 

There are many SaaS tools that can be used to set up the widget. We will see the best 7 in this post. 


Pricing - starts from $159 per month for 150 calls, free plan available for 15 calls per month. 

Free Trial - Yes, available for 7 days.

Integrations - Google Analytics, Facebook Lead Ads, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Livespace, SalesManago, Livechat, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Slack, GetResponse, Zapier.

Countries supported for calls - More than 70 countries.

CallPage is probably the most robust and well-rounded callback tool having been in the market for quite a while.

Also, it is the only tool that offers a forever free plan to keep using it for up to 15 calls per month, making it a perfect fit for small businesses with a relatively low volume of traffic. 

The widget can be fully customized to match your brand and responsive popups with personalized logos and branding can be installed to easily generate leads. 

CallPage makes it simple to connect with a lead when they are the hottest by setting up lead scoring rules. Calls can be initiated immediately by the website visitor or working hours can be set up for the widget to make it possible for scheduling of calls at a later time. 

It is also possible to set up custom voice messages and IVR's to further automate the callback process. Also, a custom text message with the name of your company can be sent to the user. 

All calls can be recorded and used for further analysis and the fetched data can even be exported as a CSV file and used in other marketing efforts. 

CallPage integrates natively with most of the major CRM's to seamlessly blend with your current sales process. 


Pricing - starts from $49 per month for 40 calls.

Free Trial - Yes, available for 7 days.

Integrations - Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Flock, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, WhatsApp, Zapier.

Countries supported for calls - 42 countries.

Although missing some features in CallPage like IVR, Novocall has all the basics of a callback tool covered with more affordable pricing.

Like CallPage, Novocall also lets you set up your business hours and capture the information of those who visit the website outside the business hours to schedule a call for the next day. After each call, a personalized text message can be sent to the recipient. 

Calls can be scheduled on Round-Robin between the team members and call intervals can be set up to give sufficient time between subsequent calls. 

All the calls are recorded and stored for a period of 30, 60, or 180 days depending on the plan. 

Detailed insights can be extracted like the pages the calls are coming from and the source of traffic, etc. to further analyze and optimize the sales process. 


Pricing - starts from $39 per month.

Free Trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations - Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, SalesDrive, Bitrix 24, Onebox, Retail CRM, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Yandex. 

Countries supported for calls - US & Europe. 

Ringostat is not just a callback tool, but a complete calling solution for any business including call tracking, Virtual PBX, and in-depth calling analytics. 

If you need just the callback tool, it is still a very good option as it comes with tons of features for starting price of just $39 per month. 

The widget can be deeply customized, can be displayed only on specific pages, and detailed & in-depth stats can be received to analyze the calls.

Calls can be forwarded to a multi-agent sales or customer supported team making it a perfect fit for call center operations. 

Exclusive 10% off the first-month payment for Ringostat - Use the coupon code "j0n415bv21"


Pricing - $13 per month per agent with calls charged separately for the minutes used. 

Free Trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations - Google Analytics, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Ecwid, BigCommerce, Joomla, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, WordPress,  Zapier.

Countries supported for calls - Worldwide. 

One of the biggest advantages of JivoChat is primarily a live chat tool that offers callback as an additional feature with no extra charges apart from the pro plan pricing for live chat. 

Calls are charged per minute on a pay as you go basis. This gives a lot of flexibility as it is not needed to invest in an additional live chat tool. 

Several triggers can be applied for the callback widget to appear like the number of page views, mouse action across the pages, etc. 

JivoChat is a fantastic tool for e-commerce websites as it has a lot of native integrations with e-commerce platforms and tech stacks. 


Pricing - starts from $97 per month.

Free Trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations - Twilio, Zapier.

Countries supported for calls - Worldwide. 

Chirply is a full-blown marketing automation platform with email and text messaging support for building marketing campaigns. 

The included callback widget is on top of many of the core features in Chirply. Unlike other callback tools, Chirply integrates with Twilio for calls making it cheap and worldwide availability.

Get a 30-day free trial of Cirply and exclusive 70% discount on all the plans - Contact us in the live chat to set up your account

Callback Tracker

Pricing - starts from $14 per month for 100 minutes & 100 text messages.

Free Trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations - Google Analytics, Zapier.

Countries supported for calls - US & Canada.

Callback Tracker is one of the most affordable solutions in this space if you need calls only within the US & Canada. 

Apart from callbacks, Callback Tracker also lets you set up a live chat, call tracking, virtual phone, and a bulk SMS & email to automate much of the tasks in your marketing automation and customer support. 


So, there you have it.

Although there might be a few more callback tools available, these are some of the best for different types of industry and locations needed for calls. 

CallPage is overall the most robust and all-round tool, but others have their own USP's.

The best software tools to add a callback widget to your website

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