If you are running any type of marketing agency, client reporting is easily one of the most important aspects of making it successful. 

However, client reporting is an extremely tedious and time-consuming job, particularly for an agency with many clients to serve. 

That's the reason there are a lot of advantages to using client reporting software tools.

All you need to do is connect all the tools you are using for your clients and schedule the reports to be sent to each individual client. 

Some of the important pros of using such tools include, 

  • Saves a ton of time for an agency owner and the team to concentrate on more important aspects of running an agency like client outreach, fulfilling the actual services, etc. 
  • Prevents errors that could happen with manual reporting as everything is completely automated. 
  • Data and analytics from all the tools can be confined to one dashboard or a report that makes it very easy for the clients to understand your agency's work.
  • Helps to integrate, visualize, and track and the important KPIs in one place to have a better understanding of your agency's performance with respect to each individual client. 

Although there are quite a few tools in the market for client reporting, we will see the best 6 of those tools and their pricing, unique features, etc. Let's get right into it. 


Pricing - starts from $59 per month.

Free Trial - No, but a forever free plan is available for 10 client accounts, 5 users, and 10 data boards.

No. of Integrations - 70+ one-click & 50+ third-party integrations.

Databox is one of the very few tools in this space that offers an excellent free plan. 

The plan covers up to 10 client accounts which would be more than enough for many agencies who want to automate their reporting process.

With 70+ integrations to choose from to pull the data and more than 200 pre-made templates, it is an excellent tool for client reporting.

The pre-made templates are available for a wide array of marketing tools including Active Campaign, AccuRanker, Ahrefs, Asana, CallRail, Campaign Monitor, Copper CRM, Google Analytics, HelpScout, HubSpot, Jira, MailChimp, Marketo, Moz, Pipedrive, SEMRush, Sharpspring, Shopify, Stripe, Vimeo and a lot more. 

Databox Dashboard & Reporting Templates

All the templates can be used as just the starting point and easily customized to your agency's specific needs using the Dashboard Designer tool. You can also build your own template library based on the services you offer and use it across all of your clients. 

Even if the template is not available for a specific tool you are looking for, you can use the API to integrate, use Zapier to pull the data, or even sync the data by connecting a SQL Database. 

Databox also has some agency-specific features like client and user management, client performance tracking, scheduling of snapshots, embedded reports, databoard annotations, etc. 

There is an opportunity to get certified and get listed in the partner directory to gain exposure among a lot of other Databox users. 

Additional to the 70+ one-click integrations, there are many third-party integrations as well including the likes of Clickfunnels, ClickUp, Constant Contact, Freshdesk, MailerLite, Trello, Zoho CRM, etc. 


Pricing - starts from $126 per month for Google Sheets, $49 per month for Google Data Studio, $126 per month for Excel.

Free Trial - Yes, available for 14 days, no credit card required.

No. of Integrations - 50+

Supermetrcis is such a unique product in a way that it is not a standalone SaaS tool but acts as an add-on or an extension to Excel, Google Sheets, and Google Data Studio.

This gives it tremendous flexibility and also makes it incredibly powerful to build complex dashboards and data insights. 

There are more than 50 connectors that can be used to pull in the data at specific intervals.

As most marketing teams are already convenient in using tools like Google Sheets and Excel, it is easy to get up and running with the reports as there is no need to learn a new tool to work with. 

Supermetrics Google Sheets Templates

Supermetrics Excel Templates


Pricing - starts from $12.49 per month for Google Sheets.

Free Trial - No, but a forever free plan is available for 30 query credits and unlimited reports. 

No. of Integrations - 10+

KPIBees is a Google Sheets add-on that is similar to Supermetrics.

However, it is incredibly cheaper starting at only $12 per month and even the highest plan costs just $62. All the plans come with unlimited reports & templates. 

Although the number of integrations is quite low compared to other tools, more integrations are added constantly and the most important ones like Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console are available. 

Exclusive Discount on KPIBees- Use the coupon code "buildrealbusiness" to get 10% off all the plans.


Pricing - starts from €35 for 5 clients and unlimited users. 

Free Trial - Yes, available for 14 days, no credit card required.

No. of Integrations - 60+

Octaboard is a tool that can be used by both businesses directly and by marketing agencies. 

It has some fantastic features designed specifically for agencies. For example, white labeling is available across all the plans with no limitation, where you can brand the reports and dashboards with your agency's logo and also host it as a white-labeled portal on your agency website. 

PPC Markup is another excellent feature for agencies where you can set up the markup of your agency for PPC advertising services. 

Once this is set, all the PPC based reports will take this markup charge into account while displaying in the reports and dashboards. This saves a lot of time and makes ad reporting a lot easier. 

Octoboard's PPC Reporting Templates

All the plans also come with unlimited users making it perfect for medium to large-sized agencies with a lot of members. 

There are more than 60 native integrations across a wide range of marketing and advertising tools. The template library for reports and dashboards is also pretty good as well.

Another interesting feature is the SEO audit that can be used as a lead generation tool to generate white-labeled SEO reports for your clients.

You can also connect a custom SMTP to send all your emails branded with your agency.


Pricing - starts from $39 per month.

Free Trial - Yes, available for 15 days.

No. of Integrations - 35+ Integrations and CSV Import.

DashThis is another excellent reporting tool with all the features available in every plan. The only differentiating factor between the various plans is the number of dashboards you can build.

In addition to more than 30 native integrations, there is a unique feature where you can use any CSV file as a data source for pulling the data to your dashboards. 

DashThis Reporting Templates

There is a neat step to get this dashboard with the CSV data automatically updated as well. The "Send by Mail" feature gives a unique email address to which the CSV file can be sent periodically with the updated values and whenever this email is sent, the dashboard is updated automatically with the newer data. 

This feature makes it possible to get the data synced from any marketing or analytics tool as long as you can get it exported as a CSV file. 


Pricing - starts from $99 per month.

Free Trial - Yes, available for 14 days, no credit card required.

No. of Integrations - 35+

If there is one thing that separates Oviond from the rest of the reporting tools, it is the outstanding design of the dashboards and reports. They look incredibly well designed and beautiful. 

All the fundamental features for agencies like white labeling and unlimited user accounts are covered as well. 

The highest plan that costs $399 per month even comes with custom onboarding, training and also you get custom templates built for you. 

Google Data Studio

Pricing - Free.

What better than a free option? 

If your agency is tied to Google's services like Google Ads and Google Search Console for SEO, Google Data Studio might be all you want at no cost whatsoever. 


To wrap up, all the tools in the above list are pretty good and you could do no wrong by selecting any one of them.

However, Databox has the most number of integrations and Octoboard's features are excellent for PPC advertising agencies making the two really stand out. 

The best client reporting software tools for marketing agencies

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