Launching and growing an online business is quite hard.

However, with the right education and training, there hasn't been a better time to start and grow a successful online business.

There are a number of coaching programs to learn how to start an online business. Unfortunately, most of them are just for exploiting the enthusiasm of a knowledge seeker and suck the money out of it.

There is no shortage of scams in the Internet Marketing / Online Business coaching and training industry.

it's quite appalling to see a huge number of low-quality training courses with the only intention of grabbing money without providing any real value.

There are quite a few red flags which immediately reduces trust when you are considering a course or a program to join.

  1. Outrageous claims on making money - If any program promises you can make thousands of dollars within a short period of time with little to no efforts, no need to look any further. Just turn away.
  2. No free trial or option to try few modules - If a coaching program is really good and the mentor is confident in its quality, they will offer a free trial or access to few modules just to test out how good it is.
  3. Clear and transparent pricing - It’s okay to be expensive as long as the program provides value that matches it. However, it is important that the pricing is transparent with no sneaky upsells and cross-sells.

Considering all the above points, we can now have a look at 8 best coaching programs that are pretty good and will help you in building a successful online business.


Cost - $39 a month or $349 yearly

Trial - Yes, 14-day free trial

Types of online businesses taught - Podcasting, blogging, affiliate marketing, web designing, etc.

Additional perks - Yes, Flywheel managed WordPress hosting worth $30 a month.

When it comes to the overall quality of the content taught, Fizzle is second to none.

Fizzle is co-founded by Corbett Barr and Chase Reeves, two very successful entrepreneurs. Together they have built an amazing community of successful entrepreneurs in different areas who teach some real quality stuff.

Podcasting and blogging are the areas that Fizzle has some in-depth content, but there are courses in other business types and general productivity as well.


There are weekly live coaching sessions where you can interact with the community and other founders to share thoughts & ideas.

Ukandoo Academy

Cost - Completely free to join and learn

Types of online businesses taught - E-commerce, blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, etc.

Ukandoo is a completely free academy to join and learn the basics of different types of online businesses.

The courses are well laid out under various sections and titles to make it very easy to navigate.


Courses are updated frequently and the content is perfect for a beginner just stepping into online business and entrepreneurship.

There is also a community forum to discuss various topics with fellow members. Webinars, interviews, and podcasts are also planned and coming soon.

Overall, a very good free course for a beginner in Internet marketing to learn the different options to start an online business and the basics of it.

Seven Figure Agency

Cost - $99 a month

Trial - No

Types of online businesses taught - Digital marketing agency

Seven figure agency is a training program designed to build and scale a digital marketing agency offering services to local businesses.

It's a program put together and guided by successful digital marketing agency owners who do millions a year in revenue. So they really know the stuff they talk and train.

seven figure agency

The concept is to niche down on one particular business segment you want to serve which will gain your agency authority in that niche. It could be businesses like plumbing services, electrical services, dentists, gardening services, roofing services, etc.

There are a few free training videos to understand exactly what the program is about and would highly encourage to have a look.

Also, the program is best suited for residents in the US as they have physical meetups for the members. The meetups are really important to get the full value out of the program.

Amazing Selling Machine

Cost - $4999 one time or 6 terms of $999 

Trial - 30 days 100% refund guarantee

Types of online businesses taught - Amazon FBA

ASM is the most comprehensive, detailed and set by step program to learn how to start and scale an Amazon FBA business from scratch.

The program is extremely detailed and constantly updated with tons of training video modules.


They teach the concept of Private labeling where you build your own brand and sell the products through Amazon FBA.

However, it's not for someone on a budget. It costs a lot at $4999 dollars and you have to be absolutely motivated and sure of putting your time and efforts into it before jumping in.

If you are not sure if it is for you, it is good to go with the monthly payments as they provide 100% money back guarantee.

Messenger Marketing & Chatbot Mastery by Many Chat

Cost - Completely free to join and learn

Types of online businesses taught - Chatbots and Messenger marketing

Many chat is one of the biggest software platforms when it comes to chatbots.

They made a detailed course on how to use Many chat to become an expert in chatbots and build a business setting up chatbots for small and medium businesses.

many chat course

Chatbots are still in the early stages and it's a perfect time to master that skill with a completely free course.

Free Internet Marketing Project

Cost - Completely free to join and learn

Types of online businesses taught - Blogging and building niche websites

As the name suggests, Free Internet Marketing Project is a completely free course with a ton of beginner-friendly content on how to build niche websites and monetize it.


The course teaches everything from setting up your hosting and domain, selecting a niche, keyword research, how to write engaging content, traffic generation, and promotion methods, etc. 

One of the best free courses to start your online business journey.

Clickminded Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

Cost - Free

Types of online businesses taught - SEO, Social media management, Content marketing, Email marketing, Paid ads, Sales funnels optimization, etc.

The digital marketing strategy guide by Clickminded is one of the most comprehensive resources covering so many aspects and segments.

Clickminded guide

All the guides are detailed and include strategies that were used in billion dollar companies like Lyft and Airbnb. Therefore, there is no shortage of quality content here.  

Wealthy Affiliate

Cost - $49 a month or $349 yearly

Trial - Free plan is available with limited features

Types of online businesses taught - Blogging, Affiliate marketing.

Additional perks - Yes, Website hosting (up to 50 websites), Keyword research tool.

Wealthy affiliate is one of the oldest coaching programs when it comes to setting up an online business. Over the years, it has gained a hugely positive reputation among many entrepreneurs by being consistent in the quality of their education.

wealthy affiliate

Additional to the quality content, where wealthy affiliate really shines is the massive and helpful community they have built who love to help each other with ideas and inspiration.


All the coaching programs mentioned above will give a tremendous knowledge base and guidance to start your online business.

However, as with any business, it's up to the individual to push towards entrepreneurship and take the necessary action. Building a successful business is hard graft and takes immense levels of dedication, planning, and efforts.

Thanks for reading and hope you have found the list to be useful. 

Have I missed any other good coaching programs? Do let me know in the comments.

Best coaching programs to learn how to start an online business

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