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If there is one business quote that has held true across decades and generations, it is "Time is Money"

Successful businesses spend their time on the productive aspects and automate the repetitive and less productive tasks to the maximum limit possible. 

There are several SaaS tools available for small and medium businesses to achieve this automation in their workflows. However, Zapier stands out among all due to its sheer number of available apps for integrations.  

As one of the first players in the segment, Zapier had a huge headstart over every other automation tool and hence it gained an absolutely massive array of integrations with approximately 2,000 apps to choose from.

However, based on your specific use case, Zapier could get really expensive or not as powerful for some needs. 

In these cases, if you are looking for some alternatives to Zapier, we will look at the best possible options in this post.

Let's get right into it. 


Price - starts from $9 per month for 10,000 operations.

Free plan - Yes, available for 1,000 operations and 15-minute intervals between syncs. 

Number of available apps - More than 350

Integromat is a European SaaS company based in Prague.

It is easily one of the best alternatives to Zapier, as it is cheaper in many cases and more powerful as well. 

With more than 350 apps in the library and new ones constantly added at a very good pace, it comes as the second-best to Zapier when it comes to app library, as most of the majorly used tools are available, in marketing, project management, sales automation, etc. 

Also, the visual and horizontal flow of Integromat makes it very easy to build complex automation possibilities easily without being overwhelmed. 

Apart from linear one-way automation, Integromat also has a Router automation type that can split the actions into two for a single trigger. This lets you split a scenario into various operations and perform multiple tasks simultaneously with different kinds of automation building some really powerful non-linear integrations. 

Along the path of a Router, it is even possible to even set up filters, so that an operation is executed only if it passes the requirement set in the filter. Currently, there are more than 30 filters to choose from. 

Each automation is called a scenario in Integromat and every plan comes with an unlimited number of scenarios. 

Integromat stores extensive and in-depth information on each operation that has been executed, so at any time, you will be able to go back and have a look in case anything goes wrong or to troubleshoot.

If you don't prefer to log information on each execution, it can be turned off as well giving maximum flexibility in the extent of data you need. 

You can also choose to retrieve historical data and start executing the scenario from a past date. 

Another really unique feature of Integromat is Aggregators & Iterators that allows data to be split-up and individually executed. 

If you are an agency or a marketing team, you can add multiple team members to work on different scenarios with assigned user roles for each team member. 

Even if you integrate any app other than the 350 available apps, Integromat's support for JSON, HTTP & OAuth authorization makes it possible to connect with any API's making it incredibly powerful. 

If you are new to this whole world of workflow automation, there are tons of templates readily available in Integromat to get started easily. 

Overall, Integromat is extremely easy to use alternative to Zapier which lets you build very powerful and non-linear automation scenarios.

Price - starts from $49 per month for 10,000 monthly actions and 50 bots. 

Free plan - Yes, available for 250 monthly actions and 5 bots. 

Number of available apps - More than 160.

Automate is another impressive alternative to Zapier. 

Every execution of automation consisting of multiple actions is called a Bot in Automate, similar to Zap in the case of Zapier and Scenario in Integromat. The free plan lets you build 5 bots comprising of 250 actions. 

Although the app library is not as extensive as Integromat, most of the majorly used apps are covered and new ones are continuously added. 

Apart from a linear one to one Bot, you can also build complex multi-action Bots with Automate in an easy to use drag and drop interface. 

You can also add conditional logic between the actions in a Bot to filter down and execute only the steps that match your requirement. Additionally, you can also format the data within the integrated apps and include timed delays. 

Another very good aspect of Automate is the ease of mapping custom fields while integrating two apps. It's a simple drag and drop across a canvas which makes it incredibly easy. 

There is also an activity log of all the actions that takes place within a Bot. This is really helpful in case if something goes wrong, as you can have a look at what happened exactly and troubleshoot based on it.

You are asked to select a minimum of apps while onboarding and based on the apps you select a lot of pre-made Bots are provided as a starting point to try the automation and the help & support documentation is quite good as well. 


Price - starts from $29 per month for 25 Tasks & 1,000 Task runs. 

Free plan - Not available, but free trial available for 30 days. 

Number of available apps - More than 70.

SyncSpider is another European based company that focuses a lot on e-commerce businesses.

Most of the apps available for integration is in the e-commerce space, so if you are running any sort of e-commerce business, SyncSpider is a pretty good alternative to Zapier. 

The Hunstman plan that costs $99 per month is a pretty good fit for agencies as it allows unlimited tasks and comes with client management features. 

There is live chat support and constant updates are made with regards to the platform as well as the number of integrations. 


Price - starts from $19 per month for two if/then rules.

Free plan - Not available, but free trial available for 14 days. 

Number of available apps - More than 230.

PieSync is another European SaaS company that was acquired by HubSpot in late 2019. The acquisition by someone as huge as HubSpot is itself an approval of how good the product is. 

As a HubSpot owned product, it has deep integration with the complete range of HubSpot products. 

The two unique features that make PieSync really unique are, 

  • Two-way syncing between the connected apps,
  • Sync of historical and current data during the initial connection.

These are powerful features that are not available in most of the other workflow automation tools.

In PieSync, data is monitored continuously in both the connected apps and constantly updated to be kept in sync without the need for a specific trigger to initiate the sync and automation. 

There is an option to select between the traditional one-way sync or two-way sync depending upon your needs allowing for maximum flexibility when setting up the automation. 

Also, with PieSync's If/Then rules, you can build powerful segmenting and automation. It also automatically removes duplicate contacts for a cleaner database. 

PieSync lets you add team members who can build their own automation rules and keep everything under one dashboard. 

Overall, PieSync is a fantastic alternative to Zapier with powerful 2-way syncing features. 


Price - $10,000 per year for unlimited apps, unlimited tasks & connections, unlimited users.

Free plan - Not available.

Number of available apps - More than 300. 

Workato is an Enterprise focused integration and workflow automation product that is ideal for medium to large development teams. 

Although the pricing is high at $10,000 per year, for a fairly large team of developers, it might be a huge saving as the plan comes with unlimited users, tasks, and connections. 

There is a huge library of automation templates called recipes that can be purchased separately based on your use case and requirement. 

The recipes are segmented into various categories like HR, Sales, Marketing, Support, Engineering, etc. making it very easy to search for the right automation template. 

With a customer list consisting of Autodesk, Box, eBay, Eventbrite, etc. Workato is a product to watch out for in this space. 


Price - Currently on early Beta access.

Free plan - Not available.

Number of available apps - More than 100. 

If all you need is a simple integration and data transfer or automation between two apps with just one click, Integrately is for you. 

It might not be a perfect fit for power users, but many users of Zapier want just simple workflows between two apps and the work needed to set up the Zaps for this might be a turn-off.

Integrately aims to solve with a super simple solution. All that is needed is to select the two apps you need to connect and just click the toggle on from the list of available automation for that specific pair of apps. 

Pabbly Connect

Price - starts from $9 per month for 12,000 tasks/operations per month.

Free plan - Not available, but free trial available for 7 days. 

Number of available apps - More than 90. 

Pabbly Connect is a new product in this segment with a very good library of initial apps to start with. 

All the plans come with an unlimited number of workflows, Multi-step automation, Filters, Path Routers, and Formatters.

Price - starts from 199 per month for 1 production Workspace.

Free plan - Not available, but free trial available for 14 days. 

Number of available apps - More than 75. is another enterprise-focused iPaas system that has a lot for tools for developers to build integrations for their products. 

It is used by a lot of Industries in verticals like Technology, Retail, and Telecommunications. 

If you need an advanced ecosystem for your team of developers to build integrations, is a superb choice. 

Amazon AppFlow

Price - $0.001 per flow run. 10 Million flow runs per AWS account per month. 

Free plan - No upfront cost, pay as you go for the consumed flow runs. 

Amazon AppFlow is a tool offered within AWS to easily integrate and transfer data between multiple SaaS applications. 

With data transfer possible up to 100 GB per flow, AppFlow makes highly complex integrations possible without coding and scale it to unprecedented levels that are incredibly difficult with any other tool. 

Although the current library of supported SaaS applications is not huge, more apps are constantly added. 


So, there you have it, these are the best Zapier alternatives you can try to automate your workflow and save time to run your business more effectively.

With the automation space growing at a significant pace, more SaaS companies might pop up and I will try to update the post as and when I find something good coming up.

The ultimate list of best Zapier alternatives to automate your workflows and recurring tasks

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