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UI & Ease of use


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  • A lot of SEO features at an affordable price point
  • Dynamic shareable reports are a huge time saver for agencies
  • Easy to use & navigate user interface
  • Live chat support


  • Would be nice to see more languages added for keyword research

If it has become hard to get general traffic to your website or store, organic traffic has only become much harder. 

With the tremendous increase in competition in all types of online businesses, it is imperative that you have to be on top of your SEO game if you need to get quality traffic from search engines. 

However, it is quite hard to do that even with a lot of time spent on SEO. This is where good quality SEO tools can help to cut down the time and make the process a whole lot easier & effective. 

While the likes of Ahrefs and SEMRush have set the standards when it comes to SEO tools, it is not affordable to everyone and there has always been room for a more affordable product in this space that is quite good.

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When I initially tested Brand Overflow, it looks to be one such tool and made me dwell quite deeper into the product and how well it functions. 

Well then, how good it is, and what are the features & pricing? Let us find out in this review. 

Dashboard, & User Interface

Once the sign-up is done, the interface and navigation elements are quite clear with all the features clearly labeled. 

Brand Overflow Interface

The major features of Brand Overflow include Rank Tracking, SERP Look Up, Ad Explorer, Backlink Monitor, Backlink Explorer, Keyword Generator, Keyword Explorer, Question Explorer, SEO Audit, etc.  

Rank Tracker

Rank tracking is one of the core features of Brand Overflow. It is divided into projects and you can add as many keywords as you want in each project based on the limits of your plan. 

Brand Oveflow - Rank Tracker

You get the ranking for each keyword on the SERP and also on the maps if the domain is ranked over there. It is possible to see the ranking until 100, and above that, it is just mentioned as 101+.

The dashboard also gives an overview or a birds' eye view of the performance of all your keywords and how well the ranking has moved over a period of time. 

Brand Overflow - Rank Ranking Overview

You can easily view the keywords that have gained the most and the keywords that have moved down the most at a glance. This gives an easy way to prepare a list of posts you need to work on a priority. 

Brand Overflow - Keyword Ranking Email Alerts

It is also possible to enable daily email alerts on the ranking updates so that you can stay on top of it at all times.

Keyword tracking can be set up for a specific location as well which will be of massive importance to agencies that do localized marketing services like local SEO. 

You can also export the ranking report as a CSV file or share it as a dynamic report. This will be of huge help for SEO agencies where you can just share the report once and it gets updated dynamically and keeps the clients informed every time without the need of doing anything from your end. 

If you need to see the list of top websites that rank for a specific keyword, the SERP Lookup feature helps in that. 

Brand Overflow - SERP Look Up

SERP Lookup also gives the list of PPC ads that are running for a specific keyword and location. For an SEO agency, this will help in proving the worth of the rankings you achieve and show how much your client saves due to the organic ranking.

Or else, if you need more in-depth insights on PPC on your target keywords, there is a separate feature called Ad Explorer, that gives information on average cost-per-click, no. of searches the particular keyword gets, PPC difficulty, and the list of all the ads currently running for the keyword in the specified location. 

Brand Overflow - Ad Explorer

Backlink Monitor & Explorer

With Backlink Explorer, you can just enter the domain and it gives the list of all the backlinks pointing to it. This will be useful to get information on all the backlinks your competitors get, to whom you can reach out for a backlink. 

Brand Overflow Backlink Explorer

It also tells whether the link is a no-follow or a do-follow link to keep a track of all the links easily.

Once you explore the list of backlinks, the backlink monitor helps to check these backlinks periodically and be sure they are all active. 

Keyword Research

Effective keyword research is a significant part of any SEO campaign and it is imperative that a good SEO tool gets it right. Brand Overflow has two parts to keyword research, Keyword Generator & Keyword Explorer. 

You can enter a primary keyword and the keyword explorer gives a list of topics you can choose from to start with your content ideas. It really is a huge time saver for content marketing teams and agencies to keep their content calendar engaged with new ideas. 

Brand Overflow - Keyword Explorer

You also get the average CPC for each keyword, search volume, and the difficulty to rank for it on the SERP's.

It is also possible to get all the metrics needed to rank highly for a particular keyword

Brand Overflow Keyword Tool These metrics give a good overview of the number of backlinks & domain authority you need to outrank your competitors.


Pricing is where Brand Overflow shines the most by offering huge value for money when compared to other all-in-one SEO tools. 

The plans start from just $9 per month which is easily one of the least in the SEO space offering such a wide variety of features. 

Brand Overflow Pricing

The main difference between the various plans is the number of keywords you can track for ranking, the number of backlinks tracked, the number of SEO audits allowed per month, the number of keywords generated in keyword research, etc. 

The highest two plans also let you add sub-accounts for your clients and custom CNAME branding making it a perfect fit for SEO agencies. 


There is live chat support and the response time is quite good for a small team. 

However, it would be nice to see a comprehensive knowledge base and tutorial videos as it is very important for a tool like this. 


To wrap up, I was really surprised at how comprehensive and feature-rich Brand Overflow is. All the features work quite well, and the user interface is easy to navigate. 

 Sign up for free and try Brand Overflow 

While it will take time to catch up with the market leaders like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, etc., Brand Overflow definitely has the bases covered and with constant improvements, can be a fantastic option for an all-in-one SEO tool. 

Brand Overflow Review (2021) – Is this affordable all-in SEO tool good to rely on?

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