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If there is a single aspect any online business owner puts the most effort into, it is to bring in traffic to the website. 

After all the efforts, what if the visitors leave the website without taking any action due to the poor user experience they get on the website? This is where website optimization comes in, to continuously analyze how your visitors behave and improve the website on all fronts.

Whether it is reducing cart abandonment on your e-commerce store, providing support for your customers at the right time or trying to fix the bugs in your app, these recordings, heatmaps, and analytics will be of tremendous use. 

Dashboard & UI

Once the sign-up process is complete, the dashboard is super clean and right to the point. Enter your website URL and get the javascript code that has to be installed on your website.

Capturly dashboard

Also, there is a neat reminder to put a notice on your website's terms and services about recording the visitor's actions on the website. Also, sensitive information like the password field is not tracked by default.

If you have a WordPress site, it is extremely easy to insert the snippet </body> tag using many plugins that available. There is also a handy button to send the code directly to your developer if you don't want to do do it yourself.

Capturly is also compatible with Google Tag Manager. So, if you need total control and extensive and in-depth analytics, the Capturly snippet code can easily be installed as a custom HTML in Google Tag Manager.

All the recordings, heatmaps and other detailed analytics of the visitors can be viewed right from the dashboard.

The IP address of visitors is also captured except in the case of visitors from the Europen Union, where the last part of the IP address is not captured to comply with GDPR.

The stored data can be easily filtered based on geography, type of device, type of browser used and many other options. 


Capturly provides three types of heatmaps,

  1. Click heatmaps - Defines the number of clicks the different clickable items on the website gets. The darker red color shows the most number of clicks. 
  2. Scroll heatmaps - Shows what percentage of the page the visitors are scrolling before exiting the website. The data is very useful to determine the location of your main call to action. 
  3. Segment heatmaps - These heatmaps are of great use if the traffic comes from various sources like organic searches in Google, Facebook ads, etc.

Each heatmap type is useful for different types of traffic. The combination of the three heatmaps gives all the essential data to optimize the pages on your website. 

Session replays

Session replays capture all the actions a visitor performs like clicks, movements of the mouse, scroll, submission of forms and much more. 

It is an incredibly useful feature for any type of website and the information gathered from the visitor's behavior can be groundbreaking input to transform your website.

The session recordings can be shared easily by just sharing a unique link assigned to the recording. This is great for agencies and support teams as the recordings can be shared with clients and also teammates.

Session replays can also be filtered using email tags, the pages visited, country, duration, IP address, OS type, browser type, a Google campaign name & source, etc., so the replay from a specific user can be watched and analyzed.

Conversion funnel

A conversion funnel is a flow or the journey a first-time visitor to your website or a landing page goes through before converting into a paying customer or client, email subscriber, etc.

Many steps can be set up within the funnel and the corresponding page URL should be connected to each step

This will help to keep a track of where in the journey potential customers drop off and improve that specific area of the sales funnel.

Custom event tracking

Many types of custom event tracking can be set up in Capturly. The events can be anything from clicking a specific button on a particular page, purchasing a particular product, visiting an upsell page, etc. 


There are 4 plans totally and all paid plans come with a free 14-day trial. The free plan lets you track one website and the data is stored for a period of one month. 

Capturly pricing

The paid plans differ in the number of websites and funnels that can be tracked, the number of recorded sessions, the period of data retention, masking and tracking capabilities, etc.


There is live chat support inside the app but not on the Capturly website. The response time through submission of the form on the website was fairly quick at around 4 to 6 hours. 

The help documentation is really extensive and covers all the features in detail. You will get the answers for most of the general queries in the documentation.


Is it a good tool?

If used properly, the data you get out of the app could be extremely useful to continuously optimize your website for increased conversions. 

Definitely worth a try.

Capturly Review – Get all the data and analytics to optimize your website

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