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Starts from $49.99 per month

Features & Functionality


Ease of use


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Value for money



  • Very powerful framework builder to build custom templates
  • Uses its own proprietary AI technology for content generation
  • Huge library of community frameworks in various niches
  • Native integration with Copyscape to check plagiarism


  • No free trial
  • No live chat support
  • Content generation might take longer at times

Copywriting is one aspect that is relevant to any business type. Irrespective of your target traffic channel whether it is organic SEO or paid advertising, writing high-quality content is imperative if you need to be successful in your online approach to take your business to new heights. 

However, it could be a huge challenge for a small to medium-size business to come up with high-quality content on a continuous basis as it requires skilled professionals who can write content that is intuitive and useful for the target audience. 

Copywriting tools that use the potential of AI can be a huge asset for these types of businesses as they can help not only with the writing process but also with idea generation for coming up with new content. 

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Although there are a plethora of AI-assisted copywriting tools in the market currently, not all are equal as the quality of content generated vastly differs based on how well the language model of the AI is trained.

ClosersCopy is one of those tools that promise some of the most unique features in the AI copywriting space with its USP being that it has its own proprietary AI technology that powers the tool and doesn't depend on any third-party resources. 

How good is it and does it really stand out from the similar competing tools? Let's find out in this review. 

Dashboard, Interface, and Features

Once you have completed the sign-up process, you are welcomed to the main dashboard which is pretty minimalistic and clean. 

ClosersCopy doesn't offer a free trial, therefore you should have made the purchase of either monthly or lifetime pricing before signing up and getting access to the tool. 

The first thing to do is to define a project with a name and a brief description. 

ClosersCopy - Projects

All the content related to a specific project can be organized as documents for better tracking later.

ClosersCopy - New Document

Similar to Projects, you can give a name and brief description for each document so that it can be easy to access. 

Once you have defined the document, you are welcomed to the main content editor where you can start writing your article or any other content type. 

ClosersCopy - Main Content Editor

The left-side navigation bar contains all the different content types that you can choose from.

In the main content editor, there are many keyboard shortcuts available to speed up the writing process and save you a ton of time when writing long-form content. 

The shortcuts are available for, 

  • Expand (Default),
  • Rewrite,
  • Improve,
  • Summary,
  • Expand (GPT-3).

In order to use the Summary command, you need to have at least 500 characters selected.

While the Rewrite command completely modifies the sentences with new words, the Improve command does minor changes to enhance your content with synonyms applied wherever possible to improve the language. 

With both Rewrite and Improve commands, you get many options to choose from so so that you can select the best output possible. 

Also, if you need to check plagiarism for the content generated, ClosersCopy has native integration with Copyscape that can be easily connected using the API key. 

Overall, the user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate across various elements. We will have a look at each of these features briefly.


The first feature is SEO which lets you do keyword research and content outline for your article. It also lets you optimize your content for SEO to maximize the possibility of ranking higher in search queries.

The first thing to do in the SEO section is to input your primary keyword and select the country & language you are targeting to rank for. 

ClosersCopy - SEO

Once you have entered this, you get the results of the top 10 results for this particular query and for the selected country.

You can use alternative tools like Surfer SEO, Frase, Ahrefs, SE Ranking, etc. for doing this, but it is really rice to have this feature built-in within ClosersCopy as it saves you time and money. 

Among these 10 results, the tool will allow you to choose anywhere from 1 to 5 search results to audit the content and proceed further.

It could be the top 5 results, but you can alternatively choose any other post other than the top 5 if you prefer it. It is important to note that you have to select at least one search result to perform the audit.

There is also an option to open the articles in a new tab so that you can have a quick glance at how relevant the content is compared to your target keyword. 

It is also possible to quickly see how the content is structured, how many characters, words, & headings the article has, the number of paragraphs, header tags, etc. 

ClosersCopy - Competitor Research

All this information will give you a quick view of what is required to outrank your competitors for your target search term.

You can see the individual sections of each article. The next step is you can add the whole content to your article as a reference, add the content outline to your article to expand further, add any individual section to your article, or select any section and use the "Write for me" command to generate content for you. 

Once you select the sites and content, you can just click the Audit button and the built-in NLP of ClosersCopy will get to work on performing a detailed SEO audit of the crawled pages. 

After you run the audit, you can see the content structure and also the main keywords that you can include in your article. 

The keywords are arranged in the order of the frequency that they have been used in the article. This will give you a good idea of how many times you need to use these keywords in your post. 

The Keywords with the flame icon are the most important that you have to optimize to include in your post. If you find any of the keywords completely irrelevant to your post, you can use the sun icon to completely disable it. 

ClosersCopy - Keywords for SEO Audit

Also, when you click on any individual keyword, you can also see the long tail combination of that keyword which can be used in the article. 

ClosersCopy - Long Tail Keywords

You also get a short brief of the content for every long-tail keyword that you can further expand using the "Write for me" command. This will give you tons of new ideas to include content in your article. 

As you keep writing your article, the right-hand section gets updated on the number of words, number of headings, number of paragraphs, number of images used, keywords included, etc. 

Based on all these factors, you get a content score from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better optimized your post is to rank higher for the target search term.

ClosersCopy - Content Score

It is also possible to see the Stats, Questions, and Statements mentioned in each of the competing articles to assist you with the topics you can cover in your post. 

ClosersCopy - Stats and Statements

Another excellent feature in ClosersCopy within the SEO tab is called Planner which lets you see a complete outline of all the selected competing posts. 

ClosersCopy - Planner

From the list, you can just select whichever headings you feel is good for your own article. In this way, you can build the entire outline of your article within a few minutes.

Among the selected topics, you can also go a little deeper and look out for subtopics that will give you even more ideas to build your content structure.

ClosersCopy - Planner and Outline Builder

Once you have completed selecting the topics and generating the subtopics, you can just export the outline to the main content editor. As soon as you have exported the outline, you can see an immediate increase in the content score. 

ClosersCopy - Content Outline

The headings and subheadings can be dragged up and down to be arranged according to your preference. At any point, the planner can be reopened and more headings can be added to the editor. 

There is also a "History" button that lets you open the last 5 audits at any point. This is useful when you want to generate a new set of audits with completely different sites. 

ClosersCopy - Audit History

Before using any other feature of ClosersCopy, SEO is the tool you need to start with if you are serious about ranking your posts in search results and bringing in organic traffic.

It has all the basics of SEO covered and gives you a fantastic starting point for devising the content strategy for your posts.


Frameworks are the building blocks of content generation in ClosersCopy that making it an incredibly powerful and customizable tool. They are templates with built-in instruction for the AI language model that requires minimal input from the user to generate desired content on the specified topic. 

ClosersCopy has a huge and vast variety of templates when it comes to Frameworks that are classified under various categories.

ClosersCopy - Frameworks

The categories available currently include,

  • Ads
  • Blogs
  • Business
  • Courses
  • Direct Response
  • Emails
  • Landing Page
  • Podcasts
  • Press Releases
  • Products
  • Question & Answers
  • Reviews
  • Social
  • Tools
  • Tutorials
  • YouTube.

Combining all the categories, there are more than 60 frameworks. The Framework library is continuously expanding as more frameworks under each category are added by the team.

In addition to the base library of frameworks, there is also a Community Library that has a huge list of other frameworks that are built and shared by other users. 

ClosersCopy - Community Frameworks

One of the highlights of ClosersCopy that distinguishes it from all other AI copywriting tools is that you can build your own custom frameworks. 

This totally changes the game and brings in a whole lot of possibilities to generate templates and content easily and consistently with minimal effort. 

ClosersCopy - Framework Builder

You can train the AI to write content as per your specific instructions to match your use case. This opens up a tremendous amount of opportunities for various businesses.

To build a new framework, you need to provide a brief description and input the instructions along with your preferred language. ClosersCopy supports a wide range of languages that you can choose from. 

You can add specific frameworks to a list of favorites so that it is easy for you to access them later for different projects. 

ClosersCopy - Framework Favorites

For each Framework, it is also possible to set up the level of creativity. It ranges from 0 to 100 and can be set as anything in between as per your preference.  

If it is set low, the AI sticks firmly to the input provided by you and when set on the higher side, it explores new channels and takes a bit of freedom. 

Now, let's have a look at a few of these frameworks to get an idea of how it works and how you can use them for your content generation. 

The first Framework I tried is the Before-After Bridge framework for coming up with an ad copy. All I have to do is to enter the company name along with a brief description of the product or service.

ClosersCopy - Before After Bridge Framework

The system came up with many variations in the content and provided me with many options to choose from. Although not all of them were of the best quality, some were really good that can be used without much further editing.

Whichever option you like the most, you can just add it to the main editor by clicking the "Plus" button. It is possible to see how many words and characters each variation is so that you can get an idea of the length of the content you are adding to the editor. 

Next, I tried out the Outline framework under the Blogs category. You have to just enter the main topic of the blog post you want to write and the AI will provide many options for a complete outline. 

ClosersCopy - Blog Outline Framework

You can combine points from different options and I was able to build a complete outline for a post from scratch with more than 10 subheadings in just a few minutes. 

This can be incredibly useful for SEO and content marketing agencies that have a lot of clients and topic ideas for each of them. 

Once you have come up with the outline, you can use other frameworks and the Longform feature to expand further and write the full post within the shortest period possible. 

If you do not have any ideas that you want to write, you can use the Topics framework under the Blogs category. 

You have to just enter a core topic and the framework will generate topic ideas that you can choose from. 

ClosersCopy - Blog Topic Framework

In addition to topics and outlines, you can also use frameworks to write Introduction, Conclusion, convert paragraphs to bullet points, convert bullet points to paragraphs, etc. 

The bullet point to paragraph conversion can be very useful once you have built the outline of the post. The whole outline can be fed as bullet points and you get some really good paragraphs that can be used. 


Workflows are a combination of frameworks in sequence if your use case demands the usage of multiple frameworks.

You can choose and combine different frameworks and build your own workflows using the Workflow Builder. 

ClosersCopy - Workflow Builder

Once you have added your favorite frameworks, you can alter the sequence by just dragging and dropping. You can select from both built-in and community frameworks so you have a really huge range of frameworks to choose from. 

This gives you maximum flexibility to tweak the workflows the way you want to. Once you have finalized the frameworks to be included in the workflow and the sequence, you can give it a name and save it to be used at any time in the future. 

Once you select a specific Workflow, the various frameworks appear as a sequence of steps inside the main editor. 

ClosersCopy - Workflow Editor

The workflows you have built can also be shared with other community members as similar to frameworks, there is a community library of workflows as well.


It is a feature in ClosersCopy that helps you analyze the content generated for various parameters like emotions and spam. 

For example, if you have an email copy, you can just run the spam check to see any content in the copy that might lead to the spam folder. 

The spam check will list all the potential issues and you can fix all of them one by one to get your copy sorted out and minimize the chances of ending up as spam. 

With the Emotions check, you can see if there are any seriously bad negative emotions in the copy and eliminate them.

ClosersCopy - Emotion Insights

The Densities check will show you how frequently a word is used. This will help you eliminate any repetition of the same sentence or style of writing.

Density can be checked for both single keywords and long-tail multi-word phrases. This will also be very useful in SEO to achieve a specific number of keyword densities and to avoid over-stuffing of keywords as well.


The Longform content generator is one of the highlights of ClosersCopy that helps you write full-length blog posts, sales letters & email copy, press releases, etc. quickly.

The below modules are available within Longform that you can use to generate varied types of content,

  • Brief,
  • Headline,
  • Outline,
  • Introduction,
  • Paragraph,
  • Conclusion,
  • Benefits,
  • Drawbacks,
  • Bullets,
  • Listicle,
  • FAQ,
  • Tutorial,
  • Explain, 
  • Command.

The above covers most of the content formula and once you have the title fixed, you can use a combination of the above to get the perfect blog post. 

For a simple blog post, after you have the heading, you can use the Outline feature to build out all the sub-topics. Then, using the Paragraph command, each sub-topic can be expanded further to write the full post. 

ClosersCopy - Longform Editor

If you want any specific copy or product review post, you can use the Benefits command to full use. 


You can use this feature to add your team members to your ClosersCopy account. The number of team members you can add depends on the plan you have subscribed to. 


There are three plans in total namely Power, Superpower, and Superpower Squad with prices ranging from $49.99 per month to $99.99 per month.

The main difference between the plans includes the number of AI runs you get per month, the number of SEO audits that you can perform monthly, and the number of team members that get access to the tool. 

ClosersCopy - Plans and Pricing

Also, the base plan gets only limited updates while you get unlimited updates with the mid and the highest plan. 

However, with all the plans you get access to all of the available features which is good to see as many SaaS tools limit the feature set in the base plan. 

If you are a content marketing agency that needs 5 seats, the highest Superpower plan might be worth considering. However, for the majority of users, the mid-level Superpower plan offers the best value for money as you get unlimited AI runs, SEO audits, and updates. 

To make the pricing even better value, there is a lifetime deal available which requires you to pay just once and get lifetime access to the tool. This is a fantastic deal considering how powerful the tool is and the incredible array of features you get.

Customer Support

Although there is no live chat support either on the main website or within the app dashboard, the available email support is quite good.

The Founder responds quickly to emails and there is a very active & engaging Facebook community as well where you can throw in your doubts for clarification. 

As the team grows, it will be good if they introduce live chat support as immediate assistance might be needed in some cases. 

When it comes to guides and tutorials, the official YouTube channel has lots of how-to videos covering all the features and if you prefer text documentation, there is an official course as well providing you with in-depth guides. 

Best ClosersCopy Alternatives

Although ClosersCopy is a fantastic all-around AI copywriting tool, there are some very good alternatives as well if you want the tool to specialize in a particular feature.

Lets' have a look at some of these alternatives. 


WordHero is a GPT-3 based AI copywriting tool that has a ton of good features. With the Generator Mode and Editor Mode, you are covered to come up with content for varied use cases. 

The Keyword Assistant will help you with using the right amount of keywords in your article to optimize and make sure that the chances are high that it ranks well. 

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GoCharlie is another affordable AI copywriting tool that covers a huge range of use cases for your copywriting needs. 

Similar to WordHero, GoCharlie is also available in a lifetime deal which makes it a fantastic value for money considering all the features offered. 

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If you are looking for an affordable lifetime deal, but do not really want unlimited words, TextBuilder could be an excellent option for you as it costs only $99.

Get the Lifetime Deal of

More than a direct alternative to ClosersCopy, ArtSpace is a tool that can complement it really help in your image editing process required for quality content. 

Get the Lifetime Deal of is one of the most feature-rich and also affordable options when it comes to AI copywriting tools. 

It has an extensive range of templates for both long and short-form content to choose from. 


Jasper is easily one of the frontrunners in the AI copywriting space for the wealth of features they have. 

Its Boss Mode is as powerful as ClosersCopy's Framework but a bit easier to get started and use the tool. 


One of the best parts about Frase is that it has an extensive feature set when it comes to content research and optimization combined with AI generation.

It is a tool that comes the closest to ClosersCopy as an all-around SEO & Content generation software. 

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO excels in SEO content research and optimization to be easily the best in the category. if your only goal is content research and optimization, Surfer SEO will be the best option for your business.

Outranking is another all-in-one content research, generation, and optimization tool that has a whole array of features to help you with everything related to SEO & organic traffic. 


To wrap up, ClosersCopy is a really solid tool for AI-assisted copywriting. Yes, it takes a while to get used to how it works and to learn how to build your own frameworks, but that is a small price you pay for how incredibly powerful the feature is. 

Grab the Lifetime Deal of ClosersCopy - Available for a Limited Time

The pricing model is also very competitive and overall it is a tool that is definitely worth the try if you want to reduce the time it takes for your business to generate content and rank on search engines. 

ClosersCopy Review (2023) – Does it really stand out among all the available AI copywriting tools?

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