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  • Quite possibly the best AI Copywriting tool for long-form blog post content
  • Requires minimum to no editing once the content is generated
  • Excellent tool for Content Marketing agencies to massively scale up their output
  • Seamless WordPress integration


  • Might be expensive for individual users and not agencies
  • Works only for long form blog post content
  • No free plan or trial

As an online business owner or a marketer, one of the pillar stones of your marketing approach has to be high-quality content. 

Whether it is long-form content for organic search or emails or ad copy, the quality of your content determines the effectiveness of the strategy. 

However, the real challenge particularly in the case of blog posts is to be consistent in writing high-quality content and posting it in periodic intervals. 

With the evolution of GPT-3 and similar technology, there has been an absolute flooding of AI copywriting tools in the market in recent times.

However, one of the main issues with these tools is that the quality of content is mostly not so good if the underlying AI is not trained to the best.

In most cases, it is easily detectable as content written by AI and you run a risk of getting penalized by Google and other search engines. 

Content at Scale is a tool that promises to overcome this quality issue by using NLP and semantic analysis in conjunction with the AI that powers it to come up with content that is more like something written by a human writer and undetectable as something written by artificial intelligence.

Does it really live up to that promise? Well, let us find out in this short review. 

Dashboard & User Interface

Once you complete the sign-up process, the main dashboard is as minimalistic as it can be with just the button to add new projects available predominantly.

Content at Scale - Main Dashboard

The first thing to do is to enter the project details where you can provide information on the website URL, the name of the project, the context of the project, the number of posts you need every month, the type of your target audience, tone of voice you prefer for the content style, etc.

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You can also give the average number of words you would like the posts to be and the default language as well. 

Content at Scale - New Project

It is really important to give a proper and quite detailed context to the project in order to get the maximum out of the software. 

Some of the tones of voices available to choose from include Casual, Authoritative, Bold, Casual, Dramatic, Excited, Feminine, Grumpy, Happy, Informative, Joking, Masculine, Persuasive, Professional, Sarcastic, Witty, etc. For most business cases, Authoritative or Informative might be the best bit. 

Content at Scale - Tones of Voice

Once you enter all the information related to the project and proceed, the system takes a couple of minutes to take up all the details and come up with the next step where you can enter the keyword you want to rank for and any additional context you can provide. 

Alternatively, you can also use an existing YouTube video, a blog post URL, a podcast episode, or a custom audio file as a starting point or a reference for the article you want to generate. 

Content at Scale - Keywords

Once you add the keywords, the system then optimizes the keyword and it takes a few minutes to get the content ready. 

Apart from the main keyword, you can also provide additional context which will be good value to get a well-researched and written article as per your needs. 

You can also input the number of words you need for the article. By default, it is set as 2,000 to 3,000 words, but you can have as much as 3,000 plus words too. If you need short-form blog content, then it is possible to set it to less than 750 words.

Content at Scale - Keyword set up

After entering the main keyword and the additional context, you can use the Customize feature to get a content brief that can be later used to generate the entire article.

Content at Scale - Content Brief

You can also add a CSV consisting of many keywords and the system will take each keyword separately to generate an article for it. 

Content at Scale - Bulk Keyword Upload

Once the post is ready, you can just click on it to access it and I was really surprised at how well it was optimized and structured.

Just by the look of it, I was pretty clear that there would be a minimal amount of editing needed which genuinely is the USP of Content at Scale as a superior product to other AI writing tools. 

However, although the content generated is excellently written, classified, tabulated, and optimized for the keyword, it is always important to add your personal touch or opinion to the content to make it connect with your own audience. 

In an upcoming era of a lot of content going to be generated by AI tools, it is the personal touch that could make or break how well your content does in terms of revenue for your business. 

For example, if the content is for one of your clients, get well research factual data from them for the respective industry and try to sprinkle the data points throughout the article. You can also interview them personally and add quotes wherever possible. 

You can also rewrite some of the content with a more or less sophisticated language proficiency based on your specific target audience.

Content at Scale - Post Optimization

You can get a bird's eye view of all the keywords that have been used on the post and the density of the keywords too as it is a very important metric for optimal search engine optimization.

Content at Scale - Word Count

As you type your desired keywords, if it is already present in the keywords list on the right, it changes color giving you an easy idea of how much it has been used in the article. 

You generally have to use a third-party tool like Surfer SEO or Frase to do this step in your content strategy. Therefore, it is a really good feature to have that will save you additional costs.

You can also see an on-page checklist of the content generated that shows all the important parameters that have been achieved and the ones that are to be worked on in order to complete the perfect on-page optimization. 

Content at Scale - On page Checklist

If you would like to have a look at the best-performing competitors for the target keyword that is ranking the highest, you can easily get that by just clicking the "Ranking Content" tab under the Research section.

Content at Scale - Brief

It also gives a brief outline of the content that you can use to research the sub-topics for your article as well. 

It is also possible to have a view of the number of words used in the post, the total number of paragraphs, the number of headings, and the media content involved like images, videos, etc. 

You also get the meta description of the post which can be super useful as it might be really difficult sometimes to write a proper meta description for your post. You can also select a featured image for the post right within the tool.

At any point, the tool also lets you add Notes which might be of really high importance to collaborate with your team members.

One of the other best parts about Content at Scale is the system by default will provide you with a detailed Table of Content for the article with main and sub-headings as well.

It also hyperlinks the table to the actual paragraphs which will save you a ton of time. 

Content at Scale - Table of Content

Another impressive aspect is that you also get short summaries or key takeaways listed at all points in between the article which makes it easy to consume the content for the potential visitors. 

Content at Scale - Key Takeaways

Another thing you get in the content is boxes of Click to Tweet which can be very handy if the readers want to instantly share specific parts of the article. 

Content at Scale - Click to Tweet

At any point, the status of the post can be set under the below categories,

  • Draft,
  • Ready for Optimization,
  • Pending Editing,
  • Schedule,
  • Publish,
  • Complete.

You can edit these available statuses under the "Post Statuses" setting. 

Content at Scale - Post Statuses

It is possible to change the name of the status and its description. You can set whichever you want as the default and toggle on or off the sync with your WordPress account. 

Content at Scale - Post Status Editing

Speaking of WordPress, one more thing I really liked a lot about Content at Scale is the availability of the native plugin that lets you export the content generated to your WordPress blog including the text content, images, table of content, links, title, meta description, etc. 

All you have to do is just download the WordPress plugin available in the Integrations tab under project settings and upload it as a zip file to your website. 

Content at Scale - WordPress Plugin

You have to then connect the API key from your account settings and all set to just import the articles to your blog or website in a few clicks. The total amount of time this saves could be massive for an agency dealing with numerous clients. 

When it comes to your main profile, you can edit the name of your team, set up a profile picture for the team, and set up the time zone. 

Content at Scale - Main Profile

The main canvas to edit content is quite a feature-rich tool as well which lets you export the generated content as a Word file, as an HTML file, or view the source too.

You can maximize the overall window to have a clear view of the content and do any necessary editing.  

Once you have started working on the projects, if you go back to the main dashboard, it will show you an overview of the number of posts you have generated, the number of words written by the AI, the total amount of time and money saved by using the tool, etc. 

Content at Scale - App Dashboard

These statistics can be customized in a way to view corresponding only to yourself or to your whole team. Even the dates can be changed and reset to which the data corresponds. You will also be filer the dashboard view based on which stage the generated article is in. 

This data can be quite important to see how much value Content at Scale adds to your business, particularly if you are an agency and team members are also using it to generate content for your clients.

Also, under the individual project settings, you can choose to set the font color and the background. 

Content at Scale - Project Settings

You can also select if you need the Key Takeaways and other custom sections based on your preference. It is also possible to change the label of the section from the below available options,

  • Key Takeaway,
  • Key Lesson,
  • Important Takeaway,
  • Main Idea,
  • Mail Lesson,
  • Main Takeaway,
  • Takeaway,
  • To Recap,
  • Recap,
  • Important Lesson,
  • In Summary,
  • To Summarize,
  • The Idea,
  • Editor's Note,
  • Key Thought,
  • Important Thought.

There is also a list of default icons to choose from that could match the label you have chosen. Another available setting in the project is to either enable or disable the FAQ section.

You can also set up a default CTA button after the introduction and also after the conclusion. This can be set up to be applicable to all the articles generated under a specific project. 

It is possible to add team members specific to each project. This might be very helpful if you have a big team of individual writers and you want specific team members to work on selected projects. 

There is also a Leaderboard available in the main dashboard which will act as a good motivation for your team to generate more content and utilize the tool to its maximum potential. 

Overall, the user interface is very simple and intuitive, and would not take much time to get accustomed to it even for new users. 


Content at Scale is not a cheap tool and considering what it offers for a business or an agency, it is understandable and definitely worth it if you can extract the full value out of it. 

The pricing plans are not publicly available on the website and you have to sign-up for the tool to get the link to upgrade via email. 

There are four plans available in total starting from $250 per month for 8 post-credits per month. This comes down to $31.25 per post consisting of more than 2000 words which is a fairly good price considering how much you need to pay a quality copywriter with all the formatting and editing done for you. 

The other three plans cost $500, $1000, and $1500 per month to give you 20, 50, and 100 post-credits per month respectively. 

Content at Scale - Plans & Pricing

In the base Solo plan, you won't be able to add multiple projects as it is designed mostly for individuals and solo business owners. 

In the higher plan, you get more value for money but it might be worth only for big content marketing agencies working with multiple clients. 

Although all the plans are decently priced for agencies, it would be a bit too high for individuals looking out for content for their websites or small businesses starting to build up their content marketing strategy.

Therefore, it would be much better if there is a plan below the base that would cost in the range of $100 per month which might give 3 to 4 post-credits. This would bring in a lot of new users to the platform and thereby improve the quality of the overall tool as well. 


There is live chat support on the main dashboard of the app and also on the main website.

Many support articles are available too, but it would have been nice to see some video tutorials as well covering all the features one by one. 

Best Alternatives

As good as Content at Scale is when it comes to long-form content, there are some pretty good alternatives as well, particularly that writes all form of content including ad copy, email copy, social media posts, etc.

Pricing - Starts from $49 per month for 50,000 words per month.

Jasper is one of the market leaders when it comes to AI copywriting tools. Powered by GPT-3, it has quite an extensive features list, particularly the Boss Mode in Jasper is extremely powerful for building content at a very good pace and also with a conversational approach. 

Grab the Free Trial of Jasper Now

You can write a huge variety of content with Jasper including copy for Ads, Emails, Quora answers, Social media posts, business profiles, personal and company profiles, blog post topics & introductions, and a whole lot more. 

Therefore, if you need an AI copywriting tool that covers every type of copy for your business needs, Jasper might be the perfect fit for you.

Pricing - Starts from $39 per month for unlimited content.

If you are looking for an AI copywriting tool that is exclusively designed and trained for marketing content, GoCharlie is the best option for it. 

It has more than 60 templates that you can choose from to come up with content for various types of needs.

Content Repurposing and AI-based image generation are also available in GoCharlie to make it one of the most well-rounded AI copywriting tools in the market currently. 


Pricing - $49 per month or $267 for the lifetime for unlimited content generation.

One of the biggest advantages of WordHero is that, unlike the majority of AI copywriting tools available in the market, it is available for a one-time lifetime deal that gives you access to generate unlimited content.

Grab the Lifetime Deal of Wordhero - Available for a Limited Time

You can also subscribe to the monthly plan at $49 per month for unlimited content, but the lifetime deal provides the best value for money.

It is a pretty good tool as well with most of the content types covered and with more than 100 languages covered, irrespective of your country, the tool would be a pretty good option to generate content.

If you are looking for an AI tool to generate images rather than text content, Artspace is a fantastic choice as it is a very powerful tool that can even help you in editing generated images for your article or blog.

Get the Lifetime Deal of


ClosersCopy is another powerful AI copywriting tool that is available in a lifetime deal to help you avoid subscription costs for your business. 

It uses a mix of both GPT-3 and its own proprietary AI model which makes ClosersCopy quite a unique tool in the market. 

Get the Lifetime Deal of ClosersCopy

As it is a very powerful tool, you can build your own frameworks with it and make the tool as personalized and customized as possible to match your specific requirements.


If you need an all-in-one tool for both content generation and optimization of the generated content, INK is the perfect option for you.

In addition to generating AI-based content, you can also do keyword research, protect your content from penalties, generate images, optimize your content for search engine ranking, etc. 

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If you are looking for an all-in-one AI copywriting tool that has a Chat GPT-like feature where you can interact with the AI model and get instant answers, Writesonic is the perfect solution. 


To wrap up, who exactly is a perfect user for a product like Content at Scale?

Depending on the spectrum of users you are, it might look ridiculously expensive or an incredible value for money. 

Therein lies the conclusion. If you are an individual business owner looking out for content for your business website, the price might be too high to justify the returns it might give. 

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However, if you are a content marketing or SEO agency that is focused on long-form content, Content at Scale might be such a huge time saver and you can scale up your agency to unbelievable levels.

Content At Scale Review (2023) – Is it Really Better than other AI Copywriting tools for Writing Blog Content?

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