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User Interface & Ease of use


Value for Money


Quality of content



  • All round and feature-rich copywriting tool covering both short form & long form content
  • Built-in Plagiarism checker and article rewriter
  • Intuitive user interface with easy navigation
  • Live chat support


  • The quality of content for long form posts needs improvement
  • Tutorial videos on how to use the tool effectively would be helpful
  • Ran into occasional errors in generating content for Ads

AI-based copywriting is on a tremendous growth with the evolution of GPT-3 and there has been a flurry of new SaaS tools in the space.

Each has its unique strengths and weaknesses with some excelling in short-form content and some doing exceedingly well in long-form content generation for blog posts. 

ContentBot is one of the AI-based SaaS tools that promise to be an all-around solution for both short-form content ideas,  and long-form blog post content. 

How good is it? Let's find out in this review. 

Dashboard and User Interface

After the initial sign-up is done, the main dashboard is neat and intuitive with pretty good navigation of all the features available that are clearly outlined. - Main Dashboard

To start with, you can build blog post content ideas for your articles. You can also allow adding a short intro for the posts along with the content topic. ContentBot also lets you add even Trends, wherein the tool researches for the latest trends in your industry and comes up with unique content ideas.

ContentBot - Blog Content Ideas

I tried with a few blog content ideas for "Sales Funnels for Marketing" and got five to six topics with a short introduction. 

Although all the results were usable, some of pretty good with the intro being quite informative as well. With each result, you get a Uniqueness score as ContentBot has a built-in plagiarism checker.

You can get a Reading Easy Score and the number of words generated for the Intro. All these give a good overall picture to decide with the content topic and start with your in-depth post. 

At any instance, you can add more content. When I tried it, the additional results I got were even better with the content matching the Sales Funnel-based topics I was looking for. 

ContentBot - Blog post Intro

The Inline Auto-complete editor helps you complete sentences as and when you write the content. You can set up the number of words you need the AI to write for you. It is particularly useful when you have the overall crux of the blog post outlined and you need to complete the content. 

The generated content can be translated to various languages based on DeepL, Google Translate, or Watson AI's technology. 

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Bullet Point Expander is another very useful feature to help writing your content. You have to enter bullet points as headings for the content and the AI generates paragraphs for each bullet point mentioned. 

ContentBot - Bullet Point Expander

Additionally, you can also write full-length blog posts with ContentBot. It is absolutely vital that you treat the content generated as only an initial draft, cross-check all the facts and figures if any data is generated for your topic.  

ContentBot - Full length blog post

You have to enter the main topic and each sub-headings as sections. You can also define the number of words that you want the AI to generate for each section. - Sections for long form blog posts

For each section, you get different options to choose from based on the quality and matching reference of your main topic and sub-heading. 

Once you have selected the content for all the sections, you get the full blog post editor where you can tweak the content, make edits by adding more of your own voice. - Full length blog post with section based content

You can also generate page headlines that capture the crux of your product and gives you a list of headlines. This can be of very good help particularly in generating website copy for your own business and clients. - Page Headline Ideas

ContentBot also can help in editing your existing content. For example, you can use the sentence rewriter to gives alternative sentences for your current content. - Sentence Rewriter

ContentBot also supports article rewriter whereby a complete blog post can be spun and rewritten by the AI. Again, it is extremely vital to completely check the rewritten content and tweak it to match your tone. 

When it comes to marketing tools, you can build content for Google Adwords Ads, Facebook Ads, Video ideas, and brand names for your business. 

The video ideas can be very useful to have a continuous flow of content ideas that you can plan a series of videos with. - Video Ideas

You can automate the process of content idea generation and set up get ideas every week or so in your target industry. 

For all the content generated you can change the tome of content as Professional, Bold, Playful, First Person, and Third Person. 

Overall, the User Interface is quite intuitive with good navigation. The feature list also is quite extensive with all the aspects of content generation covered for your business.

Some of the content quality might be better and I ran into few errors in Ad copy content, but it is expected out of a fairly new AI that can only better with more usage and the way it gets trained over time. 


There is a free plan and two paid plans namely Premium and Premium Plus. Premium costs $29 per month and Premium Plus costs $79 per month. - Pricing

You get all the available features in both the plans with the difference being the number of credits you get for the full-length blog posts. 

Premium gives you 25 credits per and Premium Plus gets you 75 credits per month. If you are going to use the tool mainly for your own business, Premium might suffice your needs. However, if you run an agency with multiple clients, Premium Plus might be a better value for money. 

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Live chat support is available on both the website and the main dashboard as well. There is an official Facebook group to discuss all the possibilities of using the tool effectively. 

There is a public roadmap available as well to keep track of all the features that are in plans, development, and that are released already. 

It would be nice to see some video tutorials covering each feature and how to implement them effectively for your business. 

Best Alternatives

Jarvis is easily the market leader in the AI copywriting space. Yes, it is quite expensive, but the quality of output for both the short and long-form content is one of the best in quality.

There is a lot of training videos as well and a thriving community that makes it a tool that can be fully utilized to its potential.

Try Jarvis completely free for 5 days


A bit cheaper than Conversion AI at only $49 per month for unlimited content, GoCopy is a fantastic choice as well to start with your copywriting needs.

Shortly really shines in its long-form content. It is one of the best in the industry and quite affordable as well. 


Another all-around excellent AI-based copywriting tool with a ton of features and a lot of templates available. Also, there is a lifetime deal available for a limited time which is a fantastic value for money.

Grab the Lifetime Deal of ClosersCopy - Available for a Limited Time

The best part about ClosersCopy is you can build custom frameworks or templates to exactly match your needs. 


To wrap up, ContentBot is a decent enough tool to help you with copywriting. The user interface is quite slick and the quality of content generated is decent as well. 

However, the long-form content for blog posts needs improvement in terms of quality and also I ran into few errors while generating content for Ads. 

As a pretty new tool, it can definitely improve as the AI gets trained better with more users as the tool has the crux of a good copywriting tool. Definitely worth a try and give a chance. 

ContentBot Review (2021) – How good is it for AI assisted copywriting and how it compares with other leading tools?

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2 thoughts on “ContentBot Review (2021) – How good is it for AI assisted copywriting and how it compares with other leading tools?

  1. Will you do an updated review of ContentBot in another two months? I would like to see how it stacks up against Conversion.a, Shortlyai and Copyai

    1. Hi, yeah I do update most of my review posts periodically as new features are released. Will be updating this post as well. However, at the current state, Conversion AI is the all-around best AI copywriting tool, and Shortly is the best when it comes to long-form content. ContentBot is pretty good compared to a few others, but it has some catching up to. Let’s see how the team develops it further.

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