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  • Neat and intuitive user interface with a clean canvas to work
  • Keyword research made easy with long tail options too
  • Built-in AI word generation
  • Trending questions are really helpful to get useful content ideas


  • Spyfu is the only source for the data generated
  • No tracking data unlike tools like MarketPlan and Funnelytics
  • No live chat support

Three of the biggest challenges in content marketing are content generating, writing the actual content, and optimizing the content to get ranked in the major search engines. 

Content Marketing can be incredibly powerful in whatever niche your business is in, as once you have ranked your content, you get a continuous flow of high-quality free traffic that converts at a very good rate. 

Any software tool that helps you with the process would be a welcome addition to your tech stack as it can save you a huge amount of time, effort, and money.

Grab the Lifetime Deal of ContextMinds

ContextMinds is a tool that promises to assist you mainly in the aspect of content research and strategizing part of your overall content planning. It is somewhat a visual and AI-assisted way of the traditional keyword research you do for content marketing. 

How good is it and to what extent will it help you? Let us find out in this review. 

Dashboard, User Interface, and Features

After you have signed with your email, the welcome dashboard is quite minimalistic with very less distraction, and straight to the point of adding a new project. 

ContextMinds - Main Dashboard

The next step is to start with a new map to which you can give a name, a brief description, and also a tag for a better organization if you have multiple maps.

ContextMinds - New Map

The map can also be turned on to be Private so that it is not displayed in other suggestions. 

Once you enter the map, you get details on related concepts to the main topic. You also get the details of keyword volume for each concept and suggestion. 

ContextMinds - Related Concepts

This is not going to completely replace your current keyword research tool if you are using an advanced one like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc.

However, the suggestions are quite good and detailed and will definitely help you get to a starting point for your content generation. 

Once you select a specific keyword, you can see more details in addition to keyword search volume like ranking difficulty, average monthly clicks, organic clicks, etc. 

ContextMinds - Keyword Ranking Difficulty

You can then just select the keyword and drag it to the mind map. On the right side of the sidebar, you get suggestions on the blog posts on the topic. If you like any of the content suggested, you can just map it to the main map. 

ContextMinds - Content Suggestions

If you go further down to the right, you get text generated by AI corresponding to the main keyword you have selected. This is fantastic for overcoming writer's block and getting started with the article or blog post. 

You can drag the content generated by the AI onto the main map and add a note to it or just copy it as text to further edit your article. 

You get many suggestions for the AI-generated text as well so that you can choose the best option that you kike the most. 

Under the main topic or keyword, it is possible to add multiple sub-topics as well to have a well-rounded picture of the entire idea you have for the article. 

ContextMinds - Sub Topics

You can link the main and sub-topics together so that you get a visual representation of how the article is structured. 

At any point, you can add more primary keywords so that you can have the keyword research done for many articles in a single mind map. 

ContextMinds - Primary Keyword

In addition to the related keywords and concepts, you can also select the community and trading questions option where you can get to see many unique questions asked on forums like Reddit, Quora, etc. that might be low-hanging fruits in your niche that not many websites have written about. 

ContextMinds -Trending Questions

Overall the user interface is neat and intuitive with a clean canvas to work easily on your mindmaps. 


The pricing structure is quite simple really with just a free and a paid plan to choose from. 

ContextMinds - Pricing

You can get started with the free plan to get a glimpse of what you can do with the tool for your business and upgrade to the paid plan when you feel it is worth the money.

You get up to 5 private maps and also topic & keyword suggestions in the free paid with a daily limit. This will be more than enough to test the tool and see if it will fit your use case.  


Although there is no live chat support either on the main website or within the app dashboard, there is an extensive range of both video and text-based tutorials that will help you with getting started and also get the maximum out of the tool. 

There is a public roadmap as well to see a birdseye view of the features that are coming soon and those that are planned for future updates. 

Best Alternatives      

Although ContextMinds is a good tool to map and plan your content strategy, it cannot track any live data that tools like MarketPlan and Funnelytics can provide you with.

Although Funnelytics is an expensive tool that costs more than $500 per month, MarketPlan is a fantastic option that is still available on a lifetime deal. 

Grab the Lifetime Deal of


To wrap up, ContextMinds can be a really good addition to your stack to visually plan your content strategy. 

Grab the Lifetime Deal of ContextMinds Now

Yes, it cannot be used as a primary keyword research tool if your niche is very competitive.

However, in most of the loess competitive niches, it can be an all-in-one tool to help you with your entire content marketing strategy right from idea generation to writing the content. 

ContextMinds Review (2023) – Is it a good tool to add to your Content Marketing Tech Stack?

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