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  • Excellent array of templates to work with covering all aspects of an online business
  • Availability of content based on AIDA & PAS marketing framework
  • Fantastic long-form content assistant
  • Live chat support with a lively Facebook Community


  • No API
  • More native integrations required
  • In some cases, long-form content can generated needs a lot of editing and fine-tuning

Irrespective of any type of online business you run or the traffic channel you target, whether it be paid advertising, email marketing, organic SEO, Copywriting is an indispensable part of it. It is perhaps the most vital in determining the conversion rates of your traffic. 

While a good sales or marketing copy can do wonders to your conversion rates, a bad one can do more harm than good. It not only results in awful conversion rates but also damages the overall value of your brand in the eyes of your prospects. 

That's one of the main reasons why high-quality Copywriters are in huge demand and demand a high price for their services. If you are a small business owner or a small to mid-sized marketing agency with a handful number of clients, it is quite hard to hire good copywriters on a consistent basis. It is simply out of reach for many. 

With the relentless growth of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in every aspect of our lives, it was just a matter of time before we see AI in copywriting as well. With the release of GPT-3 and other AI techniques, it became easier to build a tool for AI assistance in writing good quality content. 

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It wasn't really a surprise we had a flurry of these tools in the market claiming to completely replace your copywriter. However, most of these software tools really dint live up to their hefty claims.

The quality of content generated was average at best and simply did not sound "Human" enough. With the competition in the online space so fierce, it is not worth the risk of using many of these tools for your marketing copy, particularly if you want to get ranked by Google. 

So, when I first heard of, I was pretty skeptical initially to try it out as I thought I was just one among the many similar tools. However, right from the start of using, it just felt different from others.

Everything looked more polished and genuinely felt like a product that has been through a lot of development hours, training of the AI & testing. It made me dive deep into the tool and test it further to see how good it really is and if we finally have a standalone AI copywriting tool that's genuinely impressive to use. 

Lest find the answer to it in this review. Without any further delay, let us get right into it and see in detail with regards to the user interface, features, pricing, and customer support. 

User Interface and Features

Once the initial sign-up is done, you get a short onboarding and asked a few questions on the type of industry and whom you intend to use for, personal, agency, or your own business. You need to add an account name and your domain as well. 

Once it is completed, the main dashboard is very well laid out with rows of templates that are clearly named. 

The AI assistant of is called Jarvis and any mention of it in this post refers to it. Pretty cool name. - Template list

The templates available in include the following,

  • Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) Framework,
  • Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework,
  • Product descriptions for websites, emails, and social media channels,
  • Content improver to rewrite content,
  • Stories,
  • Blog post topic ideas,
  • Blog post outline,
  • Blog post introduction,
  • Sentence expander,
  • Facebook ad headline,
  • Facebook ad primary text,
  • Google ads headline,
  • Google ads description,
  • Amazon product description (bullets & paragraphs),
  • General headlines,
  • Sub headlines (H2 Tags) for websites,
  • General bullet points, 
  • Video topic ideas,
  • Video scripts outline,
  • Video titles,
  • Video introduction,
  • YouTube video description,
  • Response to reviews,
  • Email subject lines,
  • Blog post titles,
  • Blog post meta description,
  • Website homepage title,
  • Website homepage meta description,
  • Product page title,
  • Product page meta description,
  • Company & personal bio,
  • Services page title,
  • Services page meta description,
  • Features & benefits,
  • Unique value propositions,
  • Residential real estate listing.

As you can see, it is an absolutely incredible list of templates to work with. Whatever be the type of online business you are running, there surely is a template for you to start and dive deep further into it.

The templates are well organized under various tags like Marketing Frameworks, Ecommerce, Email, Blog, Ads, SEO, Video, Website, etc. making it easy to search for a specific template. 

Now, let us see a few examples of how exactly the content is generated by Jarvis. The first template I tried is the blog post introduction paragraph, where I wanted a short beginning on a post on mapping & planning of sales funnels. - Blog Post Introduction Generator

You have to enter the details on the product you want to write about for reference, the target audience for the content, the title of the post, and the tone you wish the post to be. It could be something along the lines of Professional, Educational, Funny, etc. 

The intro paragraph was ready within a few tens of seconds. My expectation was quite low, but I was genuinely surprised at how good the copy was. Yeah, it needs some editing to match your exact tone and writing style, but the crux of the content is generated which really is the crucial and time-consuming part. - Blog post Introduction Content

You can copy the generated content to the clipboard right from the dashboard or add it to favorites to easily access it later. 

This is just a simple example of how you can use in your writing workflow. You can accomplish much harder and time-consuming tasks like long-form content, email copy, sales letter copy, etc. 

You can also generate topic ideas for new blog posts with It is important that you give as much description about the products as possible to get good ideas.

You can also enter a few of your own ideas as examples as a way to inform Jarvis about the type of topics you are looking for. In my testing, you get better topics when you enter at least one or two examples. - Blog post title ideas

In addition to the post outline and title, you can also generate the Metadata description with It is important that you enter your primary target keyword here to get an apt meta description. - Mets Description

The Marketing Framework templates are particularly useful in building sales letters for your product launches and campaigns. As it follows a tried and tested formula to generate interest and leads, you can be sure of the quality and just do minor editing before publishing the content. It is definitely one of the USPs of when compared to other similar tools. - AIDA Framework

You get well-defined content for each section on Attention, Interest, & Desire to further work on and refine to get the final output. PAS Framework works in a similar way. 

Another one of my favorite templates is the Persuasive Bullet Points which gives you a list of points based on your input. You can use these bullet points as an outline to a blog post and elaborate on each point to complete the post. - Persuasive Bullet Points

These points can also be used as a list of ideas for your email newsletter or as a general outline for your course or memberships. 

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Another way to get these types of marketing ideas is the Marketing Angles feature which gives you a list of content that can be used in your current marketing copy by generating fresh ideas. - Marketing Angles

Another one of my favorite features is where you can input the general features of your product or service and Jarvis will turn these features into a list of benefits for your customers.

This will help in increasing the chances of a definite action from your customers or clients rather than a bland explanation of features. - Features to Benefits also helps in building your personal bio with minimal input from your end. You just need to enter a short description of your profile, tone of voice, and whether you need the bio written from a first or third person's viewpoint.

The more information you give on the description, the better Jarvis understands you and comes up with more specific content matching your profile. - Personal Bio

Apart from personal bio, Jarvis can also come up with some interesting bio for your company as well. If you are a solo founder of a startup or a small business owner, this could be of huge help in building a brand with some good marketing copy. - Company Bio

The long-form content assistant is another of the gems available in It basically helps you write a whole blog post on a given topic.

The amount of time and money it could save you is quite incredible, particularly if you are a content marketing or SEO agency with multiple clients to work with. - Long-form assistant

The first step is to give a brief description of the content, in this case, a blog post you want Jarvis to write. This can be a short sentence or a fairly long description (up to 600 characters maximum).

The longer the description is, the more specific the content written by Jarvis is, so try to be as specific as possible on the exact details of the post you want. You can also mention the primary keyword you are going to target with this post. - Long-form blog post content

For the title and the intro paragraph, you can either enter your own or let Jarvis do it for you. As always, if you input your own title and description, the chance is higher for better content from Jarvis for the blog. You get a lot of options to choose from for the title. - Blog post title options

It was super-impressive to see the quality of both the titles and introduction paragraphs. It's fairly accurate on what I exactly wanted and you get many options to choose from to decide on the best one. - Blog post introduction options

Once this initial setup of description, title, and introduction is completed, you can continue to let Jarvis write the long-form content by opening the editor.

The editor is similar to a standard Google Dos or Word editor.  It has 2 modes, Focus and Power. The Focus Mode has only the editor at the forefront while the Power Mode displays all of your workflows with a sidebar to navigate between each other. 

Once you have completed the introduction paragraph of the post, it looks better to switch to the Power Mode as you can toggle better different templates easily to complete the rest of your post. 

It can also be useful to use an additional tool like Surfer SEO to help you with the on-page SE of the article to give you the maximum chance of ranking for the target keyword. 

The Document Workspace has all of the content generated in one place so that you can access it easily at any time and make edits. - Long-form content generated

It is important that you refine and fine-tune the content at every point. You can use a plugin like Grammarly to easily spot grammatical errors and correct them on the go.

At any point, the title and the introduction of the post can be changed by clicking the Document Settings. Any change done to these will affect the content generated by Jarvis for the main content of the post. 

You can also collaborate on a specific workspace with your team members by inviting them. You can do it by just sharing a unique link. - Team Settings

This could be incredibly useful for a content marketing agency where multiple team members have to work on a single project or a client. 

Jarvis can also improve your existing content using the built-in Content Improver feature. You have to just input your raw content and Jarvis will provide you with improved versions of it. You can then choose the best version based on your preference. - Content Improver

This can be very useful when you have many VA's writing content for you or your agency. You can treat the version you get from VA's as an initial draft and use the Content Improver to get the Final refined version of the post. 

When it comes to the languages, in addition to English currently supports Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, and Spanish.

If you are more into videos than written content for your marketing needs, Jarvis can help you there as well. One of the most difficult and time-consuming processes in making videos is coming up with ideas to make the content about.

Jarvis can assist you by giving out a list of video topic ideas based on the keyword you want to rank for and the main topic you enter. - Video Topic Ideas

You can also use Jarvis to come up with questions that you can use to increase engagement among your audience.

If you have a Facebook group with a lot of members or a private community hosted on some other platform, it is vital to keep the members have a conversation going and these questions can be an excellent starting point for that. 

Also, if you want to have a very simple conversation with your audience, the 'Explain it to a Child' template can be really useful as it will completely simplify your content in a way it can be understood by everyone. 

If you want to write completely SEO optimized content in Jarvis, there is native integration with Surfer SEO which is a content optimization tool that can also help in generating keyword ideas. 

Jarvis can also help you to be funny by using the 'Ridiculous Marketing Ideas' template which as the name suggests throws up some funny business ideas. 

If you run a local business or a marketing agency the helps local businesses in their marketing, Jarvis can help you there as well. You can manage your or your client's Google My Business page as Jarvis can assist you in writing copy for,

  • Google My Business - Product Description,
  • Google My Business - What's New Post,
  • Google My Business - Offer Post,
  • Google My Business - Event Post.

With the 'What New Post' you would be able to manage multiple client accounts as you can keep the accounts active and engaging with new posts frequently. 

If you run an agency with multiple clients, it could be an incredible time-saver. You can just enter the business name, a brief description, tone of voice and Jarvis will provide you with options for a complete description of the business that can be used in their Google My Business listing. 

Although the tool is excellent, if you want to integrate its technology into one of your own products, it is currently isn't possible due to the absence of an API.

It will be a game-changer if and when the team releases an API for the product. The number of SaaS applications that could take advantage of is quite huge. 

The long-form content assistant is surely in its early stages and can be quite glitchy at times. It might show up with quite a few repeated words and sentences. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a watch on the content once it is generated and get it tested through a third-party tool for grammatical errors and plagiarism. 

Another aspect they could work on is to add more native integrations, particularly with publishing tools like WordPress, Ghost, etc. for blog posts and social media content schedulers like Buffer, Hootsuite for social media content.

It could potentially save a lot of time if users can directly publish an article or post right from without switching multiple apps. 

Also, it would be nice to see an Undo button implemented so that you are not at risk of losing all your work by a small mistake. 

Conversion AI Pricing

The pricing model is quite simple and straightforward. It costs $29 per month for up to 20,000 words generated by Jarvis. - Pricing

The cost increases with the increasing number of words generated, There are higher plans as well such as $49 per month for 35,000 words, $99 per month for 70,000 words, $149 per month for 115,000 words, $199 per month for 150,000 words and so on. 

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You can also add 5,000 words to any existing plan at an additional cost of $10 if you have crossed the limits.

For a limited time, a Pro Unlimited plan is launched that gives you access to an unlimited number of credits. It is an absolute steal as you can give access to up to 3 team members. - Usage Tracking

At any point, you can have a look at the number of credits used by your account to keep track of the overall usage.


There is live chat support on the app dashboard. The response time was fairly quick and I got clarified well by the support team on what I had asked. 

In addition to it, there is a very active Facebook community where users share details on how they use on their content pieces. It surely gives a lot of ideas and inspiration on how to use the tool to its maximum potential. 

Join the Official Facebook Community of Here

The Founders and the support team are also very active in the group answering any important questions and providing product updates. They also conduct webinars at regular intervals showing a demo of the product and how you can use it for your business. The webinars are recorded as well so that anyone who can't attend can access them later. 

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When it comes to documentation, there is also a complete training academy with a lot of short video tutorials covering all the features and how to use them. Text documentation is also quite good with a lot of short knowledgebase articles, tips & tricks, FAQs, etc. 

Check out the Training Academy

Overall, it is quite evident that the team has invested their time to make sure they provide fantastic customer support. Quite impressive. 


To wrap up, is definitely a standout product in the crowded space of AI-assisted copywriting tools. 

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Yes, there is definite room for improvements in many aspects, but the excellent long-form content generator, and the incredible array of templates, the marketing framework ones, in particular, make it a tool worth trying out.

General FAQ

What is and how can I use it? is an AI-assisted copywriting tool that helps you write both short and long-form content. You can write ad copies, email swipes, video scripts, video introductions, and even complete blog posts with

How much costs?

Plans start from $29 per month for 20,000 words and increases from thereon for a higher number of words. You can always buy 5,000 words for an additional $10 per month in any plan.

Is there a free plan of

Although there is no free plan, there is a 5-day free trial where you get access to 10,000 words.

What are the support channels available in

Customer support is available via email and live chat. There are also webinars conducted periodically to show how the tool works and how you can get the maximum out of it.

Can completely replace a Copywriter?

Copywriting is an incredibly difficult skill to master. As good as is, once it generates the raw content, it is definitely needed to refine & fine-tune by a human. That being said, can save you 80 to 90% of your work in writing as it is one of the most accurate AI tools in the market when it comes to copywriting. Review (2021) – Is it really the all round best AI tool for Copywriting?

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