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Features & Functionality


User Interface & Ease of use


Customer Support & Documentation


Value for money



  • Neat and clear onboarding
  • Easy and Intuitive UI with clear navigation and instructions
  • A varied range of tactics to choose from
  • Good support documentation


  • No live analytics and tracking unlike tools like MarketPlan and Funnelytics
  • No native integration with other task & project management tools, or Zapier
  • The free plan is quite limited

One of the biggest challenges, when you kickstart to market your existing or new business in the digital space, is to get the knowledge and guidance on how & where to start. 

There are marketing and growth hacking strategists available for any type of business. However, for fairly new business owners who are going to try out their ideas, hiring them would be a huge risk of investment and in most cases not affordable too. 

What if there is a software tool to suggest these marketing ideas for you based on your business type that you can implement. That's exactly what Digital First AI tries to implement. 

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It is one thing to promise but how good is it in its execution and will it really help your business plan and marketing efforts? Let's find out in this review. 

Onboarding & Dashboard

Once you have signed up, you are welcomed to a 3-step onboarding process that covers a variety of inputs you need to provide about your business and the problem you are solving. 

Digital First AI - Onboarding

The first input is to provide the type of your business. The following options are available that would broadly cover the majority of business types.

  • Product,
  • Service,
  • E-commerce,
  • Startup,
  • Digital Transformation,
  • App.

Next, you have to mention whether your business is serving other businesses or consumers directly. 

Digital First AI - Onboarding Inputs

After that, you have to fill in a series of blanks such as your product or service name, the target group of customers to focus your marketing, the USP of your product or service, how it stands out from the competition, the reason why you feel you need help, etc. 

Once you fill in the above details, the AI will get a fair idea of your business and where you need help in strategizing your marketing and growth. 

The below options are available to choose from to select which channel and are you need the most help with,

  • Automation,
  • Churn,
  • Competitors,
  • Conversion rate,
  • Content,
  • Engagement,
  • New users,
  • New channels,
  • Paid ads,
  • Pricing,
  • Product launch,
  • Scale,
  • Social media.

In the next step, you need to select what are the channels you own and are going to use in order to promote your business. 

Digital First AI - Channels Owned

In the third and final step, you have to provide the details and type of revenue your business is going to generate. This may be online or physical purchases, one-time or recurring payments, high or low margin, seasonal or continuous flow of cash, etc. 

All the above three steps constitute the main Business Statement and it can be edited & updated even at a later stage if you want to make any changes. 

Once you have completed the Business Statement, you are then welcomed to the main dashboard of your funnel where you can see the overview of all the marketing and growth tactics you can utilize in order to grow your business. 

Digital First AI - Funnel Overview

You can have a look at a visual overview of your funnel to get a better idea of the overall strategies involved in it. The overview is divided into three major categories, Icebreaker, Cheeseburger, and Main product depending on which stage of the funnel the particular tactic is suited for. 

Digital First AI - Funnel Overview

You get a list of activities under each tactic that you can strike through as and when you finish them. At any point, you can add different tactics to the funnel map from the list of tactics in the main library.

It is possible to search the tactics by typing the term and also favorite the tactics you like the most to easily access them.

Digital First AI - Tactics

Overall, the user interface is quite neat with clear and concise onboarding. 


There are three paid plans ranging from $39 to $199 per month depending on the level of features you get.

Digital First AI - Pricing Plans

There is also quite a limited free plan that lets you view the tactics and preview the funnel map. 

The main difference between the plans is the number of funnels you can manage and whether or not you have access to the public tactics. 

The top-of-the-line Expert Plan will be suitable for agencies as there is no limit on the number of funnels you can manage under a single account. 

Best Alternative

As good as a tool Digital First AI is, it is really limited when you want to see how well your planned funnel performs in real-time as there is no way to track and analyze the data. There is a better alternative which we will have a look at.


MarketPlan is an all-in-one funnel mapping and tracking tool that lets you plan, map and track all your funnels in real-time once they are in action.

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To wrap up, if you want a simple business planning tool that will keep you organized and help you kickstart your digital journey of taking your business online Digital First AI is a decent tool to try out. 

Get the Lifetime Deal of Digital First AI

However, if you need something advanced that will help you both plan and track your marketing & business planning, an advanced tool like MarketPlan will be a better choice. 

Digital First AI Review (2022) – Will it help in your Business Planning and Marketing Efforts?

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