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User Interface & Ease of use




Value for money



  • Fantastic User Interface
  • Very useful templates to build the automation flows
  • Built-in Email Verification
  • Excellent Help & Support documentation with detailed video tutorials


  • Needs more native triggers integrating with other tools
  • Might not be a good fit for industries like e-commerce

Email marketing, Marketing automation, and CRM are some of the most competitive segments when it comes to SaaS tools. In order to be successful, you should have a standout product that does not just match the market leaders but be even better.

From companies serving small start-ups to huge enterprises, there is a SaaS tool that is already competing in this space. However, the market is quite huge, expanding and if you have a good product, there is always a pie for you if it is marketed properly.

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When you see a product like Encharge that promises to take on the likes of Active Campaign, it is a really brave call and important to stand up to the tall claim. Is it as good as it promises to be? Well, let's find out in this review. 

Onboarding and User Interface

After the initial sign-up process is completed, you are welcomed to an initial onboarding page with a short video overview of the tool and a link to a more in-depth walkthrough.

Encharge.io - Sign-up process

It is a good first impression. A lot of SaaS tools ignore this part of a good and educational onboarding experience of the product in action. The detailed walkthrough is quite extensive with all the features covered and gives a fair idea of the product as a whole.


The next step is to import your existing contacts into the system. You can either upload an Excel or CSV file with proper headers. 

Encharge.io - People Import

In addition to the contact fields, you can also import tags for each contact. This could be very useful if you have set up a lot of tags for your contact list in the current CRM or marketing automation tool.

Encharge.io - Contact Import with Tags

The next step once you have imported your contacts is to connect with any third-party application that you intend to use in conjunction with Encharge.

The applications currently available to integrate natively includes, 

  • Calendly,
  • ChargeBee,
  • Chargify,
  • HubSpot,
  • Intercom,
  • MailChimp,
  • Paddle,
  • Recurly,
  • Salesforce,
  • Segment,
  • Slack,
  • Stripe,
  • Typeform.

Encharge.io - Integrations

There is Zapier integration available as well to connect with other apps that do not integrate natively. The strong focus on subscription management tools for native integration shows that the tool is heavily into behavioral-based emails and marketing.

After connecting to the apps you desire, now is the time to build your flows. You can either start from scratch to build your flows or select one of the many pre-made templated to have a headstart. 

Encharge.io - Flow Templates

Some of the main categories the templates are available include,

  • Churn prevention,
  • Reactivation of inactive users,
  • Lead magnet download,
  • Newsletter open rate boost,
  • Conversion of free trial users with onboarding campaign,
  • Product adoption campaign with educational emails,
  • Follow-up on pricing inquiry or page visit,
  • Educating and reminding on a new feature release,
  • Trials to Facebook Ads sequence,
  • Annual subscription campaign,
  • General lead nurturing campaign.

It is a really wide range of templates covering a lot of use cases, particularly if you are running a recurring subscription-based business or agency. 

Each flow template has a short tutorial on how to set up the flow and implement it. The visual canvas flow builder is quite excellent and super-responsive to use. 

Encharge.io - Visual Flow Builder

At any stage, you can add a trigger event and an action based on the pre-set ones of use webhooks for custom triggers. I tried a Typeform submission > Welcome email sent flow and it was extremely easy to set up. 

Encharge.io - Typeform Trigger

Although there is a decent range of pre-built triggers available, a lot more is needed to truly take on the industry leaders like Active Campaign. 

Overall, the User Interface is excellent and very intuitive to use. The visual builder is smooth and responsive to make the whole process of building your flows quite a breeze.


There are two plans, Growth and Premium based on the features you get. The pricing for both the plans scales up with the number of contacts in your email list. 

Encharge.io - Pricing

Both the plans come with unlimited emails, broadcasts, flows, and users. Also, both plans have a built-in email validation feature that lets you have all the emails validated before sending emails. This helps in reducing the bounce rates and thereby preserving the reputation of your email account. 

The unlimited number of users is an excellent option even for mid to large-level agencies with multiple team members. You get 20% off when paid for any plan annually.

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Salesforce and Segment Integration are available only in the Premium plan which is quite understandable as only mid-market to Enterprise companies are going to be using Salesforce. Also, segmentation based on events and transactions emails is available only in the premium plan. 

You also get all your contacts, users, and flows migrated to Encharge completely free of cost if you pay for at least 3 months in advance for the premium plan. It is certainly worth the money if you have a huge email list with a lot of tags attached. 

There is a lifetime deal currently available for a limited time for Encharge. For a tool that is as polished and feature-rich as Encharge it is quite a steal and totally worth it. 


There is live chat support available on the website and the help & support documentation is excellent a well.

The API & Developer documentation is available as well to make it easy for developers to integrate Encharge with their existing tech stack or their own products, SaaS startups in particular.


A lot of new tools in the market compare themselves with the well-established players in the SaaS market, but a few really walk the talk. 

Encharge is one among them for sure. It has all the basics of an excellent marketing automation tool nailed on. The visual canvas builder is excellent and surprisingly smooth & responsive. The overall user interface is very intuitive and the whole onboarding is fantastic with a lot of video tutorials.

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If the team works on continuously improving the product, build more native triggers, it is definitely worth giving a try.

Encharge Review (2023) – Is this Marketing Automation tool good enough to take on the well-established players?

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