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  • Founders with huge experience in conversion rate optimization even at the enterprise level
  • Extremely easy to install, use and navigate
  • All-in-one conversion rate optimization tool
  • Excellent customer support


  • More native integrations needs to be added
  • Video tutorials would be beneficial for new users

As competition has significantly gone up in the online space for any business type, it is more important than ever before to make the most of every bit of traffic you can bring in to your website.

Every visitor counts and maximum efforts must be taken to convert them into leads and to continuously improve the website to increase conversion rates.

Conversion rate optimization is a never-ending process that necessitates a lot of data to analyze, test, tweak, optimize and repeat. 

It is extremely important to choose the right tool to get these data from the visitors. A badly coded tool if installed on a website could break and ruin the visitor's experience only to reduce the conversion rates rather than improving it. 

It is also critical not to use a bunch of different tools each for collecting a specific type of data. There are high chances of conflict between the code installed and the website getting slowed down tremendously. 

Hotjar has been one of the most important tools in this space that brought conversion rate optimization into the hands of a lot of small businesses and startups. 

Due to the critical nature of it, I am extremely selective in trying these types of tools. However, the thing that drew me to trying FigPii is the founding team behind the tool. 

Having watched the detailed product demo from the founder, Khalid Saleh, it is pretty clear that he is not a typical SaaS founder who has a unique idea, validated it, did an initial product-market fit, and released the tool after building it in a few months or years. 

Khalid has extensive and in-depth expertise in conversion rate optimization and it is easy to believe that he has worked with some of the biggest enterprise brands in conversion rate optimization

Ayat is equally brilliant in this space. I have seen her keynotes on conversion rate optimization on some of the biggest stages in marketing like HubSpot's Inbound Conference and Affiliate World Conference.

So, how good is FigPii and what it is like to use? We will find out in this review. 

Sign-up and onboarding

The sign-up process is really seamless with just the important information like email and website address asked for. 

FigPii sign up

FigPii sign up process


The onboarding is quite impressive with an overview of what are the possibilities you could achieve by using FigPii and how to set up each feature.

FigPii onboarding

Figpii feature onboarding

Figpii tracking

Onboarding helped me to find out the feature of adding team members and collaborating with them on setting up various campaigns and tests. 

Fifpii feature list

Script Installation

It is quite easy to install the code, however, there is a detailed instruction on how to do it for various platforms like WordPress, Shopify or if you using Google Tag Manager, a separate instruction for it. 

In the case of WordPress, FigPii recommends using a free plugin called Code Snippets.

The plugin can be found in the WordPress plugin repository.

FifPii code installation in wordpress

Once the plugin as activated, head over to your FigPii account settings and grab the snippet of code that has to be installed.

Any other plugin that lets you add a code snippet to either head or body tag should work fine. I had Insert headers & footers plugin already installed on my website and it was easy to just paste the code on the head tag easily without any issues.

After the code snippet is installed, it is important to verify that it is activated by entering the URL and running the verification. 

FigPii tracking code verification

Once verified and active, the upper right corner of the dashboard should display "Tracking Active". It should have within a few minutes but it might take upto an hour at times, so wait for an hour before checking again if it is not activated immediately.

FigPii tracking verification


FigPii lets you to,

  1. Do A/B testing
  2. Get visitor heatmaps including scroll maps and click data,
  3. See the video recording of the visitors and analyze user behavior,
  4. Collect feedback through polls.

A/B tests can be run on the same URL or a split URL and can be tested on a single page or many different pages. Tests can also be targeted based on the device type and run exclusively on either Mobile or Desktop.


Currently, there are no native integrations available with any platform and the only way to run the tool is to install the tracking code manually.

However, a lot of native integrations including Zapier integration is planned for Q2'2020 as per the public roadmap.

FigPii Public Roadmap


Live chat support is available on both the website and within the application. I got a response within a few hours every time I contacted apart from the weekends.

When I came across a few issues while installing the code, the support team helped me to manually installed it for me and even offered to monitor & report the website performance. Considering the small team, it is seriously impressive. 

 Although there is a good level of how-to documentation, it would be good to see video tutorials covering all the features. 


Plans range from $79.99 a month for 50,000 monthly visitors upto $499.99 a month 400,000 monthly visitors.

There is a free plan as well for upto 5000 monthly visits, one poll, 3 heatmaps, and 300 session recordings.

FigPii pricing

All the plans come with unlimited A/B testing and an unlimited number of users making it perfect for conversion optimization teams to collaborate and work together. 

Also, for a limited time, there is a lifetime deal of FigPii for just $49 as a one-time payment. The deal lets you install FigPii on one website and upto 50,000 unique visitors a month. More coupons can be stacked to install on more number of websites. 

Overall, considering the features FigPii offers, it is a very good deal and in the long run, will save you tons of money. 


To conclude, is it a perfect tool and refined as the likes of Hotjar? No, more native integrations should be added as a top priority.

However, considering how young the company and product are, it is really powerful with some great features like in-depth A/B testing which even Hotjar doesn't offer.

Try FigPii for free

With the wealth of expertise the founders have in conversion rate optimization working with some of the biggest enterprise brands, it is safe to believe that they would have some great plans to keep improving the product to become a market leader and goto all-in-one tool for optimizing any website. 

FigPii Review – Enterprise level conversion rate optimization for small businesses

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