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Free Internet Marketing Project


Quality of the content


Easy to follow and navigate


Support and discussion


Value for money



  • Completely free
  • More than 15 hours of quality video content
  • Active and helping community in the Facebook Membership Group
  • Direct suggestions and tips from Ian, the product creator


  • Really tough to find any considering it provides so much value for free


Affiliate marketing is a highly rewarding business model to start an online business.

As good as it is, affiliate marketing needs certain skill sets which for a new entrant into internet marketing to find a bit intimidating. It is always good to take up a coaching program to learn the basics before diving into the business model.

However, the problem is most of the coaching/mentorship programs and either costly if good or really terrible if free. Got me thinking to find out some affordable or cheap programs teaching affiliate marketing with good quality teaching and courses.

Free Internet Marketing Project aka FIMP is a program launched by Ian Pribyl, one of the well known Internet Marketers.

He is running a website named stoppingscams.com where he used to review various Internet Marketing products/coaching programs.

To start with, the best thing about FIMP is it’s completely free. Not the usual type of free we are accustomed to in this industry where a sneak peek is given away for free only to be slapped by an upsell of hundreds of dollars.

The only payback demanded from the members is to support FIMP by purchasing your hosting, email auto responders through the FIMP affiliate accounts.

It is the least one can pay for such an in-depth course as you would anyways need hosting if you are going to implement what you had learned out of the program.

This is 100% free of any upsells, membership fee or any type of one time or recurring cost.

When I first registered, I was a bit skeptical about the quality of the program as it’s free.

However, when I got inside the membership area and went through the first few lessons, it was such a pleasant surprise to see so much value and insight and I knew right away that this is something special.

Everything is structured perfectly and in a manner which won't intimidate a newbie.

Every module is so detailed with tons of information and actionable steps.

For example, the niche research module alone has more than 2 hours of content. I haven't come across such detailed insights on niche research anywhere else.

More than the course what i found even more worthy is the private Facebook group membership once you register. The members are so active and you get very helpful and informative advice on the issues and problems you get into.


There are totally 8 modules or sections in the training

  • Getting started:

Ian gives a brief introduction on what it takes for success in Internet Marketing.

He argues building a content driven website and monetizing it is the only way to succeed starting an online business which I completely disagree.

However, if it's done right, it is one of the best models to start an online business. It takes time, effort and expertise in a niche

  • Mindset training:

I really enjoyed this module. He went so deep in explaining the basics needed related to mindset when in comes to succeeding in an online business.

Only this module could cost you hundreds of dollars elsewhere from a successful online entrepreneur.

  • Niche selection:

The fact that this module alone lasts for 2.5 hours shows how in depth and extensive it is.

By the end of the module, you would have a fair idea on which niche to go for and the basis for your niche selection.

  • Building your website:

This module is focused completely on how to build your wordpress website from scratch.

It covers setting up your hosting, connecting your domain, installing wordpress, an overview of the wordpress dashboard, deleting the bloatware, installing necessary plugins especially Yoast SEO, etc.

Even if you have never build a wordpress website before, this module covers everything to get your site up and running in few days.

  • Keyword research:

Ian covers both free and paid methods of keyword research in this module. While the free method works if you can put the necessary efforts, the paid method with cuts down the time needed drastically and makes the whole process a whole lot easier.

Long tail pro is the paid tool suggested and it has a good reputation as a pretty good tool.

  • Content that gets ranked:

Here, the way content should be written for the keyword selected in order to get ranked is trained beautifully with clear explanation.

How many words to write, how to format the articles, how to do effective on-page SEO are some of the vital points taught and there are some golden nuggets here even for experienced marketers.

  • Website promotion and traffic:

This module covers all the promotion efforts you can do in order to bring the initial traffic to your website.

I really liked the way how Ian was upfront on how ineffective social media can be when it comes to traffic generation for niche websites and tools such as email marketing autoresponders, sales funnel creators are absolutely useless until you get consistent flow of traffic.

  • How to make money:

All the different monetization strategies are taught depending on your niche and the traffic your website generates.

Every possibility including affiliate marketing, ads, courses are discussed in detail to give a clear idea on how to make money from the traffic and how to maintain the same.

Who FIMP is not for ?

The entire course is based and revolves around creation of quality written content.

Therefore, if you do not have an interest to write, this might not be the best fit.

FIMP Review – The best program to learn how start a blog.. and it’s completely free !

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2 thoughts on “FIMP Review – The best program to learn how start a blog.. and it’s completely free !

  1. Hey Yusuff! Ian here.

    I just wanted to say thank you for the kind and thorough review! It’s been wonderful having you as a member of the FIMP community, and I hope the training will prove to be tremendously impactful over the years as you continue your journey!

    I’ll be here every step of the way if you need me, and I very sincerely look forward to witnessing your successes over the coming weeks, months, and years.

  2. Hi Ian,

    Really found FIMP to be amazing value and I am sure it has and will help so many entrepreneurs over the coming years.

    I wish you success in all your projects as you are one of very few that’s honest and genuinely helpful in this industry.

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