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Starts at $49 a month

Features & Functionality


UI & Ease of use


Customer support


Value for money



  • All-in-one outreach tool with features to find, verify and send emails
  • Simple to use chrome extension
  • Live chat support
  • Good tutorials, help documentation and weekly educational webinars


  • Lack of native integrations with CRM's and cold emailing tools
  • No API

There have been countless numbers of new channels to outreach to a prospect or an influencer over the past decade.

LinkedIn, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, you name it. However, email still remains the most effective and the one that leads to the highest conversion rates. 

As effective as it is, email outreach is a time-consuming process that needs a proper strategy in place to get the desired results. 

There are so many different tools from searching for prospects, find their email address and crafting the right email with adequate personalization that deserves a response. 

FindThatLead aims to be an all-in-one tool for this whole process from finding prospects and their email address and sending emails right within the application. How good is it and does it achieve what it aims for. Let's find out. 

Dashboard and Features

Once signed up, FindThatLead dashboard has tabs for the 5 core features.

  • Search
  • Social
  • Verify
  • Email Sender
  • Prospector

The dashboard is neat and intuitive with overall navigation easy & efficient. 

Let us see each of the core features in detail,


It is perhaps the most important feature of FindThatLead. All it takes is to enter a domain or a company name and the tool searches and provides the list of all the emails available for that particular domain. 

You can also enter the name of the person if you are looking for the email of a specific person working in an organization. 

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FindThatLead also gives the option bulk upload a list of domains. This is very useful if you have a list of companies and you need to run an outreach campaign. Emails can be filtered based on personal or general emails.

The available chrome extension is extremely useful for search. Just go to the website you want the emails from and run the extension. The search function gives all the available emails and you can choose the ones to validate. 


Social search is similar to search, just the difference being that instead of getting the emails from a domain or a website, you are running the search on a social profile. 

Currently, only Linkedin and Twitter are supported. In my tests, it worked half the time and gave a lot of guessed emails. Therefore, it is very important to download the emails and validate them using another email validation tool. 


As the name suggests, it runs a validation and verifies the emails if they are correct. It is a good built-in feature to use and verify the emails, but it the only feature you are targeting, it is better to use tools like Debounce or MailFloss that are built solely for email validation. 

Email sender

This is an interesting feature. You can send emails to the prospects you have generated from FindThatLead right within the dashboard. 

FindThatLead email sender

Just upload your list and schedule the emails like any other cold emailing tool. It is possible to personalize the emails with merge tags.

FindThatLead email templates

Although it is a good feature to have it built-in for a quick cold outreach campaign, if you want powerful features for your camping, it is better to consider a specialized tool like Reply, Wavo, Woodpecker, etc. 

Check our list of best cold emailing tools here.


This is another built-in feature to get a list of prospective emails. You can just input some keywords like location, target industry, company size, job title, etc. and FindThatLead generates a list of prospects for that search criteria.

FindThatLead Prospector

Although it is a near idea, the feature very much looks to be in the initial stages as many searches don't provide you with emails and the overall numbers it generates are quite low. 


There are two paid plans, Growth and Startup. The growth plan costs $49 a month for 5,000 monthly credits and the startup plan costs $159 a month for 18,000 monthly credits. 

Findthatlead pricing

Apart from the credits, another main difference between the two plans is the number of users. The growth plan is for only one user, but the startup plan lets you add up to 4 users, useful for agencies and teams. 

There is also a free plan that can be used to check the usage of the tool and get up to 50 monthly credits. However, the prospector feature and bulk processing are not available in the free plan. 


There is live chat support on the website and also within the app dashboard. It was good to see that live chat being available for the free plan as well. 

There is a good level of help documentation as well. Also, there are webinars conducted frequently where the Founders himself appears to explain and give a complete walkthrough of the tool. Overall, customer support experience is quite good. 


This is one area where FindThatLead is not the best.

Zapier is the only integration available and therefore if you need to connect the data to your CRM or any other cold emailing too, you have to rely on the available triggers in Zapier. 

Best alternatives

Although FindThatLead is a really good all-in-one prospecting tool, there are pretty good alternatives as well. We will have a look into some of those. 


Snov is another all-in-one prospecting tool that has some unique features better than FindThanLead. 

Some of these include drip email campaigns with a sequence of emails, technology tracker which tracks the technology any website is using, email tracking, etc. 


Hunter is one of the most well-known tools in this space that has been around for a long time. It has all the features of FindThatLead except for the Prospector.

One of the biggest pros of Hunter is its native integrations with many CRM's like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho. etc. and it's tested & robust API that makes it so effective to link with any third-party tool. 


If your prospecting and marketing efforts are focused on Linkedin, Wiza is a fantastic tool to consider. 

Wiza works with Linkedin Sales Navigator and extracts emails from the Sales Navigator searches. It also verifies the emails and gives a list of clean, verified emails from Linkedin.


To conclude, is it a good tool?

Well, if you are considering a simple to use, all-in-one tool for your outreach campaigns without the need of powerful features like segmenting, drip sequences, API's, etc., FindThatLead fits the bill perfectly. 

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Although some of the features like Prospector needs a lot of refinement, there is potential in the tool to be really good for the majority of use cases. Definitely worth a try.

FindThatLead Review (2020) – The best all-in-one tool for outreach campaigns?

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