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Free for Mapping - Starts from $500 per month for Funnelytics Performance



UI & Ease of use


Customer support


Value for money



  • Great free plan for mapping
  • Intuitive and vibrant UI
  • Accurate and in-depth tracking
  • Excellent live chat support


  • No native integration with other tools, mainly Zapier
  • The performance plan could be quite expensive for a small team or business

Many online marketers fail, at least in their early years due to one significant reason - a lack of understanding of key metrics. 

Success in marketing lies in numbers, data, and analysis. It is very easy to underestimate the stats and analytics to be the most boring aspect of marketing.

However, the more you study and optimize these, the more effective your marketing campaign is regardless of the business type and size. 

The most important aspects of a successful marketing funnel are,

  1. Planning and mapping the funnel 
  2. Continuous tracking of the performance of the funnel
  3. Analyzing and optimizing the funnel based on the performance. 

If even one of the three is broken, the funnel is leading straight to failure and lost dollars.

However, to do all these for any of your marketing campaigns, you would need so many different tools that will pile up the cost of it substantially. 

Funnelytics is a software that aims to solve this problem every marketer faces. 


The canvas consists mainly of icons and pages.

There are lots of icons and the specific icon to be used can be found easily using the search tab. Icons are basically the different traffic sources to your website or landing pages.

The marketer and pro plans let you use custom icons as well. The funnel map consists of either a link or an action that connects the various channels of the funnel. 

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For example, the number of visitors from a traffic source to a landing page is a link and if they opt into the email list, it's an action. Similarly, a purchase made, a form filled, a product added to the cart, scrolling on the page, watching a video, or clicking a specific button are all considered an action in the funnel.

The collection of icons is extensive and covers most of the page types and traffic sources.

Funnelytics icons

It is easy to search the icon on the search bar by just typing the icon needed.

Funnelytics icon set

Funnelytics icons

There are two types of lines that connect each element of the funnel, a solid line, and a dotted line. While the solid line represents any link that is trackable, the dotted line can be used to plan something which would not give tracked numbers. For example, a link between a subscription form and an email should be in the dotted line as it does not involve any trackable numbers.

Once the funnel map is completed, it is super easy to share it with any other Funnelytics user by sharing a link generated by clicking the share tab. It is important to disable private access before sharing with others. The user you share with can import the complete funnel map into their dashboard.

It can also be saved as a template and used in other workspaces later.

In the marketer and pro plans, addition to sharing it is also possible to invite collaborators to work with the same funnel. While inviting a collaborator, you can set up the permission level to view only or read & write access. 

Notes, checklists, emails, or landing page copy can be added in every stage of the funnel for the whole team to access and work together in a single workspace.


Workplaces are the starting point of anything in Funnelytics. A workspace can be is either a website or a client consisting of all the funnels, collaborating team members, a single tracking script, etc. Workspaces are listed along the left of the dashboard and can be accessed by clicking the Funnels button. 

Funnelytics workspaces

When clicked on a specific workspace, it shows all the funnels that are built and associated with it. 

Each workspace can have its own collaborators and individual settings. This is really useful for agencies where they can have Workspace A for Client A with a set of collaborators and Workspace B for Client B with a different set of collaborators. 

Another useful feature for agencies is the ability to save the funnel maps as a template. For example, if you had worked with a local business client, the funnel map can be saved as a local business template and can be used for any future local business client. 

All the funnels inside a single workspace will share the same tracking script. Therefore, it is very important to organize all the funnels for a client or a website inside one project. 

Inside the workspace's settings, it is possible to set up IP blacklists and cross-domain whitelists where you can set up all the subdomains of your main website that you want to track as well. 

There are two ways Funnelytics tracks and pulls data from all the sources of your funnel. The first is by installing a tracking script which is a small piece of code that you can easily install on your website or landing page.

It is important to note that this script has to be installed on all the pages of your funnel. For example, if your funnel consists of a landing page, registration page, upsell page, and checkout page, the script has to be installed on all these pages for tracking to function properly and give perfect numbers. 

As soon as you install the script on your website or landing page, Funnelytics starts to collect the data irrespective of whether you have completed your mapping or not. 

However, what if there is no possibility to install a tracking script, say traffic from Facebook, Google ads, or YouTube? The second way is used here called URL & UTM parameters.

UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) parameters are basically tags that can be added to web URL's which can be used to track the traffic source and a few more details of that specific link.

Various types of information like campaign source, campaign medium, and campaign name can be set up as UTM parameters to easily differentiate and track the traffic coming from various sources to your funnel. 

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There is a really useful setting called UTM explorer which can filter the traffic based on different sources. You can filter based on the source, medium, campaign, content, and team. 

Any traffic that doesn't come with a UTM parameter assigned is considered organic traffic in Funnelytics.  

As far as tracking of organic traffic from various sources, it is enough if the external URL is set up as Google, Facebook, or any organic traffic source you want to track.

When using a URL shortener for your pages and funnels, it is important to note all the UTM parameters should be set up and the entire long URL along with the UTM parameter should be entered in the link shortening tool.

In the case of a dynamic URL, it is important to add an asterisk in front of the dynamic parameters which ensures different dynamic parameters are tracked. 

All the tracked numbers can be analyzed by clicking the numbers button on the top left of the navigation bar. This will disable the mapping mode and switches the canvas to analyze mode. 

Combined with installing the tracking script and setting up the UTM parameters, connecting Funnelytics with Google Tag Manager supercharges the power of tracking.

Google Tag Manager allows you to track specific actions like button clicks, scroll depth, video views and so much more. 


It is also possible to define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and have an overview of how well the funnel is performing. To activate it, the specific step in a funnel can be added to the KPI bar by just enabling the checkbox named "Add as KPI"

Each KPI can be given a specific name, can be categorized as a lead or a sale, and given a sale value if it is a sale type KPI. 

Team management and collaboration

It is possible to invite someone by clicking on the collaborate tab and setting up permission levels. This is super useful to show the funnels you have planned for a potential client before securing the deal. 

In the marketer and pro plans, the collaboration is live, which means when any team member makes a change, it saves the funnel across for all the team members.


While the free starter plan gives you 6 funnel templates, the marketer and pro plans give you access to tons and tons of great funnel templates in any niche or industry.

The below 6 templates are available in the free plan,

  1. Lead magnet funnel
  2. Survey funnel
  3. Webinar funnel
  4. Application funnel
  5. Mini-class launch funnel
  6. Product sales funnel

Funnelytics free templates

These templates are not just randomly put together. All the templates are proven funnels in every niche that has successfully generated a lot of money. 

From local businesses to online courses to SaaS product launches, there is a funnel template for inspiration you can start working with.  

Some of the premium funnel templates in the Vault include,

  1. DotCom Secrets book launch funnel,
  2. UseProof SaaS funnel,
  3. Squarespace funnel,
  4. Sam Ovens consultancy funnel,
  5. Spencer Mecham webinar funnel.


Forecasting is another feature available only in the marketer and pro plans. As the name suggests, it shows the potential ROI of your funnel based on the expected numbers you input like audience size, ad spend, etc.

It can be accessed from the forecast tab on the bottom right side of the dashboard. When clicked, it shows the entire funnel and the links where you enter the numbers to calculate the ROI that can be generated by that particular campaign.

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Forecasting is great to determine which part of the funnel has to be focused on the most to extract the maximum from a campaign. When the forecast is compared with the actual data when running the campaign, that's where it is so powerful in tweaking and optimizing the whole funnel.

This is an extremely useful feature for agencies to show what could be achieved by working with them provided they know the approximate numbers the campaign would generate.


There is no native integration with any other external tools like funnel builders, email marketing tools, or even Zapier which is quite a surprise.

However, the Funnelytics tracking script can be installed on almost all the major website builders, landing page builders, sales funnel builders, shopping cart solutions, and webinar platforms.

There are detailed tutorials on how to install the tracking script on WordPress, ClickFunnels, Kartra, Kajabi, Samcart, Thrivecart, Shopify, Ever webinar, etc.


There is live chat support inside the app for any queries you have while mapping and tracking your funnels. The team is super responsive and the official Facebook group is very active as well with the community helping and supporting fellow users. 

Also, I was really impressed by the detailed documentation of all the aspects of Funnelytics from getting started, navigating the dashboard, mapping funnels, installing the tracking script, analyzing the data, etc. You will find answers from these helpful resources for most of the queries.

There is also a public product roadmap where users can leave feedback and submit new ideas for consideration. 

Also, if you need help and are willing to hire experts in Funnelytics and set up sales funnels, there is a list of experts approved by Funnelytics with whom you can get in touch.


The tool offers a lot of functionality for the price but if you can't extract the maximum functionality out of Funnelytics, it might look slightly expensive.

There is no undo or redo option when mapping the funnels and no option of autosave as well. So, it is essential to keep saving your work manually from time to time. 

Also, a wide library of native integrations must be built starting with Zapier.

Best Funnelytics Alternatives

There are very few tools out in the market which do what Funnelytics does, both to map and track the funnels. 

The below two come the closest in terms of the features,


Along with mapping and tracking of funnels, MarketPlan has some excellent additional project management features like kanban boards, a blog planner, email sequence planner, chatbot sequence planner, etc. 

It also has some powerful triggers like conditional logic, wait times, custom actions, etc. to make your planning and mapping more targeted. 

There is also a white label and custom domain option which makes it perfectly suited for marketing agencies. It also has a built-in team chat feature where you can live chat with your team members in real-time to collaborate more effectively. 

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Another unique feature in MarketPlan is the Image collaboration tool that lets you share and work as a team on specific images. This is a fantastic option for graphic design agencies and saves a lot of time in avoiding to & fro email communication. 

Also when it comes to pricing, MarketPlan is a more affordable option compared to Funnelytics. There is a free plan for 1 user and 1 plan. For funnel mapping, the paid plans start at just $9 per month that allowing for 3 users and 10 plans. You can add additional users at just $3/seat/month. 

Funnel tracking is available in both the Pro and Agency plans. The Pro plan starts at only $29 per month and the Agency plan is an incredible value for money at just $79 per month. With the Pro plan, you get access to 5 users, and the Agency plan gives access to 15 users making it a perfect fit even for mid to large-sized agencies. 

You get up to 10,000 page views in the Pro plan and up to 50,000 page views in the Agency plan with regard to Funnel Tracking. You can always purchase more page views as per your requirements. 

White labeling and custom branding are available exclusively in the Agency plan. 


Influencersoft is a tool that not only lets you map your funnels visually but also builds them within the same app.

It has so many powerful features like a funnel and website builder, built-in email marketing & marketing automation, a learning management system, e-commerce, advanced reporting, and much more.  

It is a huge advantage to map and build the funnels within the same tool as it saves a lot of time. It is also a huge money saver having built-in email marketing and affiliate management. 


Although more expensive than Funnelytics and MarketPlan, FunnelFlux offers a lot of data points and tracking analytics.

The tracking is more natively integrated as it is not based on redirects. If you are a power user or a developer in need of in-depth tracking more than what Funnelytics offers, FunnelFlux is a great option.  


So, going back to the original question, is Funnelytics worth the $99 per month price for planning & forecasting?

If you need in-depth data about your sales funnels visually to present it to a client or to analyze it effectively, Funnelytics is worth every penny.

Funnelytics assists in the four most important tasks of any marketing campaign,

  1. Planning and mapping your marketing funnel,
  2. Forecasting the results of the campaign using the mapped-out funnel,
  3. Tracking real-time numbers of the campaign once it is started,
  4. Comparing the forecasted and real-time numbers, analyzing and optimizing the campaign based on the results for maximum ROI.

Start Here with Funnelytics to Optimize your Marketing Budget

These were the features that were accessible only to enterprises using software tools costing thousands a month. Funnelytics makes it easy for small and medium businesses to get these advanced tracking features for their marketing campaigns.

What do you think of Funnelytics? Have you used it or any other similar tool? Let me know in the comments.

Funnelytics FAQ

What is Funnelytics and what can I use it for?

Funnelytics is a tool to plan, map and track your sales funnels and optimize them to improve the ROI.

Is there a Free plan available in Funnelytics?

Yes, Funnelytics comes with a free plan that allows you for funnel mapping and presenting the mapped canvas.

Is it possible to build funnels with Funnelytics?

No. Funnelytics is exclusively a mapping and tracking tool. You would need a page builder like ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Kartra, etc. to build your funnels.

What are the support channels available?

Customer support is available via email and live chat.

Funnelytics Review (2022) – Is it really the best funnel mapping tool and worth the price?

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