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  • Built for agencies
  • Excellent proposal templates
  • Good range of payment integrations
  • Complete client management in one place


  • More triggers in Zapier integration would be better
  • Quite a few bugs reported by users

Growing an agency can be incredibly hard. 

Particularly when the team size is small, it's very difficult to scale up as there are so many variables to be followed and made sure to achieve the desired growth rate.

If you want to implement tools to automate and be more efficient, the costs could go really high which are out of the budget of many marketing agencies. 

Gridle aims to solve that problem by providing an affordable client management solution to automate and scale a small agency without a huge increase in overheads. 

Does it achieve that mission and is the product good to help your agency grow? Let's find out. 

Dashboard & User Interface

The initial sign-up process is really simple and once logged in the dashboard is clean with an overview of invoices, proposals, leads, etc. 

The first thing to do after signing up is to set up the company information so that it can be used in all the documents like proposals and invoices. The name of the workspace can be changed to be in the company name as well. 

Gridle company account set up

Two logos are required to be uploaded, one for light and the other one for dark background. Further customization can be done by selecting a color that matches your brand. 

It is very important to set up the proper time zone and format as the reminders and emails sent to clients are based on this time. 

Leads in the dashboard can be viewed either as a list or in a Kanban board. Even proposals can be viewed as Kanban board and as with any Kanban board, it is easy to drag and drop the cards to charge the status of a lead or a proposal. 

By just clicking the lead name, client name or a proposal name, reminders and notes can be set for each easily.

It is super easy to add users and setting up access levels based on the specific roles that can be given to each user. Many roles can be set up with permission to view, edit or delete different documents and proposals. Also, admin-level access can be given to any user while adding the user. 


There are some excellent templates for making proposals to either new leads or existing customers. Currently, there are proposal templates for,

  • We design
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Branding
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Business consulting
  • Even management
  • Copywriting
  • Bidding

Gridle proposal templates

More templates are being added continuously. All the templates look neat, professional and provides an excellent starting point to build winning proposal that your prospects will take notice. 


Among the payment gateways, Stripe, PayPal, InstaMojo and are currently available. Connecting the payment gateway is fairly simple by just filling out the necessary API keys. payment gateways

New payment integrations are added continuously based on the number of requests by the users. 

There is also Zapier integration to enable the linking of so many use cases and automate a lot of tasks. This will be particularly useful to link the current CRM you are using be it PipeDrive, Salesflare, Active Campaign, etc., to pass through the leads to Gridle once a lead is added to the CRM. 


I really like the Gridle the pricing structure of Gridle. A flat $49 a month price irrespective of the number of users, clients or proposals.

Gridle pricing

No plans or tiers, just straight forward and simple pricing with just one plan covering all the features. It is quite rare to see SaaS companies doing it nowadays, so it is a pleasant surprise to see one after a long time. 


Live chat is available within the app. Even though it is not 24 x 7 active chat, the response time was fairly quick and the team was good in resolving the issues. 

There is a good range of support documentation available but not many tutorial videos that could be really helpful. 

Check Gridle's Roadmap

There is a public roadmap mentioning all the features currently in work and also that are planned to be worked on. 


To conclude, is a really good all in one tool for marketing agencies. There is a good range of payment gateway integrations covering most of the countries around the world. 

For mid to high-level agencies with many clients, automating the complete process of leads to proposals to invoicing will definitely save tons of time which can be effectively used to grow the agency. Review – Will it help to grow your agency?

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