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  • Lots of workflow and automation templates to choose from to accomplish a variety to data scraping
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Availability of webhooks to easily pass through the data to other third party applications
  • Human verification


  • Although it requires no coding, it might take a bit of time to get used to how the tool works
  • No direct integration with Zapier or Integromat

For a business owner, whatever be the type of the business, if there is one thing that holds true, it is that time is money. 

The more time you save automating tasks that can be automated, the more you can spend it on the core aspect of your business, to increase revenue and profit.

One of the best ways to do it is by using the right automation software tools in your business wherever possible. Gone are the days where you need highly skilled software developers to code complex sequences to do it.

With the massive inflow of excellent no-code automation tools, the whole process has become incredibly easier even for a software novice to automate repetitive tasks. 

The likes of Zapier and Integromat are the best examples for it, but in recent times there have been so many very good workflow automation tools coming up in the SaaS space that can help you achieve specific tasks in the most efficient way possible.

Hexomatic is one such tool that helps you in easily automating many of your workflows with a lot of pre-built automation sequences available to accomplish specific tasks. 

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How good it really is and will it help you save your time and efforts? Well, let's find out in this review. 

Dashboard, Features & User Interface

After you have completed the initial sign-up process, the first glance at the main dashboard gives a pretty good impression. It gives you an overview of the credits you have used the overall traffic stats. 

Hexomatic - Main Dashboard

On the bottom, a status bar also shows the total number of hours you have saved by using Hexomatic which is quite a neat touch. 

One of the important features Hexomatic has is to enable you to scrape data from different websites as per your specific requirements. You would be using one automation credit for every page you scrape the data from. 

Some of the use cases for such data scraping could be for sales teams to find cold leads on auto-pilot, marketing teams to get the latest trends, content marketing teams to get new ideas for content research, etc., and a whole lot more. 

Under the Automation section, you can see all the templates available that are categorized under Actions, SEO, Data Transformations, Research, Notifications, Scraping, Integrations, and Audits. It is a really impressive list of templates that can be a real USP of the product.

Hexomatic - Automation Templates

Workflows comprise a series of automation that triggers once it is run. Similar to automation templates, there is a workflow library as well consisting of pre-built sequences for various needs.

Let's have a look at some of the workflow templates to get an idea of what the tool can do for your business. 

  • Discover contact details of Influencers

This template will make it easier to find out the contact information of people that have authority in your niche to grow a relationship and perhaps pitch your business. 

It consists of 4 automation runs in total, Google search for a specified search term, Email scraper, Email discovery, and Social links scraper. 

Hexomatic - Workflow to Discover Influencers Contact Details

Within each automation run, you can tweak the individual settings to get maximum control over what you want in terms of the data scraped. 

Hexomatic - Google Search Automation

For example, in the Google Search automation, you can set the keyword, number of search results, device type, search type, geography, etc. 

  • Backlink contract scraping

This is a really good workflow for SEO agencies and business owners who are serious about organic traffic. 

It essentially gets you the referring backlinks to a page and then contacts the website owners that backlink to the main page. 

Hexomatic - Backlink Outreach Workflow

You can then pitch your own site to earn referring backlinks which can really help in boosting our website authority and ranking of your pages. 

  • Finding B2B leads from Google Maps

This is a workflow that could really benefit marketing agencies that serve small & medium business owners. 

Hexomatic - Google Maps Contact Scraping

It essentially scrapes Google Maps for the said location and keyword and gives you the contact information of all the businesses listed under a specific niche. 

  • Check competitors for an Amazon product listing

A workflow that could exclusively benefit Amazon sellers, would help to keep track of all the competitors for your product listing on Amazon.

Hexomatic - Amazon Competitors Workflow Template

In case none of the workflows suits your use case, you can mix and match the automation runs to build your own personalized workflows. It is also possible to build completely customized scraping recipes that would exactly suit your requirement.

Another unique feature in Hexomatic is the availability of human verification wherein an actual human will verify the data scraped and classify it as Yes or No. 

Hexomatic - Yes or No Human Qualification

This can be vital in many cases where you need to be sure of the quality of the data in order to make good use of it. 

Webhooks are available as well to send the data to any third-party application and be processed further.

Hexomatic - Webhooks

Overall, for a tool that is quite complex in what it accomplishes, the user interface is well designed and the navigation is intuitive for the regular user. 


The pricing as expected depends on the number of automation credits you use and the number of workflows that can simultaneously at any given time.

There are 3 plans in total namely Bronze, Silver, and Gold each providing you with automation credits of 2000, 4500, and 10000 respectively.

Hexomatic Pricing

If you need more credits than 10000, you can stack them on top of the Gold plan. Advanced integrations and the ability to build your own automation workflows are available only in the Silver and Gold plans. 

Also, the Gold plan gives you an unlimited number of simultaneous automation workflows. Therefore, if you are an agency with multiple clients that you can use this tool for, the Gold plan is easily the best value here. 

There is a free plan available as well that gives 75 automation credits and 1 workflow running at a time. It is a good way to test out the tool if you are not sure about how you use it for your business. 


This is another area where Hexomatic excels. Live chat support is available both on the website and within the app dashboard. 

The team has really understood that the app could be quite tricky to understand and get started with. Therefore, they have put on a separate academy and many tutorial videos on how to get it to work and the use cases you can take advantage of. 

Check out Hexomatic Academy


To wrap up, Hexomatic can be a very useful time-saving tool for many use cases in running your business.

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Yes, it might take some time to get used to how it works, but the template library of pre-built workflows is of huge help to get you started and further explore once you get a hang of things. 

Hexomatic Review (2022) – Will it help you save time on Repetitive Tasks by easy Automtion?

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