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Static websites with a defined number of pages and content are a thing of the past. Even for small to medium businesses, let alone mid-market to enterprise-level companies, it has become absolutely vital to have content that is always updated with useful information for the target customer base,  tested extensively that encourages them to keep visiting the website. 

As a business owner with dynamic and constantly updated content on your own website and that of your competitors, it becomes very important to continuously keep a watch on how well it performs and consistently test, optimize, and improve it for better conversions. 

However, monitoring your and your competitors' websites manually could be quite a daunting task and could do more harm than good for the overall productivity of your team. 

Hexowatch is a tool that promises to completely automate this whole process and provide you with alerts on any change on any URL you desire. Is it good enough to let you do that easily? Let's find out in this review.

Dashboard & User Interface

Once the sign-up is done, the welcoming user interface is neat and simple with minimalistic design elements. All the navigation points are quite well aligned with a clear and simplistic view. 

The first step is to add the URL you want to start monitoring the changes. Hexowatch supports the monitoring of the following types of changes on any website,

  • Visual Monitoring,
  • HTML Element Monitoring,
  • Keyword Monitoring,
  • Technology Monitoring,
  • HTML Monitoring,
  • Content Monitoring,
  • Availability Monitoring,
  • Domain WHOIS Monitoring. 

In addition to all the above, there is an all-in-one AI Monitoring that monitors all of the above for an URL. It is really useful if you are not sure of the specific metrics you want to monitor. 

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For Domain WHOIS monitoring, you can either add a single URL or multiple URLs to keep a track of, which is very useful for agencies with multiple clients & websites to manage. 

Hexowatch User Interface

You can add Tags to the websites you are entering to keep everything organized and making it easy to identify for later reference. 

It is also possible to set the percentage of change that has to happen before an alert is triggered. It could range from anything from 1% to 50%. This could be useful to avoid multiple alerts messages wherein you might miss an important change. However, you can also set up the alerts for any single change happening. 

Also, the time interval between which the changes have to be monitored can be set as well. This could be anything from once in 5 mins to once every 3 months. Based on the type of website you want to monitor, this setting can be used to get the maximum out of the tool.

Hexowatch also lets you pause the monitoring as soon as the event you have set up to track has happened. You can also refresh the data check at any given time. 

Hexowatch - Time Interval Set-Up

For an e-commerce website with frequent changes like stocks and pricing, a shorter time interval could be needed. However, for a fairly simple business website with not a lot of dynamic content, a longer time interval could suffice your requirements. 

When it comes to notifications to get the alerts, you can get it through Email, Slack, Telegram, and Browser Notifications. Both Slack and Telegram are very handy to easily share with team members, particularly if you are an agency with a big team. Zapier integration and webhooks are available as well if you want to send the data to any third-party application to be processed further.  


There are four plans in total ranging from $14.99 to $99.99 per month. The main difference between each plan is the number of checks that can be done per month and the frequency of checks. 

Hexowatch Pricing

Also, Webhooks are available only from the Pro plan and above. The free plan is quite generous as well with 75 checks per month allowed with a check frequency of 12 hours. 


Live chat support is available on both the main website and within the app dashboard. 

There is a public roadmap as well to keep a track of all the features that planned and the features that are released as well. 

However, a detailed knowledge base and tutorial videos covering all the features to effectively use the tool would be a nice addition. 


To wrap up, although there are many uptime monitoring tools in the market, Hexowatch really stands out by offering a lot of different monitoring options apart from just uptime and performance checks.  

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It covers a wide use case as the tool can be effectively used for many different purposes regardless of the type of your business. The flexibility and versatility make it definitely a worthy try.  

Hexowatch Review (2021) – A really unique web monitoring tool to keep track of a variety of changes

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