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  • Excellent user interface with intuitive navigation
  • Easy to define and track specific goals
  • Very useful and actionable insights
  • Funnels help to track multiple steps and actions


  • No session recordings
  • No heatmaps

For any online business, if generating quality traffic is a huge challenge, optimizing the traffic for higher conversion rates is an even bigger and far more important challenge. 

A website not optimized for conversion is just a bucket full of holes. It just drains all the money and efforts you spend to bring traffic to the website. 

A well-optimized website for conversion rate optimization with less traffic might give you better results in terms of revenue than a poorly optimized website with a lot of traffic. 

That's the conversion rate optimization tools are quite popular in the digital marketing space. Hotjar is the market leader in the space and there are some free tools like Clarity by Microsoft. 

HockeyStack is one such conversion rate optimization tool that promises to do it with a different philosophy. While other tools focus on providing you with data like heatmaps and session recordings, HockeyStack aims to give you actionable insights to improve your conversion rates. 

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How effective it is to increase your average conversion rate? Let's find out in this review. 

Dashboard & User Interface

Once the initial sign-up is done, you have to enter the domain you want to use HockeyStack with. 

The next step is to select the platform your website runs on. HockeyStack supports the following platforms, 

  • Shopify,
  • Swipe Pages,
  • Wix,
  • WordPress.

You can also use it with custom-coded websites and with Google Tag Manager for deeper insights. 

HockeyStack - Supported Platforms

In my case, I installed it on my WordPress website. HockeyStack recommends installing the "Insert Headers and Footers" plugin that is available in the official plugin repository of WordPress. 

HockeyStack - WordPress Installation

Once you have installed the snippet code on the Header section of your website, you can test if your website is connected in the next step.

HockeyStack - Test Integration

If the connection is active and the code is correctly installed on your website, you should be able to see details on your active website visitors on the HockeyStack dashboard. 

HockeyStack - Main Dashboard

At the first glance, the information you get includes sessions, users, bounce rate, number of pages per session, and session duration. 

If you need further information on the visitors, you can get a whole lot more from HockeyStack. You can see the Referrer of the visitor and the UTM source if you have set up a UTM parameter. This could be of huge help when you are running ads to a landing page to determine how well the ads convert.

HockeyStack - Visitor Referrer

It is also possible to get the information on device type, browser, operating system, language, and which country the visitor came from. 

HockeyStack - Visitor Information

Under the Users section, you can see a complete overview of each user separately with all the above details along with the first & last seen, scroll %, referrer, total duration, enter & exit page, etc. 

HockeyStack - Users Information

HockeyStack also lets you define specific goals and track them easily. The goals can be set up based on three parameters. 

  • Click with Selector - To track a specific button click. 
  • Click with Text - To track a click on a specific text on your website. 
  • View - To track a specific page view. 

You can also select the CSS selector to track any button click on the site. It is also possible to enter the exact URL of the page you want to track. 

HockeyStack - Goals

It can be either set up to track only if exactly matches the text or button click or if it just includes the entered text. You can also include multiple "Or" conditions to include multiple scenarios. 

If you want to track a sequence of action and not just an individual event, you can use the Funnels feature. Here, you can add multiple steps and define the goals in each step to track the entire funnel. 

HockeyStack - Funnels

The Insights feature gives you inputs on how you can better optimize your website based on all the metrics tracked. 

If you want to stop tracking a specific user, it is possible as well by just adding that user's ID to the blacklisted users. You can either add the user's IP address of their UUID.

HockeyStack - IP Blacklisting

HockeyStack lets you export the findings as a PDF report with a defined range of time periods. You can also share the dashboard with your clients by sharing a unique link. This will be very useful for CRO agencies to share the work with clients. 

Agencies can also benefit by adding team members to the account with different access levels. They can either have full access to do changes or just have access to view.

HockeyStack - PDF Export

Another useful feature for agencies is that you can add and manage multiple domains under a single dashboard. 

Overall, the user interface is excellent with very intuitive navigation even for beginners with little experience in conversion rate optimization. 

Although HockeyStack's philosophy is different, it would be nice to have heatmaps and session recordings as additional data points. 


There are three paid plans ranging from $29 to $99 per month. The main difference between the plans is the number of domains you can add and the pageviews allowed per month. 

HockeyStack - Pricing

All the features are available across every plan. There is a custom plan for enterprise customers with unlimited domains and custom page views. 

There is a Lifetime Deal available for HockeyStack for a limited time. Starting at just $79 paid one-time for lifetime access, it is a fantastic deal and excellent value for money. 

HockeyStack - Lifetime Deal

While you get unlimited domains with all the plans, when you more than one code, you get access to unlimited Insights and white-labeling. 

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Single code gives you access to 2 team members, 4 team members for 2 codes, and 8 team members for 3 codes respectively. 


There is live chat support on both the main website and within the app dashboard. The written knowledge base is quite extensive as well covering all the features. 

There is a public roadmap and changelog to keep track of all the features that are released and that are in the works. 


To wrap up, HockeyStack is a unique conversion rate optimization tool that has a different philosophy to the likes of established tools like Hotjar.

Rather than focusing completely on data with session recording, feedback, and heatmaps, HockeyStack provides you with actionable insights which you can implement effectively to improve your conversion rates. 

Grab the Lifetime Deal of HockeyStack - Available for a Limited Time

The user interface is excellent and all the data provided are easy to grasp. The agency-specific features like multiple domain management make it a perfect fit for CRO agencies. Definitely worth a try to implement on your and your client's website. 

HockeyStack Review (2021) – Will it really help to Optimize your Website for higher Conversion Rates

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