Even with the relentless push against marketing emails, it is an undeniable truth that cold email outreach still remains one of the best channels to get new customers or clients for your business. 

However, the success of a cold email campaign depends a lot on the quality of email data you start the campaign with. It is extremely important to get the right email address of your prospects that is valid and verified.

Lower quality of the email data leads to a very high bounce rate of your cold email campaigns and also badly damages the rating of your domain.

Therefore, it is vital to use the right tools to get verified email data of your prospects you want to outreach. Hunter.io is one of the best-known tools in this space. 

However, based on your budget and use case, you might need an alternative for Hunter.io

We will have a look at the best available alternatives in this post.


Pricing - starts from $99 per month for unlimited email searches and 10 direct-dial phone credits. 

Free Plan - Yes, available for 50 email searches and 3 phone credits. 

Integrations - Freshsales, HubSpot, Lemlist, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Woodpecker. 

Chrome Extension - Yes, available.

API - Yes, available. 

ColdCRM is one of the best alternatives to Hunter as apart from the email addresses you can also get the direct dial phone number of your prospects.  

You can search based on the name of even your prospect's social media profile URLs like LinkedIn, Facebook. etc. It is also possible to filter on whether you need Mobile or Landline numbers. You can also choose to get only phone numbers that are listed on email signatures of professionals. 

It is also possible to do a bulk upload of the available data points and enrich the data. You can simply upload a list of Name, Company Name and Cold CRM enriches it with all the missing information. You can also submit a list of departments in a company and get the details of the key decision-makers to contact. 

Another good aspect of ColdCRM is all the email addresses you get are completely verified and hence there is no need to spend separately on an email validating tool. Cold CRM also supports searched based on account-based marketing which is super helpful for sales teams targeting enterprise-level customers. 


Pricing - starts from $39 per month for 1,000 credits and 1,000 unique recipients.

Free Plan - Yes, available. 

Integrations - Albacross, Asana, Calendly, Dux-Soup, Facebook Lead Ads, Google Sheets, HippoVideo, HubSpot, Intercom, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, Nifty Images, Phamtombuster, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Slack, Trello, Twilio,  Weblium, Zapier.

Chrome Extension - Yes, available.

API - Yes, available.

Snov is an excellent cold emailing tool with a built-in email finder. The fact that it a cold emailing cum email finding tools makes it easy to have your entire outreach efforts within a single tool and also saves a lot of money in the process. 

You can find emails based on the technologies used by a website which is really useful for software development and related agencies. 

It is possible to send complete drip campaigns and Snov also has built-in email verification to make sure the bounce rate of the campaign is low or negligible.

The email campaigns can be built & customized easily with the personalization options and scheduled follow up sequences. You can set up timers, triggers, and delays for the follow-up sequences to exactly match your outreach requirement. 

Emails can also be tracked for opens clicks with real-time desktop notifications for Gmail.


Pricing - starts from $99 per month for 200 monthly credits. 

Free Plan - Yes, available for 5 credits. 

Integrations - Close CRM, Copper CRM, HubSpot, Insightly, Lemlist, Mailshake, Nimble, Outreach, Pipedrive, Reply, Salesforce, SalesLoft, Woodpecker, Zapier, Zoho CRM.

Chrome Extension - Yes, available.

API - Yes, available.

Unline Snov, Hunter, Cold CR, etc. UpLead is not just an email finding tool, but in addition to that, a complete database of contacts and profiles. 

You can certainly upload a list of domains and get enriched data including email addresses, phone numbers, etc. However, the real potential of UpLead is its massive database consisting of tens of millions of contacts under millions of companies. It is also possible to grab the email from the prospect's LinkedIn profile. 

All the emails are verified in real-time with more than 90+ accuracy which helps in reducing the bounce rate. The database covers around 200 countries giving worldwide coverage for any sales team irrespective of the location and geographical needs. 

There are numerous filters available to search the emails based on the industry type, location, job position, size & revenue of the company, no. of employees, technologies used in the company, etc. There are more than 16,000 technologies that are tracked to get the exact match of your prospects. 

UpLead has a wealth of native integrations with many CRM's & cold emailing tools to instantly connect and start with your outreach campaigns. 


Pricing - starts from $132 per month for 500 monthly credits. 

Free Plan - Yes, available for 25 credits. 

Integrations - BidSketch, Close CRM, Freshsales, HubSpot, JazzHR, Lemlist, Mailshake, Pipedrive, Reply, Salesforce, Salesflare, Woodpecker, Zapier.

API - Yes, available.

LeadFuze is a similar tool to UpLead with a more affordable pricing structure. It also has a global database of more than 300 Million contacts & 14 Million companies. 

There are tons of filters available to focus exactly on your target prospects. With LeadFuze, you can also put the whole list building process on auto-pilot.

Just set up your search criteria, connect your CRM or email marketing tool, and LeadFuze's AI bot will continually feed the system with leads matching your criteria.

This saves a lot of time by eliminating the manual searches and frees up your time to concentrate on what matters the most - to reach out to your prospects and growing your business. 


Pricing - starts from $49 per month.

Free Plan - Free Trial is available. 

The main difference between Soleadify and every other lead generation tool is that it fetches the email data only from public sources like websites. This gives a great advantage for companies that need strict compliance with privacy laws like GDPR. 

Similar to other lead generation tools, Soleadify has a lot of filtering options like Job Title, Location, Technologies used, Company size, etc. 

Another plus is that you can send personalized outreach emails right from Soleadify and hence no need to use a separate cold emailing software. 

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So, there you have it. Although there are a lot of other similar tools available, the above mentioned are some of the best for every use case if you are looking for an alternative to Hunter. 

The best Hunter.io alternatives to find the email address of your ideal prospects

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