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  • Extremely easy to use with tons of one-click and pre-built automation workflows
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Excellent help documentation with video tutorials
  • Live chat support


  • More apps to be added to match the likes of Zapier

Automation has become an integral part of running a business of any type more efficiently. For an online business, in particular, it is absolutely vital to use automation tools as much as possible and wherever you can to save time and money. 

Any little manual time and effort you save adds up and contributes massively to the overall improvement in the revenue. However, it is very important to choose the right automation tool to automate the tasks and workflows. The wrong tool could do more harm than good for your business. 

Zapier and Integromat are some of the well-known SaaS tools in this space for SMB's. When it comes to mid-market to enterprise companies, the likes of and Workato are excellent options. 

For small to medium-sized businesses that want to automate the tasks, it is very important that the tool is easy to use and set up the automation with not a lot of time spent on it.  

Although Zapier is quite easy to use with setting up the zaps not being a very time-consuming process overall, Integrately promises to take the ease of setting up tasks and workflows to a whole new level. All it needs is just a click to automate your tasks and workflows with a lot of pre-built automation recipes available for multiple apps to connect with.

How good is it the tool to use to automate your tasks and workflows? Let's find out in this review. 

Dashboard & User Interface

Once the initial sign-up is done, the welcoming User Interface is refreshingly simple, neat, and easy to navigate. 

Integrately User Interface

You can add the first app to start building the automation and see all the available pre-built workflows available for that specific application. There is a type-based search available to easily select the application you need. 

Once you have selected the first application, you get a list of all the available applications to connect to. I tried with Typeform and the number of applications available to connect is really impressive. 

Integrately Workflow

Also, you get the list of all the pre-made workflow automation that is available for the first app you have selected. In this case, there are tons of ready-made automation workflows available for Typeform to select and activate with just a single click. 

Integrately - Pre Built Automation Workflows

The number and range of this are seriously quite impressive. A total of 232 pre-built workflows are available for Typeform and more are being added for every application.

Overall, there are more than 250,000 ready-made and one-click workflow automation sequences available in Integrately for all the apps that can be integrated. It is an unbelievably good number and we can be sure that it will further increase as more applications are added.  

Apart from the ready-made automation sequences, you can also build your own custom workflow automation with a simple "When This Happens > Do This" step. 

Integrately Workflow

I tested out one of the pre-built workflow sequences that connect my Typeform and MaileLite accounts. The sequence is quite simple, whenever an entry is made in Typeform, an email subscriber is added to a group in my MailerLite account. 

Integrately Typeform - MailerLite Connection

All it took was just a single click to get this workflow up and running. It's incredibly simple and perhaps the easiest among all the workflow automation tools. 

The only requirement is to add your Typeform and MailerLite's account API to get it live. To make it even easier, there is a short tutorial video to explain the process. Very well thought out.  

Integrately - Connection Tutorial

Once the automation is live and running, all the sequences will be saved and can be accessed through the History Tab. Workflows can be saved in specific tabs like Lead Flow, Accounting & Payment, Support, HR, etc. for better organization and accessibility. 


Currently, there are more than 300 apps available in Integrately to connect and build automation workflows. More apps are consistently added and you can request the apps based on your requirements. 

Complete List of Available Apps

All the majorly known applications when it comes to the widely used categories like CRM's, Email Marketing, Project Management, Forms & Surveys, Website & Funnel Builders, etc. are available. The apps are also categorized to easily find out the specific app you want to connect to. 

Request Integrations to be added

As soon as you select an app, you get to see the list of all the one-click integrations that are available for that app. This makes it very easy to get a good view of all the workflows you can build for the app of your choice. 

Integrately - Available one click Integrations for Calendly

There is a short description available on each one-click workflow and what you can accomplish with it. 

Also, if you own a SaaS tool yourself, you can request to add it as well by submitting a form. 

Overall, although the number of applications is not as high as the likes of Zapier, Integromat, etc., all the widely used apps are available and the level of ease to build workflows with just one click makes it a fantastic choice. 


In addition to the ease of use, pricing is another area where Integrately shines the most. There is a free plan for up to 100 tasks and 5 automation flows with 15 minute update time. 

The paid plans start from just $15 per month and the highest plan costs $250 per month. The lowest Starter plan comes with 14,000 tasks, 20 automation flows, 15 minute update time, and all the other features including Branching with an if-else condition, Check condition, Webhooks, etc. 

Integrately Pricing

It is an incredible value when compared to the likes of Zapier as a comparable plan in Zapier with a similar number of tasks might cost almost 10 times more. 

The Starter plan has a 5-minute update frequency and all the other higher plans have a 2-minute update frequency cycle. This again is quite impressive as a 2-minute update time is available in Zapier only starting from the Professional plan that costs starting from $49 per month. 

The top two Growth and Business plans allow for an unlimited number of users making it a perfect fit for large teams and agencies handling multiple clients. 

There is also a referral program available where you can refer your friends to sign up for a free plan and thereby get more tasks for yourself when they sign up with your referral link. You get 500 additional tasks per month for every referral and your friend who signs up with your link also gets 500 additional tasks per month. There are also cash prices available for the top referrers each month.  


This is another area where Integrately really shines. Live chat support is available on both the main website and within the app dashboard. 

The help & support documentation is incredibly good as well with lots of text documents and video tutorials covering every feature in detail. 

Integrately Help & Support Documentation

All the text documents have step-by-step instructions with screenshots making them extremely easy to follow and implement. 

Also, the short video tutorial that is available when connecting any application is super handy to get started even for someone who is not well-versed in using any workflow automation tool. 


To wrap up, Integrately looks very promising to be one of the best tools in the workflow automation space. 

An incredibly high number of super-easy to implement one-click integrations makes it a very unique tool and perhaps the easiest for any business owner to start with workflows and tasks automation. 

Try Integrately for free

This in addition to the very attractive pricing model when compared to similar tools in this space makes it a very worthy try. Highly Recommended. 

Integrately Review (2021) – The easiest to use Workflow & Task Automation tool?

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