starts from $49 for lifetime



UI & Ease of use


Customer support


Value for money



  • Intuitive UI with everything easy to set up
  • Excellent choice for agencies to manage multiple client accounts under a single dashboard
  • Live chat support and good range of tutorial videos
  • Emails can be accessed through any email client


  • Storage space could be a bit higher on the base plans
  • Dropbox is the only option for external storage expansion. Google Drive and OneDrive not available yet

Having a professional email address on your own domain is an indispensable need if you wish to have any sort of online presence for your business.

Any communication you have with a personal or general email address like Gmail, Outlook, etc. might immediately bring your brand down in the eyes of potential clients and customers. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to have all your official communication with your professional email address on your domain. 

If you have an organization with multiple departments, you can have shared email addresses set up for each department and give access to each of the team members. This can bring down the cost and could be useful especially for sales or support teams. 

There are several options to host your professional emails. In many cases, your website hos will allow you to host emails on your domain. While it might be sufficient for limited personal use, it comes with a few disadvantages like sharing your email hosting storage with your website storage, using a shared IP, etc. That's the reason the majority of the businesses go for separate email hosting providers who specialize exclusively in email hosting. 

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When it comes to specialized email hosting, Gsuite, GoDaddy, etc. are some of the service providers. While it may seem cheap, the fact that these services change per user makes it a difficult choice for entrepreneurs or agencies who need multiple email accounts as it will get pretty expensive.

Kerjamail promises to solve this issue by offering an unlimited number of emails that be set up across unlimited domains with storage being the only differing factor between different plans. Is it good enough to be your primary email hosting service? Let's find out in this short review.

Dashboard & User Interface

Once the sign-up is completed, the initial welcoming interface is super clean and very minimalistic with not a lot of navigation elements or buttons. 

Kerjamail User Interface

The main dashboard gives an overview of your account with details of your current plan, all the domains listed, and the storage space allotted to each domain. 

The next step is to add your domain that you want to set up the email addresses. It is a fairly simple and straightforward process where you have to add a TXT record to your DNS settings in your domain registrar.

Kerjamail - Adding New Domain

It is very important to add the right TXT record into your DNS setting and once it is added, you can immediately verify the domain.

Kerjamail - Domain Settings

The system will show a "Verified" signal if everything is set up correctly. 

Kerjamail - Domain Verification

After the domain is verified, you can completely manage the domain by adding other MX, TXT, and CNAME records. You can now add the email accounts by adding them as a username and each email can be allotted specific storage space. 

Kerjamail Emailbox Set-Up

Overall, the User Interface is very easy to easy and the whole set-up process is quite a breeze to start with using your emails. 


Unlike many other email hosting services, you get charged based on the storage space you use in Krejamail rather than the number of users or domains. 

Krejamail - Monthly Pricing

The price is $9 per GB  per month irrespective of the number of domains or the number of email accounts you set up. You can also purchase a dedicated IP address separately for an additional cost. 

Lifetime Deal

There is a lifetime deal currently available for Kerjamail for a limited period of time. The deal price ranges from $49 to $799 based on the storage space and the availability of a few exclusive features. 

Kerjamail Lifetime Deal

The basic Bronze plan costs $49 and gives you access to 10 domains and up to 10GB of storage space. This will be sufficient for individual business owners who do not own multiple businesses or manage multiple brands or clients. 

Grab the Lifetime Deal of Kerjamail

All the plans apart from the basic plan allow you to ass an unlimited number of domains and email accounts. 

Kerjamail - Lifetime Deal Pricing

You can also add sub-accounts in all the plans apart from the basic plan making it a perfect fit for agencies to manage multiple client accounts. However, if you are an agency with multiple clients, you might need at least the Platinum account with 50GB of storage as anything less than that will be difficult to manage effectively. 

One more unique feature in the Diamond & Diamond Plus plans is the ability to connect your Dropbox account to expand the storage. This basically extends the storage to as much as you want and a fantastic option even for mid to large-sized agencies. 


Live chat support is available and the response times were quite good in my experience. 

There is a decent array of support articles & tutorial videos as well covering all the features and set up of accounts. 


To wrap up, Kerjamail is a decent option to host your email accounts with all the basics covered. 

Grab the Lifetime Deal of Kerjamail

It is particularly a good fit for agencies managing multiple clients as the highest two plans practically give you unlimited storage with the Dropbox connection.

Kerjamail Review (2021) – Is it a good tool to host your emails?

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