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  • Support for various appointment types like Group, Collective, Round-Robin, etc.
  • Good level of customization possible for the booking page
  • Availability of single-use link
  • Booking possible with just a mobile number


  • Stripe is the only payment gateway currently available to receive payments
  • The UI and booking page design although is easy to use, looks slightly dated
  • Lack of video tutorials

Online meetings and appointments have become so vital for many businesses when they take a digital transformation. 

For a service business in particular or an education-based venture, it could be the cornerstone on which the whole revenue stream might depend. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to have the right tools and system in place to have everything streamlined and automated to maximize efficiency. 

The quality of the appointment scheduling tool might make or break this entire system and hence it is imperative to choose the right one for your business. 

Although there is no shortage of options in this space with well-established players like Calendly, Acquity Scheduling, etc., Leadmonk takes a unique mobile-first approach to carve a niche and grow.

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Is it good enough and worth trying? Let's find out in this short review. 

Dashboard and User Interface

As soon as you complete the initial sign-up, there is a short onboarding where you are asked to select your role in the organization you want to use the tool. 

Leadmonk - Onboarding

It is always good to see a SaaS tool having a proper onboarding experience that can provide you with a more personalized experience.

Leadmonk - Initial Onboarding

Next up, you have to provide the name of your business that will be visible on the appointment booking page and you can set the booking page URL as well. 

Leadmonk - Main Dashboard

It is then possible to connect to the calendar of your choice. Google, Outlook, and iCloud calendars are supported as of now and will cover the use case of the majority of users. 

Once you complete all of the above onboarding you are welcomed to the main dashboard that is super clean and minimalistic with a limited number of navigation elements. 

Leadmonk - Main dashboard

At any point, you can view your booking page to see a live preview and have an idea of how it looks and what are the changes to be made. 

The first thing to do before setting up the booking page is to select the appointment type that would suit your needs. Four types of appointments are currently available in Leadmonk as below,

  • One-to-One Appointment,
  • Group Appointment,
  • Collective Appointment,
  • Round-Robin Appointment. 

While one-to-one appointment type might be sufficient for the majority of users that are solo business owners or even small businesses, the other would be a definite need if you are even a small team that needs a single scheduling tool across all the users. 

After you have selected the appointment type, you can then provide additional details for the meeting like the appointment name, a brief description or any instructions required, the duration of the meeting, the maximum number of invitees, location of the meeting either in person or online, URL for the meeting, and the color theme for the booking page.

Leadmonk - Appointment Settings

In case of online meetings, you can connect to Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft teams. It is also possible to provide a custom location for the meeting. 

Leadmonk - Location preference

If you have connected multiple calendars, you can select which calendar to get connected to this particular appointment. 

Next up, you can provide the availability preference of yourself and your team if it is a group, collective, or round-robin appointment. 

Leadmonk - Availability Preferences

It is also possible to add questions that the invitee has to answer before booking an appointment. These questions can be a text, radio button, checkbox, or dropdown. It can be also made mandatory to answer if you prefer it. 

Leadmonk - Interview Questions

On the completion of booking the appointment, you can redirect to the default appointment confirmation page or any other custom URL. 

Leadmonk - Redirect webpage

After that, you can set up email and SMS notifications and reminders. These are very important to reduce the number of no-shows for the meetings. 

You can define the amount of time the reminder has to be sent before the actual meeting. 

Leadmonk - Notifications and Reminders

If you would like to receive payments for the meeting, you can easily connect your Stripe account and do so. Zapier integration and webhooks support are available if you want to integrate with other apps. 

When it comes to branding the booking page, there is a decent level of customization possible like uploading your logo, company website, a selection of themes, color preferences, etc. 


The pricing structure is quite simple with a basic free plan and a paid pro plan that costs $10 per user per month or $8 if paid annually. 

Leadmonk - Pricing

The free plan is quite generous providing you with most of the fundamental features to start with your appointment scheduling. 

If you need features like Round-Robin & Collective appointments, branding & customization, booking with a mobile number, payment collection, SMS reminders, etc., you have to upgrade to the paid plan. 


Live chat support is available on the main dashboard. There is a decent level of text-based documentation in the help center, but there is a lack of video tutorials that might be beneficial for beginners. 


To wrap up, Leadmonk is a decent enough appointment scheduling tool that really stands out in a way that booking can be done with only a mobile number. 

Grab the Lifetime Deal of Leadmonk Now

It might be a very distinctive feature for certain business types and overall, the tool is quite feature-rich too with all the basics covered. 

Yes, the UI and booking page design will do with a design overhaul to look more modern, but for the features offered and at the price point, it is a pretty good tool to try out. 

Leadmonk Review (2023) – Can it Replace the Well Established Appointment Scheduling Tools?

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