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UI & Ease of use




Customer support


Value for money



  • Easy to connect and set-up
  • Multiple email accounts be connected and warmed up
  • Live chat support
  • Any type of email can be connected with SMTP & IMAP


  • Pricing could get quite expensive when you need to connect multiple accounts

Even though there are multiple new channels to reach out to your target prospects, email still remains one of the most effective and draws the highest response rate. 

However, there are multiple aspects that have to go well for a cold email outreach campaign to be effective and bring out the best results in terms of open, reply, and click-through rates. 

The most vital one among those is the health of the email account you use for the cold email campaigns. An email account on a fairly new domain can do more harm than good as many of your emails could end up in the spam folder of your recipients potentially damaging the image of your overall brand.

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Getting an email account warmed up and enhancing its IP reputation is no easy task and if done manually, it might take hours and hours of your time. 

Dashboard & UI

Once the initial sign-up is done, you are asked to choose your role and the number of people in your team to complete the onboarding process. 

Mailivery Onboarding

The dashboard is minimalistic, neat, and very easy to navigate with not a lot of elements on the navigation sidebar. 

Mailivery Dashboard

When you add your email account to be warmed up, there are two options, a Google account or any other email account. 

Mailivery email account adding

For a Google account, it's a fairly simple process to just sign in with the account and provide access. For other accounts, you need to enter all the additional details like SMTP and IMAP information. 

Mailivery - Adding other email account

Once you have connected your email account, you can set up the number of emails from Mailivery that are sent per day and the percentage of reply rate. 

Mailivery set up

You get a test email from Mailivery to confirm the SMTP, IMAP details are correct and the account is connected to Mailivery.

Overall, the user interface is quite neat and easy to use with simplistic navigation.


There are two plans namely Outreach Starters and Outreach Pros costing $55 per month and $80 per month respectively when paid on a monthly basis.

The main difference is the number of emails that are sent per day from Mailivery. In the starter plan, you get a maximum of 25 emails per day and in the Pro plan, it is a maximum of 65 emails per day. 

There is also a custom Enterprise plan for a team of more than 15 users. 


Live chat support is available within the app dashboard. Also, the knowledge base is quite good as well with all the important features covered.

A public roadmap is available as well to have a look and keep track of the features that are planned, being built, and released.  

However, it will be good to see some short tutorial videos for all the features to start using the tool easily. 


To wrap up, Mailivery does exactly what it promises to enhance your email reputation. The product is simple to use with a good user interface. 

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If you are already doing or planning to start with cold email outreach, Mailivery is a good tool to add to your tech stack to improve your reply and conversion rates. 

Mailivery Review (2022) – Is it the easiest way to warm up you email accounts for cold emailing?

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