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  • Super simple to generate a full length blog post
  • Content Outline generator with SEO score
  • Decent number of templates across a variety of use cases
  • Built-in content planner for LinkedIn


  • Supports only 8 languages
  • WordPress plugin not available currently

Copywriting is one of the most sought and well-paid skills in the digital marketing workspace as it is the crux of every marketing channel, whether paid or organic. 

With the introduction of Open AI's GPT language model, there has been an incredible number of AI copywriting tools that can help you overcome writer's block and come up with good quality content easily. 

Although the majority of these tools are powered by the same underlying technology through an API, some offer certain unique features by building their own proprietary AI model on top of it. 

The quality of the content generated also depends on how well the model is trained. is one of the newer tools in the market that looks quite good.

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Is it a truly powerful tool that matches the market leaders like Jasper and the like? Let us find out in this short review. 

Dashboard & User Interface

Once you are done with the sign-up process, there is a short onboarding where you have to just provide the size of your team. - Onboarding

After the onboarding step, you are welcomed to the main dashboard which is quite self-explanatory in its navigation. - Main Dashboard

The first before generating the content is to select the language, give your post title, and choose the tone of voice for the style of the content to be written on. You can give up to 18 words for the title which provides you with the option of being as detailed as possible.

Currently, MarkCopy supports 8 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.

You can choose from the below options for the tone of voice,

  • Professional,
  • Friendly,
  • Optimistic,
  • Journalistic,
  • Scientific. - Content Brief

In the next step, you can give the main keyword that you would like the post to be optimized for SEO. The system provides you with some suggestions and if not, you can provide your own keyword as well. - Keyword Optimization

Next up, you can build the outline of the post by choosing from the provided H2 titles and then in the next step, the H3 titles as well.

This is a really important step as the subtitles you choose will have a huge effect on the quality of the content generated. 

In addition to the ones that are given by the system by default, you can also add your own sub-topics as well. - Subtopics

Once you have completed all the steps, you are welcomed to the main content editor with the post generated.

You can have a look at the SEO score, analyze your competitors for the best results for the target keyword, and also see the recommendations to improve the SEO optimization. - Main Content Editor

There are quite a good number of templates to choose from including,

  • Facebook ad copy,
  • Google ad copy,
  • Full-length blog post,
  • Blog title,
  • Blog idea,
  • Meta description,
  • Product description,
  • product title,
  • Social hook,
  • Call to action,
  • Email outreach,
  • Property listing,
  • Tweet,
  • Follow-up email,
  • Thank you email,
  • AIDA copy,
  • Content rewrite.

It is also possible to connect your LinkedIn account and completely automate your posting schedule which is really a unique feature compared to other AI copywriting tools. 


There are two paid plans, Starter and Pro costing $24 per month and $59 per month respectively. - Pricing

The main differences between the two plans are the number of users, the number of words you can generate, and the number of SERP analyses.

For $24 per month, you get 20,000 words per month and for $59 per month, you get 50,000 words monthly.  

Team collaboration, SEO optimization, and plagiarism detection are available only in the Pro mode. 

You can try the tool for free and generate up to 5,000 words to check the quality of the content generated and whether it suits your style of writing. 


Live chat support is not available on both the main website and also within the dashboard, but there is an official Discord community to discuss topics on the tool if you have any doubts.

Also, there is an official YouTube channel as well with a decent number of videos to learn how to use the tool to its maximum potential. 

Text-based documentation is quite good as well with a series of tutorials available covering most of the available features. 

Best Alternatives

There are a plethora of alternatives in the AI copywriting space right now. As it will be impossible to cover all of them, we will have a look at the best ones that are currently available on a lifetime deal.


WordHero is a feature-rich AI copywriting tool that is currently available on a lifetime deal on two plans.

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CloserCopy is another excellent piece of software that is available on a lifetime deal. It is quite a powerful tool that enables you to build customized frameworks. 

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If you are interested in generating images for your blog posts, AsrSpace is an excellent option. 

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Overall, MarkCopy is a decent tool amongst the wealth of competition when it comes to AI copywriting tools. 

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Yes, there are definitely some shortcomings like the limited number of languages supported, but it certainly makes up with some unique features like an automated content planner for LinkedIn,  Rocket Mode for blog posts, etc. Review (2023) – Is it a good AI Copywriting tool and is there any unique feature?

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