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  • Can set up multiple brands and set up ads in a single dashboard
  • The AI generated headline and description is quite good
  • Intuitive UI with everything easy to set up
  • Live chat support


  • Supports only Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube Ads
  • Not enough video tutorials

Paid ads when done right is always an excellent source of traffic for any type of online business. However, in order to get it right, it requires a tremendous amount of expertise, time, and in some cases, money to test out various channels. 

When things go wrong, you can lose a whole lot of your hard-earned money when it comes to PPC advertising.

You need a huge amount of data points to be safe from the risk and also do things like budgeting, choosing keywords, audience & geography selection, and copywriting for the ads to be spot on in order to run a successful PPC campaign and scale it. 

For a small business, the risk might be too high and they might not have enough expertise to set up their ads in the right way to get the maximum conversions. 

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Markopolo is a tool that promises to address this problem and help ease the process of setting up ads for your business by using the power of AI. Does it really help you? How easy is it to use? Let's find out in this review. 

Dashboard and User Interface

Once you sign up with your email, there are a few steps in onboarding that helps the tool learn more about your brand, target audience, and objectives. - Initial Onboarding

You need to first enter your brand name and then give a brief description of your business. Next up, you can enter up to 10 keywords that you would be running ads on various platforms. - Brand Information

These can be edited at a later stage as well, so not essential that you have to enter all the keywords. After that, you can provide up to 10 keywords that would define the target audience for your audience. - Onboarding

You have to then provide your role in the company and the average ad spends per month that you are planning. Finally, you need to connect your Google or Facebook Ad account to start setting up the ads. 

Within the main dashboard, you can set up multiple brands which is one of the highlights of Markopolo. If you are a PPC advertising agency, this will save you a ton of time managing many brands easily. - Brand Settings

Also, for each brand, you can build an individual asset library that can be accessed when you set up the ads.

You can then move to Ad Maker and start building out the ads for your business. The below ad types are supported in Markopolo,

  • Facebook Image Ad,
  • Facebook Video Ad,
  • Facebook Carousel Ad,
  • Instagram Image Ad,
  • Instagram Video Ad,
  • Instagram Carousel Ad,
  • Google Display Ad,
  • Google Search Ad,
  • YouTube Platform Ad. - Ad Types Supported

Once you select which type of ad you want to set up, you have to just enter the product name and a brief description. You can pull these data from the asset library if you have already saved them there.

The system will then generate a list of headlines and descriptions for your ad. You can choose the one that feels the best for you. - Ad Maker copy generation

You can then use the audience maker to build the target audience for your ads either from the preset ones or build completely custom ones from scratch. - Audience Maker

If you are an agency owner and you want to add your team members under your account, it can be done easily too with control over the level of access you want to provide. - Adding Team Member

Overall, the user interface is pretty neat and intuitive with minimal navigation elements. 


There are three paid plans in total ranging from $23 to $199 per month. The main difference between the plans lies in the number of brands you can manage, the number of team members you can add to the primary account, etc. - Pricing

With the highest Business plan, you can provide training and certification to your team members. 


Live chat support is available on both the main website and within the app dashboard. 

When it comes to tutorials and help documents, there is a decent level of text documents available, but it would be nice to see more video tutorials covering all the features. 


To wrap up, Markopolo is a decent tool to simplify the process of setting up ads if you do not have a huge budget to run tests or have the expertise for it. 

Yes, it would be nice to have more platforms in addition to Google, Facebook, and Instagram, but those 3 are easily the biggest in the PPC space and it would be a good idea to try these platforms first before investing in other PPC ad platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

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The ability to manage multiple brands under a single account is a huge advantage for agencies making the tool definitely worth trying out. Review (2023) – Can it Really Ease the Process of setting up Ads for your Business?

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