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  • A healthy number of apps to available on par with the likes of Integromat
  • Deep integration with other Pabbly tools like Pabbly Subscription Billing, Form Builder & Email Marketing
  • Fantastic video tutorials covering all the features
  • More integrations are added at a good pace


  • More number of triggers are needed for many of the available apps
  • The number of tasks in the free plan is quite low

Irrespective of the type and size of online business you run, it is becoming increasingly imperative to automate your tasks and business workflows as much as possible. 

It saves up a massive amount of time for you to concentrate on the most critical aspects of your business growth and leave the repetitive tasks to be taken care of by external software. 

Quite expectedly, there has been a huge spike in the number of workflow automation tools in the SaaS world in recent years. However, Zapier has been the market leader in this space by a huge margin due to the sheer size and number of apps it supports.

Integromat is the only tool that has come anywhere close to Zapier when it comes to the number of integrated apps and general user adoption.

Therefore, needless to say, it is quite a difficult market for a new SaaS product to enter and compete with, which is exactly what Pabbly is trying to accomplish. 

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It is quite a huge task for any aspiring SaaS company, but Pabbly can leverage the revenue & profits they generate from their other successful products like Pabbly Subscriptions to put in the resources and develop Pabbly Connect.

So, how good is the tool to automate your workflows? Let's find out in this review. 

Dashboard, User Interface & Features

Once you sign up for the account, the main dashboard and interface are quite neat with minimal elements to navigate.

Pabbly Connect Dashboard

To add a new Workflow, just name it and select the apps you want to integrate. You need to then set up the trigger for the first app and then an action for the second app you are integrating with. 

Pabbly Connect Integration

For the most part, it is a fairly straightforward process, but as Pabbly supports webhooks, you can go really deep with the automation workflows and sequences you want to achieve. 

You can have a look at the history of all the tasks accomplish and also the count of the tasks consumed to have a check periodically. 

It is easy to switch between different workflows by a smile toggle. Overall, the user interface is simple and quite easy to navigate. 


Pabbly Connect currently supports more than 400 third-party apps to integrate.

Although it is nowhere near the number when compared to Zapier, it is understandable for a new product in this space, and it has to be appreciated that more apps are added at a very good pace. 

Pabbly Connect - Apps Available for Integration

You can also request for new apps to be added and the team will consider it based on the number of requests and use cases. 


Pricing starts at $19 per month and ranges all the way up to $3,000 per month for a mammoth 9 Million tasks per month. 

Pabbly Connect Pricing

The pricing is quite affordable, but the number of tasks in the free plan could be a little bit higher than what is currently allowed. 

There is an Annual agency plan that is heavily discounted available for a limited time. 

Pabbly Connect - Annual Agency Plan

Get Pabbly Connect's Annual Agency Plan


This is where Pabbly Connect really shines through. The amount of tutorial videos on every integration available is quite incredible. 

The videos can be accessed right within the dashboard making it easy to have a quick look at a specific integration you want to use. This is seriously impressive as how-to tutorials and educational content are an area that is neglected by many early-stage SaaS companies. 

There is live chat support on both the website and within the app dashboard. Overall, customer support and educational resources are surely one of the strong aspects of Pabbly Connect. 


Although Zapier is an obvious alternative, there are a few other tools as well in this space that are quite good. We will have a look at them. 


Integromat is one of the best alternatives you can get for Zapier in the market currently.

With a healthy list of available integrations across various use cases and a powerful scenario builder, it is a fantastic tool to build complex automation sequences.

Automate is a lesser-known product when compared to the likes of Zapier and Intgromat, but it surely has a lot of potential and ease of use. 


To wrap up, for a fairly new tool in the market, what Pabbly Connect does is quite impressive. 

For sure, it is not a full-blown Zapier replacement in its current state for every user. There is a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the number of apps. 

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The agency plan is a fantastic value as well as it gives access to sub-accounts.

Get the Annual Agency Plan of Pabbly Connect

The pace at which they are adding new apps is quite impressive and they have the fundamentals nailed on to build the product further with some serious work put into it. Definitely worth a try. 

Pabbly Connect Review (2021) – Is it a good tool to automate your tasks and workflows?

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