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  • Extremely easy to build a streamlined sales pitch
  • Pitchmap templates
  • Live chat support
  • Native audio and video support


  • Needs more native integrations with CRM's and cold emailing tools
  • UI could be improved with labeling of elements

It's no secret. Sales pitches and follow-ups are hard and exhausting.

Every sales pitch involves a ton of back & forth emails, calls, messages, etc., and still might not be a seamless communication.

From the initial outreach email to an appointment and then to a deal closed, it takes a huge effort and time for every salesperson or an agency owner.

Your core message of the pitch could easily get lost with the endless back & forth communication and you might end up with a ton of time lost with no positive end result.

What if there is a tool to completely streamline this whole process and build a sales pitch with a sequence that perfectly conveys the message you want to outline.

Well, that's the core of Pitch.Link and what it promises to do. Is it good in doing that? Let us find out in this short review. 

Onboarding & Dashboard

After signing up, the initial onboarding is quite impressive. You get to a welcome page where you can click a link that takes to a video of how the tool works and then a calendar link to book an appointment with the Founder directly. 

It is an example pitch in itself and shows a glimpse of what you can do with Pitch.Link. 

Pitch.Link onboarding

The dashboard is well laid out albeit some elements are quite unclear and have to be improved with better labeling and spacing of the elements to improve navigation. 

Pitch.Link Dashboard

Under the files section, you can have all your text, video, and audio files organized easily to be used in your pitches. 

Pitch.link files

Files can be either directly uploaded from your local disc, imported from the cloud, or built natively within the tool itself. 

The supported apps to import from the cloud include,

  • Box,
  • Dropbox,
  • Evernote,
  • Google Drive,
  • OneDrive, 
  • SharePoint. 

If you want to build the videos from the built-in player, you can choose the resolution and there are also some very useful script templates categorized under Introduction, Testimonials, and Closure. 

Pitch.Link video recording

These script templates are also available for voice recording as well. 

Pitchmap Templates

Pitchmaps serve as a starting point or a template to build your sales pitches. It is very useful if you are new to sales pitches as it gives a really good headstart on how to build an effective pitch.

There are four pitchmaps in total that could be used for different industries and the prospect type you are pitching your product or service to.

Pitch.Link templates

All the pitchmaps consist of 5 to 6 steps and can be easily customized with your own text, audio, and video. 

The pitchmap for Account-based Marketing was pretty good with all the necessary steps neatly laid out. 


This is an area Pitch.Link has to really improve. Even Zapier is missing which is quite surprising. 

Zoho CRM is the only native currently available. More native integrations are definitely needed to get the maximum out of the tool, particularly with more CRM's and cold emailing tools. 


Pitch.Link is currently on public beta, but there is a lifetime deal available currently that starts at $59 for 20 pitches per month and 5GB of storage for files. 


To wrap up, it is a neat tool with a unique concept that has to be appreciated. 

With some polishing of the user interface and adding more native integrations, it surely has a lot of potential for sales teams and agencies to pitch their products and services more efficiently. 

Pitch.Link Review (2021) – Will it automate and improve your sales pitches?

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