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  • Live chat support
  • A lot of useful templates to start building the chatbots


  • Some might prefer a completely visual builder

Messenger Chatbots have absolutely soared in both usage and popularity in recent years and it has been one of the most effective marketing channels ever since it grew in adoption. 

There are so many reasons for its effectiveness. The open rates are ridiculously high as the messages reach the subscribers' inbox and you can have more direct communication with them as opposed to email marketing or any other marketing stream. 

As the usage of chatbots grew tremendously, a lot of SaaS tools popped up in this space. 

However, it is important to choose the right tool to use for your chatbots to be effective. It has to be easy to use and fit in your marketing budget as well. 

POP is one such tool that looks really promising. How good is it to use? Well, let us find it out in this review. 

Dashboard, UI & Features

The first thing to sign up is to connect with your Facebook account and link the Facebook page you want to build the chatbots for.  

POP signup

Be sure to link up with the account you have your Facebook Business page connected to. Also, make sure that it is set to live.

POP Facebook page link

After you link up the Facebook page, you are welcomed to the main dashboard that looks really beautiful. The user interface is clear and intuitive with all the elements being easy to navigate. 

POP dashboard

Inbox is the place where all your messages land and you can get them organized under different support tags.

Inbox is one of the huge pluses in POP compared to every other chatbot tool. It's clean and minimalistic look makes it a breeze to have all your messages in a single view and keep them aligned easily. 

Below are the types of Messenger Marketing Campaigns you can run with POP,

  • Direct link share,
  • Comment-to-Messenger,
  • Click-to-Messenger Ads,
  • Sponsored Messages,
  • Website Chat Widgets,
  • Broadcast Messages,
  • Subscription Messages.

It covers almost any type of campaign you want to set up with Messenger Marketing and the website chat widget is an additional feature that most of the other Messenger chatbot tools do not have.

Direct link share is very useful to bring a lot of users from various channels to bring prospects into your chatbot flow. 

There are many templates available categorized under different use cases to make it easy to build your first chatbot campaign. Some of the templates are,

  • Influencer Meet & Greet,
  • Quiz-to-Win,
  • Photo Review,
  • Onboarding Feedback,
  • Event Feedback,
  • E-book Promotion,
  • Pre-Order Notification,
  • New Collection Notification,
  • Ticket Pre-sale Notification,
  • Facebook Live Stream,
  • Lead Generation,
  • Crowdfunding,
  • Webinar Promotion, 
  • Talent Acquisition,
  • Food Delivery Discount Coupon,
  • E-commerce Coupon,
  • Demo Registration.

Will all these templates, POP makes it incredibly simple to build chatbots by even someone who is not very experienced in it. 

With Subscription Messaging you can also send regular newsletters and updates to your subscribers.

POP also lets you collaborate with your team members and build the bots together by inviting them with a shared link. It is super helpful for chatbot agencies to work as a team on a single project. 

Shopify App

POP has a native Shopify app that is available in the official Shopify App Store that makes it extremely easy to add Messenger Marketing to your Shopify store. 

Try POP's Native Shopify App

POP helps in significantly reducing the abandoned carts by using opt-in widgets and reminder messages.

POP opt-in widget

Once someone opts in, two reminders can be sent within 24 hours. 

POP Abandoned Cart Reminder

One of the biggest advantages of using Messenger for reminder messages is that the open rates are super high when compared to reminder emails. 

This Infographic from POP gives an idea of how much more effective Messenger compared to Emails when it comes to Abandoned Cart Recovery. 


One of the best things about POP when it comes to pricing is that it has a very generous and attractive free plan. You can use POP for up to 100 users at no charge. Even the paid plans are priced very competitively.

The below table will give an idea of price depending on the number of subscribers you want to manage. 

As you can see, even for subscriber limits as high as 75,000 the price is quite affordable for a small to medium business. 


Live chat support is available on the website and the best partis is, it is a multi-channel chat window that allows contacting via Messenger, WhatsApp, and Email.

As it is powered by POP, you can have a feel of the tool itself and how it works. 

The help & support documentation is also quite good covering all the important features and there is an official YouTube channel as well with some how-to video tutorials and guides. 


There is no shortage of options when it comes to chatbot tools for Messenger Marketing. However, what makes POP unique is its fantastic user interface, powerful yet simple to use Inbox to manage all the messages and an affordable pricing model with a very good free plan. 

Try POP for free

Add to that the website live chat feature and excellent support, POP is definitely a fantastic option to start Messenger Marketing for your business. 

POP Review (2021) – The easiest to use and powerful Messenger Chatbot platform?

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