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  • Incredibly easy to use and setup
  • Generous 30-day free trial
  • Very good support
  • Can be used on mobile as well


  • Cannot be used for mass email campaigns
  • Lack of native integrations and Zapier integration

If there is one aspect of outreach emails that is the most difficult to execute but the most effective, it is how hard & relentless the follow-ups are.

It is no wonder an average business email needs more than one touchpoint with a prospect to get a response. An average person's email inbox ins flooded with emails and in order to grab the attention, it is absolutely essential to follow up effectively. 

However, following up on multiple emails is a notoriously time-consuming process that takes away a lot of your productive time. 

Rebump aims to solve this exact problem by completely automating the follow-up process of your emails. 

Is it really possible to automate such a tedious task? Does the tool deliver on the promise? Let's find out. 

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Sign-up and initial setup

The first thing to do is to download the Rebump chrome extension available in the chrome store.

Rebump chrome extension

Once the extension is installed, the next step is to connect your Gmail account. A simple sign-in to your preferred Gmail account will do the job.

Rebump Gmail set up

Overall, it is extremely simple to link the Gmail account and it hardly takes 2 to 3 minutes. Once the installation is complete, you should be able to see the Rebump icon on the top right corner of your Gmail account. 

One important point to consider is that the same email you want to use Rebump on should be used for the account sign up. 

Rebump does allow you to add one more email account if you want to send follow-ups with a non-Gmail address, but the bumps will be sent from the main Gmail account. 

Bump sequences

The next step is to set up the sequence of your bumps or follow up emails you would want to send to your prospects or recipients. 

There is a default bump sequence already available with pre-written templates, but all the bumps can be personalized as per your needs. 

Rebump default bump sequence

It is possible to edit the day the follow-up email goes after the original email and the entire content of the email. Bumps can be sent up to a maximum time limit of 90 days.

You can add multiple variables like First Name, Company Name, etc. to completely personalize the follow-up emails to make it look absolutely handwritten.

It is easy to add multiple variables by simply adding columns and naming the variable as per the needs of your campaign. 

Rebump variables

You can set up a maximum of 10 follow-up bumps in a bump sequence. The email body editor is neat with all the essential features like adding tables, images, special characters, etc. 

Rebump email editor

Once the bump sequence set-up is complete, you can start to include the bumps in your Gmail. When you start to compose a new email, there will be a Rebump option at the bottom of the email. 

Just click on it and select the bump sequence you want to include for that specific email to activate the follow-up bumps.

Rebump gmail compose email

It is possible to activate the bumps even in mobile by just adding

Rebump mobile

Remember that each bump sequence will have its own bcc address, so it is important to add that exact bcc address for the bump sequence you wish to add to an email. 

It is as simple as that to completely automate your follow-ups.

The emails tab will give a detailed overview of the bumps currently active and scheduled, inactive and completed emails, the bumps that are opened. When an email gets bounced, Rebump automatically cancels the bumps that are scheduled. 

If any of the bumps received a reply email from the recipient, all the subsequent bumps will be canceled by default. If the recipient replies from a different thread or some other channel like a phone call, it is possible to even manually select and cancel the bumps. 

There is also a very interesting stat of how many emails and percentage of emails that are rescued and got a response due to the use of follow-ups by Rebump.

Stats can be viewed for all the sequences or for individual sequences to get an idea of which sequence performs the best. 


Rebump has two plans, base-level unlimited for $5 per month and a higher level unlimited plus plan for $12 per month. 

Rebump pricing

The main differences between the two plans are that in the unlimited plan you can set up only 4 bumps, but in the unlimited plus plan, up to 10 bumps can be setup. 

Also, personalized bumps, email tracking, and multiple bump sequences are available only in the unlimited plus plan. 

There is a 30-day free trial for both the plans.


Support is via email and I was able to get answers within a few hours.

There is a good level of help documentation covering the tutorials on how to set everything up, and a very helpful support chatbot as well. 


If there is one, it is that it cant be used for mass or bulk emails. It is understandable why they don't allow it, but it would be nice to have that feature as an update even at higher pricing. 

You need to use another tool like GMass or YAMM along with Rebump for mass emails. 

Another negative is the lack of native integration with other CRM's and Zapier which could be really handy. 



If you need a more powerful collaboration tool additional to automating the email sequences, Gmelius is a fantastic option. 

Streak CRM

Streak is a full-blown CRM that sits on top of your Gmail or Gsuite account. It has some great features like mail merge, snippets, and thread splitter that supercharges your usage of Gmail.


So, is Rebump a useful email tool?

Sign up for a 30-day free trial of Rebump

Well, absolutely yes. Follow-ups are the heart and soul of any outreach campaign and Rebump saves you tons of time completely automating it. 

Rebump Review (2021) – Simple, but mighty effective for your outreach campaigns

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