Starts from $59 for Lifetime

UI & Ease of use




Customer support


Value for money



  • Fantastic visual canvas to build the outreach campaigns
  • Built-in B2B company database
  • In-depth multi channel campaign templates for different use cases
  • Built-in Meeting scheduler


  • No A/B testing of email campaigns
  • No native integration with other CRM's to sync data
  • Lacks built-in email tracking and email warm-up

One of the most important defining factors for a successful sales team is how effective they are in their outreach process. 

Cold outreach to your process using a multi-channel approach including emails, text messages, LinkedIn, phone calls, etc. can be incredibly rewarding if done the right way. 

However, in order to get it right, it is vital to use the right tech stack and your outreach tool plays a massive part in that. 

It has to easy to set up the campaigns, collaborates to build the campaigns with your team members, affordable for your budget, and have excellent customer support. 

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SalesBlink is a tool that promises to be just that and a whole lot more. Is it a good tool to build your outreach campaigns with? Well, let's find out in this review. 

Dashboard & User Interface

Once the initial sign-up process is done, the very first thing to do is to connect your email address that will be used to send emails to your prospects. 

SalesBlink supports AOL, Gmail, Gsuite, GoDaddy, Outlook, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Yandex, and Zoho Mail. You can also connect email accounts hosted in other email service providers if you know the SMTP and IMAP settings. 

SalesBlink - Email Configuration

You can also set up the time for every day of the week based on your preference on when you want the emails to be sent. It is also possible to add random delays between emails that are scheduled.

These settings very much help in complying with the guidelines of email service providers like Gmail when it comes to the allowed number of emails sent per day. 

SalesBlink - Email sending configuration

You can also add an email signature right away that supports rich content link images, links, and raw code as well. 

SalesBlink - Email Signature Generator

The next step is to start a campaign with a campaign name given, a pipeline selected, and a list of prospects uploaded as a CSV file. 

SalesBlink - New Campaign

Once the campaign is generated, you can start building it by adding the sequences as you desire. There are pre-built templates to choose from to help you with building the campaigns. There are 5 templates available, 

  • The Omni Channel,
  • Email Follow up Forever,
  • Email and LinkedIn,
  • SMB Campaign,
  • Enterprise campaign.

SalesBlink - Campaign Templates

You also have the option to start building the campaign from scratch if you do not prefer to use the templates. 

I tried the enterprise campaign template and it was very extensive with a multi-channel approach including email, calls, and LinkedIn outreach.

SalesBlink - Enterprise Campaign Template

You can edit the campaign as you prefer adding various additional conditions and triggers, and delays.

Some of the available conditions include,

  • Email open,
  • Email link click,
  • Email reply,
  • Call status,
  • LinkedIn message reply,
  • LinkedIn request accepted.

Based on the conditions, you can add a trigger to change the status of the prospect in the CRM and sales pipeline. This along with the delays gives you a ton of options and flexibility to build even a very complex outreach campaign. 

The canvas editor is easy to work with and fast to navigate. Once you have completed designing the campaign, you can lock the board to make sure that any changes are not done by mistake. 

The next step is to add an email template and include it in your outreach campaign. The email editor is quite impressive with a lot of options to make it completely personalized. 

SalesBlink - Email Editor

You have to write the email subject and body and select the campaign this email pertains to. You can add the First Name, Last Name, Email address, Phone number, and LinkedIn profile of the prospect as dynamic variables to personalize the email for each recipient. 

It is possible to add tables and hyperlinked text right within the email editor. SalesBlink also has many pre-built email templates available that you can choose from. The templates are categorized under Referral, Direct approach, Value addition, Check-in, Follow-up, Humor, and Break-up.

SalesBlink - Email Templates

SalesBlink also supports Image Personalization that adds an even more personal touch to improve the open & reply rates. You can also add an 'Unsubscribe' link to the footer of the email to comply with privacy rules. 

It is also possible to add a meeting link in the email body. You have to just connect your Google Calendar to sync up and to generate the calendar link that can be shared.

SalesBlink - Meeting link set up

The meeting link can be customized as per your preference. You can also set up the meeting duration and the buffer time between subsequent meetings.  

The meeting link of Zoom or Google Meet can be added and you can also add any instructions if needed. You can also add the work hours for every day of the week. 

SalesBlink - Meeting setup

Prospects can be added to the sales pipeline can be moved over between contact made, demo scheduled, meeting scheduled, proposals made, negotiations started, etc. 

SalesBlink - B2B Company Database

SalesBlink also has a built-in email search feature where you can search the email addresses of your prospects by entering their domain and name. There is also a built-in database of B2B companies categorized based on the country, company size, and industry.  

SalesBlink - B2B Company Database

Overall, the user interface is easy to use and intuitive with clear navigation. The tool is feature-rich for cold emailing with all the basics covered. 


The pricing of SalesBlink is quite straightforward and simple. There is only a single paid plan that costs $49 per month per user. 

SalesBlink - Pricing

You get access to all the features without any restriction. If you are a team of more than 25 users, you can reach out to the team for additional discounts. 

There is currently a Lifetime Deal for SalesBlink available for a limited time that starts at just $59 paid one-time. For that price, it is a pretty good deal.

Get the Lifetime Deal of SalesBlink


Live chat support is available on the website and also inside the dashboard. The response time was very quick and the team helped me out instantly when I faced an issue in connecting my email.

The help & support documentation is quite good as well with details covering all the features. There is a public roadmap and changelog available as well.

However, it would be useful to see some tutorial videos covering all the features so that users can use the tool to its maximum potential.


To wrap up, for a fairly new tool in the highly competitive cold emailing and sales outreach space, I was fairly impressed with SalesBlink. The platform is feature-rich, the user interface is well-thought-out and easy to use. 

There are definitely things to improve when it comes to native integrations with CRM's and some fundamental features like A/B testing have to be added for cold emails to be effective.

Grab the Lifetime Deal of SalesBlink

However, SalesBlink has the crux of the tool nailed on to build upon and become an excellent sales outreach tool. 

SalesBlink Review (2021) – Is it a good multi-channel Outreach tool for your business?

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