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  • Fantastic tool for e-commerce agencies as it can be linked to multiple websites across various platforms
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Can be linked with stores on all the major the e-commerce platforms
  • Excellent responsive support


  • More integrations with other marketing tools and Zapier needed
  • Having only MailChimp is not of much use for Shopify stores as MailChimp is no longer supported for Shopify

Scaling up an e-commerce business requires research on a lot of data and analytics.

E-commerce customers could vary across a very wide range of spectrum from someone who has bought just once ever to another customer who buys almost every week.

Now, imagine spending the same amount of marketing dollars and time on both these customers. It will be marketing without any scientific or targeted approach.

To do it in an effective manner that brings the most ROI for your time and money spent. It is absolutely vital to segment your customers with data and insights.

However, it will be a monumental task to gather all this data from all the tools in your marketing stack.

Shoppr aims to simplify this by segmenting and displaying all the customer insights on a single dashboard to easily analyze and take appropriate marketing decisions.

Does it solve the problem? Will it help to be more effective in marketing your e-commerce business? Let’s find out.

Linking the store and metrics

Once the sign up is done, the first thing to do is to connect your store to Shoppr. 

Shoppr store linking

Shoppr supports linking of all the major e-commerce platforms including,

  1. Shopify
  2. Woocommerce
  3. BigCommerce
  4. Magento

PrestaShop would be a good addition as it is one of the major e-commerce platforms, at least in Europe. 

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There are detailed guides and video tutorials on how to connect the store to Shoppr.

Shoppr store

I tried connecting Shopify and the process was seamless and the entire linking of the store took less than 10 minutes which was quite impressive.

Shoppr shopify linking

In the case of Woocommerce, just go to advanced settings > Rest API > Generate API Key. Make sure to have the permission settings to only read. 

Once the store is connected. it is possible to connect the marketing channels right there or it can be skipped and done later.

Once the store is connected, Shoppr automatically extracts all the historical data from the store to analyze and provide insights. 

Marketing channel integrations

Currently, the marketing channels available for integration are,

  1. Google Ads,
  2. Facebook Ads,
  3. MailChimp.

Although Google Ads and Facebook Ads will cover the advertising portfolio of the majority of e-commerce stores, more integrations must be added when it comes to email marketing and other marketing tools. 

Also, Zapier must be added to the roadmap to connect other third-party marketing tools. 


Live chat support is available on the website and I was able to connect with the Founder directly and certify all the doubts. He was really helpful and gave clear information on all the queries raised. 

Also, the support and help documentation is good covering most of the aspects of linking the store and setting up the key performance metrics. 

There is a public roadmap as well to see all the features and integrations that are planned. public roadmap


The pricing structure of Shoppr is really unique and impressive. It is not based on the number of domains or websites but only on the overall sales volume. 

This is great for e-commerce agencies who manage multiple clients and stores as they can connect all the stores under a single dashboard and charge the clients separately. 

Shoppr pricing

Prices are very affordable as well. Plans start from $5 a month for $10,000 to $50,000 in annual overall sales upto $95 a month for annual sales revenue above $500,000.

There is a free plan for stores upto $10,000 in annual revenue and also a 14-day free trial to try out all the plans. 


To conclude, is it a good tool for every e-commerce store? Probably not, if you are a small store with a few products and very few sales per month, perhaps the segmentation and analytics won't be of huge use.

Get the lifetime deal - Available only for a limited period

However, for a store with products under multiple categories or in particular for an e-commerce agency serving clients and stores across multiple platforms, Shoppr will be a great addition to the tech stack.

Having able to access all the metrics of various stores in a single dashboard with various metrics and segmentation will be of huge help to easily analyze and improve the revenue. Review (2020) – Get smart insights and segment your customers

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