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Features & Functionality


User Interface & Ease of use


Customer Support & Documentation


Quality of content



  • Excellent quality of content for cold email and personalized LinkedIn outreach
  • Built-in email finder and verifier
  • Many outreach options including backlinks, Google reviews, Instagram comments, etc.
  • Live chat support and very good support documentation


  • No long form content generator
  • Needs native integration with cold emailing tools and CRM's to automate the workflow

There is no shortage of AI copywriting tools in the market right now. There is a slew of SaaS tools in the space after the release of GPT-3.

Each one of these tools has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are pretty good in long-form content and fall short in other types of content, while others are good only in short-form content. 

SmartWriter is quite unique among these tools as they are focused on personalized outreach. Considering the importance of personalization in cold outreach and how much it affects the effectiveness of the outreach process, that is an impressive philosophy, but how good is it in that approach? Well, let's find that out in this review.

Dashboard & User Interface

Once you have completed the sign-up, the main dashboard looks good with a clean user interface.

SmartWriter - Main Dashboard

The templates available in SmartWriter include, 

  • Backlink Personalization,
  • Personalized LinkedIn Outreach,
  • Personalized Icebreaker Generator,
  • Instagram Comment Generator,
  • Cold Email Outreach,
  • Personalized Google Review Icebreaker Generator,
  • Email Intro Lines,
  • Email Subject Lines,
  • E-commerce Product Title Generator,
  • E-commerce Product Description Generator,
  • Blog Titles,
  • Blog Intros,
  • Blogpost Metatag Description, 
  • Blog Outline,
  • General Content Expansion,
  • Quora Content Expansion,
  • Content Enhancer,
  • Marketing Ideas,
  • Google Ads Headline,
  • Google  Ads Description, 
  • Facebook Primary Text,
  • Facebook Headline,
  • AIDA Framework,
  • PAS Framework,
  • Feature to Benefit,
  • Tweet Generator,
  • YouTube Title Generator. 

Considering the copy for outreach campaigns is the USP of SmartWriter, we will focus on outreach-based features in this review. 

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The first thing to do after selecting a template is to name the project that helps to access your work easily.

SmartWriter - Projects

Once you have named the project, the next step is to enter the blog URL you want to outreach and select the type of blog. It could be anything like a general comparison post, how-to tutorial blog post, listicles, etc. 

SmartWriter - Backlink Outreach

If not manually, you can also enter a list of blog posts at once by uploading a CSV file containing the URL of all the posts. 

Once the URL is added and you click generate copy, you get the list of personalized messages for the particular post. 

SmartWriter - Personalized Backlink Outreach

I was really impressed with the quality of the copy generated. It was short and exactly to the point which a good outreach email should be. You can always regenerate the results if you are not happy with the content generated. 

When it comes to the copy for cold email, it works in a similar way where you have to enter the website URL of your prospect you want to reach out to, name, and description of your product or service. 

SmartWriter - Cold Email Generator

You can also choose the purpose of the cold email outreach. There are three options to choose from namely,

  • Book a Meeting,
  • Demo a Product,
  • Share a link to the Product.

You get a list of email copies generated based on the number you selected before. Again, the quality of content generated is really good and impressive. 

SmartWriter - Cold Email Copy

You can also get the contact details of the people working in the company including their email addresses and LinkedIn profile. It is also possible to add merge fields like 'First Name'.

It also shows a list of related links where your prospect is mentioned which would be useful to include in the email for an additional level of personalization. 

You can either copy the email text generated or directly send it to your default email client to further edit and tweak it. 

When it comes to Personalized LinkedIn Outreach, the first step is to enter your Authorization Token. It is easy to get it by just running a inspect search on your LinkedIn profile and searching for the cookie. There are some good and clear video tutorials on how to do it. 

SmartWriter - LinkedIn Outreach

Once you have connected the token, you can just enter your prospect's LinkedIn profile URL manually or upload a list of URLs as a CSV file. 

Personalization can be done based on the LinkedIn bio, Job, recent activity, and skills. Once the profile is added, the AI generates personalized content.

SmartWriter - Personalized LinkedIn Message

SmartWriter also has a built-in email finder and verification tool where you can find the email address of your prospects by entering their website domain, Name, or Job Position.

SmartWriter - Email Finder

Once found, you can verify the email by entering it manually or by uploading a list of emails to verify. 

SmartWriter - Email Verification

For email subject lines, you have to mention your target audience and give a brief description of your product or service. 

SmartWriter - Email Subject Lines

Once you enter the details and generate the copy, you get the list of subject lines that you can use for your email campaigns. 

SmartWriter - Email Subject Lines Generated

Overall, the user interface is pretty good with the navigation being very clear and intuitive to use. 


There are three paid plans ranging from $49 to $129 per month. It is good that all the features are available across all the 3 plans.

SmartWriter - Pricing

The differences in the plans include the total number of words and the outreach credits. The top of the line Pro plans gives you access to 60,000 words and 6,000 outreach credits. 

There is a Yearly deal for SmartWriter currently available for a short period of time. 

Grab the Yearly Deal of SmartWriter


Live chat support is available on the website and the support documentation is pretty extensive as well. 

There is a detailed content base called as SmartWriter University where you can see a lot of how-to tutorials to use the tool to the best of its capabilities and get the maximum out of it. 

There are also some helpful resources and case studies that you can take inspiration from and implement the strategies.


To wrap up, although there are a plethora of AI copywriting tools in the market, where SmartWriter really shines is its focus and specialization on personalized cold outreach. 

For sales teams with multiple team members, cold outreach & lead generation agencies SmartWriter could be the best option to automate their process of generating personalized copy. 

Try SmartWriter Free for 7 Days

Considering the time it could save for a decently sized team, it is definitely worth a try. 

SmartWriter Review (2023) – Will this Unique AI Copywriting tool help you in your Sales Outreach?

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