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  • Excellent user interface that is super clean and intuitive
  • Ability to import and export bookmarks as an HTML or CSV file
  • Support for custom domain
  • Possibility to add a short bio to personalize the page


  • Lack of integrations with other tools
  • No extension available for chrome or other browsers

A distraction-free environment is one of the major requirements for a good level of productivity while working online. 

As the cloud space has drastically improved over the last decade, you rarely work with any desktop-based or on-premise software. 

Most of the work is done via browser and it is where there is a chance for maximum distraction as your personal entertainment might intervene with your professional workspace easily. 

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What if there is a tool to organize all your bookmarks so that you can keep all your personal and work-related URLs separate in different folders, or share these with others if needed?

That's exactly what Superdense is promising. How good is it to achieve that? Let's find out in this review.

User Interface and Features

As soon as you complete your sign-up and onboarding, you are welcome to the main dashboard with the default colors and categories added to it. 

Superdense - Main Dashboard

The main workspace is classified under Spaces and you can have as many spaces as you want and various categories under it. 

For example, the Personal Space can have categories like videos, learning, reviews, cars, etc. and the Profession Workspace can have categories like email, marketing, task managers, etc. You can edit the name of the space at any time.

Superdense - Space Name

Each space can be set as public or private by simply switching on or off a toggle. Each space can be shared easily with a unique link.

This can be of very good use if you are an affiliate marketer as you can share multiple links by sharing just a single main link. 

You can also add a short bio about yourself and add your website link to be displayed on the public space page while you are sharing it with your potential audience.

Superdense - Bio Settings

If you already have all your bookmarks set up in your current browser, it might take a lot of time to add each and every bookmark manually. Superdense makes this much easier by letting you import or export bookmarks as an HTML or CSV file. 

Superdense - Import & Export Bookmarks

You can also add more columns to the space to have it more organized and add multiple categories to the same space. 

It would have been nice to see the ability to add tasks and take notes for each bookmark or each space. 

The dark mode is active by default and can be shifted to light mode easily by switching off the toggle on the home page. 

There is also a search bar on the top right where when you enter a name, the matching website is highlighted to make it easy to find it if you have a lot of websites saved. 

When it comes to appearance and styling, you can change the icon style and background with your own custom images. For more control on design, you can also do it with support for custom CSS.

Superdense - Styling and Design

Also, depending on the subscription plan you are on, it is possible to add team members to your account and set up a custom domain for the page. 

Overall, the user interface is very clean and minimalistic with very few distracting elements. It is also very intuitive and easy to navigate even for beginners. 


There are three paid plans in total namely Solo, Team, and Company costing $5, $19, and $79 per month respectively.

Superdense - Pricing

You would need the mid-level Team plan if you want to add team members to your main account and the Company plan if you want to add branding & custom domain. 

Overall, the pricing looks quite decent except for the Company plan which looks quite expensive if you do not have a large team and a custom domain is really essential. 

Best Alternative


TabExtend is another excellent bookmark management tool that offers an excellent array of features at a very affordable monthly pricing. 

In addition to the features available in Superdense, you get a chrome extension, the ability to take notes & define tasks, etc. which can be super useful. 


Overall, if you want an easy-to-use bookmark management tool to start organizing your online workflow, Superdense is a really good option. 

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Yes, it is missing a few features like chrome extension and a few more, but it has all the fundamental features covered in a beautiful user interface and hopefully the team will add more down the line. 

Superdense Review (2022) – Will it help you Improve your online Productivity and Organization?

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