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  • Easy to use and set up the automations
  • Generous 30 days free trial
  • Many apps available for e-commerce
  • Excellent support


  • Limited number of integrations
  • Most of the integrations are focused on e-commerce

Automation is the buzzword in every imaginable industry and any SaaS tool that automates repetitive human tasks has a huge potential to grow exponentially.

However, Zapier has been and still is the best tool for automating the day to day tasks. There have been attempts to build something better but nothing has gained as much traction as Zapier.

SyncSpider is one of the SaaS tools that has a mission to automate tasks to the maximum level possible. Is it good and how does it stack up with Zapier? Let's find out.


Everything starts with a project within which integrations and tasks can be added.

Syncspider dashboard

Once you select the option to add a new task, the list of available integrations that are already connected and the complete list of available integrations comes up.

syncspider tasks

It is clear right away SyncSpider is a tool focused for the most part on e-commerce and expanding from there.

Overall, the dashboard is easy to navigate and gets the automation and tasks set up.

Just open a new task, name the task, select the source integration, and then the target integration to do the required automation.

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In most cases, connecting any app is by just entering the API key of the required integration.

As of now, most of the tasks include syncing of contacts but more complex tasks based on if or and conditions and sending files are in plans.

Some of the most common and effective use cases could be,

  1. Syncing leads with a CRM,
  2. Syncing of contact with email marketing and newsletter tools, 
  3. Syncing order details with fulfillment services,
  4. Connecting to price comparison platforms and updating prices,
  5. Syncing and automating the invoicing process,
  6. Syncing the customer support and ticketing process,
  7. Syncing and automating form submissions and cold email outreach,
  8. Syncing and automating webinars.


Easily the most important aspect for a tool like this is the number of apps available for integration. Currently, there are around 40+ integrations available. 

The good thing is the team is extremely active in adding new integrations and every time I have checked, there are a few new integrations added.

Some of the major apps currently available includes,

Email Marketing

  • Active Campaign
  • MailerLite
  • Lemlist
  • MailChimp
  • Moosend


  • Amazon EU
  • CrowdFox
  • Google Shopping
  • ITscope
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • Rakuten
  • Shopify
  • Shopware
  • WooCommerce

Customer Support

  • Active Chat
  • Customerly
  • FreshDesk


  • Odus


  • BigMarker


  • FreshSales
  • GlobeManager CRM
  • Pipedrive
  • SalesFlare

Payment gateways

  • Stripe

Shopping Cart

  • Thrive Cart


  • WordPress


  • ChillBill

Calls & SMS

  • Twilio

Business Communication

  • Slack

Project Management

  • Trello


  • Google sheets
  • HTML forms

Additionally, there is a custom API, WebHooks to connect the apps you want.

Overall a decent collection of integrations, but needs a lot of further addition to fulfill the use case of different industries and to be a competitor even to the likes of Integromat let alone Zapier. 


Unlike Zapier, SyncSpider doesn't offer a forever free plan, but there is a free trial of 30 days for all the plans.

SyncSpider Pricing

SyncSpider pricing Zapier Pricing

Zapier pricing

The professional plan of Zapier costs $61 when paid monthly for 2,000 tasks and 2 min update time.

The nearly comparable terantula plan of SyncSpider costs $59 per month and comes with 5,000 task runs and 5 min update time. 

Huntsman plan costing $99 a month provides the best value as it gives 10,000 task runs and 1 min update time. It also gives agency features where you can add sub-accounts to your clients and team members.


The team is based in Austria and they are really supportive and responsive to all the queries. There is live chat support both on the main website and inside the app. 

Most of the support queries were answered within a few hours and the whole team is quite knowledgeable about the product. 

If there is a specific use case for your business that doesn't have the integrations currently, the team is willing to do a demo and take it into consideration for future addition to the integrations. 

Overall, a very helpful and knowledgeable support team.


The total number of integrations is quite low although new ones are added periodically. Although there are many e-commerce focused apps, more apps in the general marketing space have to be added.


So, is it any good and can it replace Zapier? It depends a lot on which business type you are in and the integrations you need. 

If you are into e-commerce, particularly based in Europe, it is quite possible that you might find all the necessary apps to integrate.

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For any other business type, have a check on the integrations page if the apps you need are currently available, or check with the support team if they have plans to add them. If it is available or in plans, SyncSpider can definitely be a great alternative to Zapier.

The team is excellent and it is clear they are putting in a lot of hard-working hours into the product to keep improving it every day and add more integrations. 

SyncSpider Review (2021) – Is it a worthy alternative to Zapier ?

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