Starts from $79 for Lifetime



User Interface & Ease of use




Value for money



  • A lot of complex outreach sequences can be built & automated
  • Integrates with many platforms to build recipes
  • Excellent array of automation recipe templates
  • Live chat support


  • Could be quite overwhelming to start with until to get a hang of it
  • Some of the automations could be done by connecting tools with Zapier or Integromat which you could be already using

While Inbound Marketing gives some targeted results for any business, it takes years of work and branding to get that to a consistent result-providing channel. 

For a majority of businesses in the B2B space, Outbound with strategic outreach channels like social media and email is the best option to bring results in the shorter term while you can work on your Inbound channels like SEO in the background.

However, outreach campaigns have to be highly strategical and if not, it does more harm than good for your brand overall. You need to find the right person to reach out to, the right contact information, and outreach with the right message for maximum reply rates. 

If all of these tasks are done manually, it takes a ton of time and could not be very effective as well.  For a small to medium-sized business, it is quite impossible to spend such a large amount of time exclusively on outreach campaigns to grow the business.

Any software tool that helps in this whole process might be a welcome addition to your tech stack in automating it as much as possible to save time and money for your business. 

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TexAu is one such product that promises to help you achieve complex workflows by connecting and automating the whole process. Phantombuster is one of the best tools that than co this. Is TexAu good enough to be as good as that for your business? Let's find it out in this review.

User Interface & Features

During the sign-up process, a few questions are asked to complete the onboarding. 

TexAu - Sign Up

The next step is to select the apps that you would want to connect with and build the workflows. This can also be done later if you skip it during the onboarding. 

TexAu - Integration

Once you have selected the apps, you are welcomed to the main dashboard. It contains a list of all the spices that are available in TexAu. 

TexAu - List of Available Spices

Spices are individual or one-off automation that runs in TexAu. It performs a single action at a time that is pre-defined. A recipe is a series or sequence of spices that are connected together to form a continuous automation workflow with multiple apps. 

TexAu has a lot of spices and also recipe templates already defined with all the actions set up to make it easy for you to start with. The spices can be saved as favorites to access them easier while building your recipes. 

For example, verifying an email using services like ClearOut, Checker, VerifyBee, etc. is a spice and this spice can be coupled with a prospector to scrape emails from LinkedIn to form a recipe. 

TexAu - Email Verification Spice

Some of the spices available in TexAu include,

  • Scrape Search results from Google,
  • Extract Reviews from Google Play Store,
  • Scrape Trends on Google,
  • Extract LinkedIn conversion links, 
  • LinkedIn Like all comments,
  • Send InMail using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, 
  • LinkedIn Job details Extractor,
  • Extract Instagram posts.
  • Unfollow an Instagram Profile, 
  • Scrape a Pinterest profile,
  • Scrape Pins from a page,
  • Extract PIxels from a website,
  • Take a website screenshot,
  • Extract social media profile links from a website,
  • Check a website's tech stack,
  • Scrape products from Product Hunt,
  • Upvote a post in Product Hunt,
  • Extract Profiles from a Facebook group,
  • Collect Reviews of Facebook Page, etc.

This is only a small sample of the spices and what they can do. Overall, there are tons of possibilities across different channels that can be accomplished with TexAu's spices. However, the naming of spices could be better as it isn't quite clear and might confuse the users on what exactly you can do by running the spice. 

Similar to spices, TexAu also has a library of public recipes which are pre-made templates that can be set up with just a few clicks. 

TexAu - List of Public Recipes

For example, one of the recipe templates is to identify all your website visitors using a tool called Happierleads, identify their LinkedIn profile, and then send a connection request. 

TexAu Recipe - Website visitors to LinkedIn connection request

It is pretty easy to implement and might take a very long time if done manually. That's where TexAu really shines, the ease of connecting and automating a lot of repetitive tasks is a huge time saver for any business, regardless of size and type. 

There is also a separate Prospector that makes it very easy to find the email addresses of a specific company through LinkedIn.

TexAu - Prospector to find emails

All the data retrieved by running every recipe can be accessed through the Results tab. You can search for any individual spice or recipe to narrow down the results. It is also possible to search based on which spice or recipe is running, paused, and completed.  


TexAu has three plans in total, Starter, Growth, and Agency ranging from $29 to $199. The main differences in features include the maximum amount of time the spices can run per day, the number of email enrichment per day, file storage size limits, and the maximum number of automation spices that can run simultaneously at a time. 

TexAu - Pricing plans & features

All the plans give you access to the desktop app, the complete library of spices and recipes, and access to all the available integrations. With the Growth plan, you can add an additional team member and with the Agency plan, 2 team members can be added. 

You can also request a custom spice for your company which lets you have exclusive rights to use it. It costs a flat fee of $999 and you can get it exactly tailored to your requirements. 


Live chat support is available on the website and there is a public roadmap to keep track of all the features that are being worked on and planned.

Although there are a few short video tutorials within the app dashboard, it would be nice to see more in-depth how-to tutorials on different spices and recipes with the use cases to clearly explain how it could benefit a business. 


To wrap up, TexAu is a really unique automation tool that could save a ton of time for your business in the process of email and social media outreach & communication. 

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Yes, there is quite a bit of a learning curve to learn how to set everything up and use the tools, but once you have gotten used to it, TexAu is definitely a tool that you can consider using. 

TexAu Review (2021) – Is it the best Automation tool for B2B Lead Generation and Outreach?

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