If there is one thing that is of utmost importance to improve conversion rates of your website, it is the visitor's or potential customer's trust. 

Email marketing is still one of the best channels to engage with the prospects and build a relationship and trust. 

However, it is not easy to get the email address of a visitor. In fact, less than 2 to 3% of the visitors sign up to a newsletter even if you have a really good lead magnet. 

So, how to start this trust-building process right on the first touchpoint when a visitor lands on your website?

This is where social proof pop-ups are very effective. It instantly attracts the attention of the visitor and gives a sense of authority your product or service has in your niche. 

There are different types of social proof pop-ups that can be displayed on a website, like sign-ups, purchases, visitor counts, etc. However,  the one that is most effective and the one that will have the most impact to build trust is reviews. 

Your website visitors would love to see the reviews of your product or service right on your website as it eliminates the need to search for it separately and reviews can instantly grow your product or service's reputation. 

Not all social proof software tool has the feature to collect or display review widgets. We will see the list of best tools that do have this feature. 

Tools for collecting and displaying reviews


Pricing - starts from $9 per month.

Free trial - Yes, available for 10 days.

Integrations - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google my business, Yelp, Capterra, Getapp, G2Crowd, Trustpilot, Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, Trip Advisor, Zendesk, Google Play, Slack, WordPress, Zillow.

Repuso is a simple and extremely easy to use tool to pull reviews from a variety of sources to display as neat little widgets on your website.

Apart from simplicity, another strength of Repuso is its extensive array of integrations that would fit many industries like B2B software, travel, local businesses, etc. 

Additional to pulling the reviews from other sources, you can also send a unique Repuso link to your customers to generate reviews. 


Pricing - starts from $29 per month.

Free trial - Yes, available for 7 days.

Integrations - Facebook, Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Zapier.

EmbedReviews is one of the tools from the Embedsocial team exclusively for reviews and reputation management.

It lets you collect reviews from social channels and also through custom forms, email requests, etc. Integration with Yelp reviews makes it a great tool for local businesses. 

If you already have reviews and testimonials compiled, you can easily upload them via a CSV file and display them as review widgets. 

Reviews can also be embedded on the checkout pages where it is the most effective to increase conversions. You can also select the reviews you want to display on the website and also auto-approve only 5-star reviews for display.

Overall, a feature-rich review generation and reputation management tool. 

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Sticky Reviews

Pricing - starts from $15 per month.

Free trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations - Zapier.

Sticky Reviews is a powerful review management tool as in addition to text reviews you can also add audio and video reviews to your widgets.

The review links to be sent out to the customers can be set up as custom domains to completely brand your review collection process. 

Another impressive feature in Sticky Reviews is the option to build exit pop-ups and collect e-mail addresses. 

Although there are no native integrations with other review sources, Zapier integration is available. 

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Pricing - starts from $16 per month.

Free trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations - YouTube, Facebook, MailChimp, Constant Contact.

Boast is a fantastic tool that is exclusively designed to get video testimonials from your customers. 

You can send email requests to your customers for video testimonials and keep a track of who has responded. Once you receive the testimonials, it is possible to manage all the testimonials in one single dashboard.

You will be able to edit, tag or even download the videos. Additional to the videos, you can also add star ratings to provide more social proof. 

The testimonial request form that is sent to customers can be completely customized to match your brand and needs. 

YouTube and Facebook pages integration makes it extremely easy to display the testimonials collected in Boast in other channels as well.


Pricing - starts from $19 per month

Free trial - Yes, available for 14 days

Integrations - Facebook pages, Google my business, Zapier

Endorsal makes it incredibly easy to collect reviews with custom forms. Once the forms are built, links can be sent to your customers to send reviews.

You can also prefill the form with the data you already have about the customer to make it even easier and less time consuming for them to send the reviews. 

There are many templates to choose from to match your branding for the display widgets. It is also possible to incentivize your customers to leave a review with a coupon code.  

One more cool feature in Endorsal is that you can display all the reviews collected in a single landing page to have a powerful testimonials page for your business. 

Endorsal integrates natively with Facebook pages and Google my business to pull in the reviews and to other sources of reviews via Zapier.

Tools for displaying reviews with other social proof pop-ups


Pricing - starts from $9 per month.

Free trial - Yes, available for 7 days.

Integrations for reviews  - AirBnb, AlternativeTo, Amazon, AppStore, Better Business Bureau, Capterra, Facebook, Flipkart, Google Business, Google Play Store, Product Hunt, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, TrustRadius.

Notifia is a conversion optimization suite consisting of more than 30+ widgets ranging from email collection pop-ups to callbacks to reviews display.

It is a tool that provides incredible value for money. For a single widget type, it costs $9 per month and for the complete suite of 30+ widgets, it costs just $49 per month for unlimited websites and visitors.

Apart from local businesses and e-commerce, Notifia is a fantastic tool for SaaS companies and B2B software products as it can display reviews from Product Hunt and Capterra. 

It is the only social proof and conversion tool you might need.


Pricing - starts from $19 per month.

Free trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations for reviews  - Feedback Company, Google reviews, Judge, Reviews.io, Shopper Approved, Stamped, Trustpilot, Woocommerce product reviews, WordPress plugin reviews, Yotpo.

Fomo is one of the most feature-rich social proof platforms. In addition to all the powerful social proof features to show off a wide range of metrics, Fomo has integration with many review sources to display your customer or product reviews.

Woocommerce and WordPress plugin reviews are really unique integrations and help WordPress based e-commerce stores to increase sales with social proof.

Fomo’s pricing is also pretty good as even with the starter plan, you can install it on an unlimited number of websites with the number of notifications being the only limit. 

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Pricing - starts from $21 per month.

Free trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations - Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Stamped, Trustpilot, Yotpo.

ProveSource is another social proof tool that has review display widgets with 6 review sources that can be easily linked. 

There is a free plan for up to 1,000 unique visitors and the starter plans that costs $21 per month allows up to 10,000 unique visitors.


Reviews can be incredibly beneficial in so many ways when it comes to marketing and these are some of the best SaaS tools to collect and display them on your website.

The right choice would depend on the specific use case of your industry, traffic generated, the integrations available and your budget.

The best software tools to collect customer reviews and testimonials to display on any website

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