You could have heard this a lot of time in the past few years,

"Traditional static websites do not work anymore, you need a proper sales funnel".

Well, sure it is true. However, websites are here to stay and not going anywhere. Sales funnels and landing pages with a single call to action across the whole page works for few industries and a certain type of traffic source, but on a broader scale, websites are still going to be a brand's primary online medium & asset.

If that's the case, how to make a dull and boring static website more communicative? To make it more interactive?

That's where website personalization tools come in. 

What they basically offer is a personalized version of a website based on different characteristics of a visitor. 

A salesperson in a physical store can't be the same with every visiting customer. A good salesperson adapts to the needs and requirements of different customers and provides apt solutions at the right time.

Website personalization brings the same concept to the digital world where your website becomes that good salesperson with the ability to offer a unique experience. 

There are many SaaS tools that are available to personalize your website. We will have a look at the best 5 in this post based on the features and pricing. Let's get into it. 

Proof Experiences

Pricing - starts at $599 per month.

Free trial - Not available, demo available.

Integrations - Clearbit Reveal, Segment, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot.

Proof experiences is a new product from the team at UseProof, which is a social proof tool to improve conversion rates. 

Proof experiences is a tool built for B2B companies in particular with website traffic of more than 10,000 visitors a month. It lets you change texts, call to actions and images on your website without any requirement for coding.

Proof experiences works best if you are using Segment, Clearbit, etc. as a data source or CRM's like HubSpot as it pulls all the data from these sources to display dynamically on your website. 

Apart from images and text, it also let you ass completely dynamic content blocks to your website. You can A/B test different versions of your personalized campaigns to see which performs the best with detailed reporting on the improvement in conversion rates.

A lot of company traits and attributes in Clearbit can be used to completely personalize even for a cold visitor who is visiting your website for the very first time.  

If you are not using Clearbit, you can sign up with an exclusive discount for Proof Experiences users by contacting the sales team. 


Pricing - starts at $129 per month.

Free trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations - Active Campaign, ConvertKit, Drip, HubSpot, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, Ontraport.

RightMessage is a smart widget builder that lets you build personalized popups. forms and landing pages to segment and offer a personalized experience. 

It is possible to build calls to action, quizzes & surveys, landing pages with dynamic content based on visitor behavior and actions.

The best past about RightMessage is the feature to build all these flows visually which makes it incredibly easy to map visitor journey and flows.

It also integrates with most of the majorly used email marketing and CRM tools to synch and pull in all the relevant data like subscriptions or purchases made. 

Texts, testimonials, and numerous other data can be dynamically offered based on the visitor persona and all the campaigns are A/B tested to give you the exact increase in conversions by using personalization. 


Pricing - starts at $29 per month.

Free trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations - Close CRM, GoHighLevel, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, IRIS CRM, Platformly, Salesforce, Salesflare,  Zoho CRM, Active Campaign, Drip, Groundhogg, Mautic, Reply, Sendinblue, ClickFunnels, Customerly, Dashly, Drift, Gist, Intercom, Anyleads, Encharge, Outseta, Pitchbox.

Hyperise is a very powerful personalization tool that can be used to personalize websites, emails, chatbots, videos, ads. 

Websites can be personalized by using a simple chrome extension and it works across all website builders and CMS. Texts, images, CTA's can be personalized easily using the online editor and by using dynamic text tags like Name, Gender, Company name, Phone number, Job title, etc.

Hyperise pulls in data like profile image and business logo from the prospect's website or email and displays it dynamically on the web page. 

The real strength of using Hyperise is that apart fro just personalizing the website, it lets you offer a whole experience of personalization as it can be used on videos, emails, chatbots, and ads. 

If-So (for WordPress websites)

Pricing - starts at $139 for a lifetime license.

Free trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations - Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, Gutenberg, Thrive Themes.

If-so is a WordPress plugin that works with all the major builders for WordPress sites to personalize the website content.

Some of the powerful features of If-So include dynamic search terms on the landing pages, personalization based on geo-location & visitors' language, customizable call to actions based on the page visited, etc.

The search term personalization is very useful for running ads as based on the search query the visitor arrived from, the website automatically provides the exact text on the landing page. This is incredibly powerful to achieve higher conversion rates. 

Pages can also be personalized based on the advertising platform, which lets you change the content based on whether a visitor lands from Google or Facebook ads. 

Some of the other conditions based on which dynamic triggers can be set include Referral source, Browser language, UTM parameters, Device type, etc. 

Personizely (for e-Commerce websites)

Pricing - starts at $29 per month.

Free trial - Yes, available for 14 days.

Integrations - BigCommerce, InstaPage, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, Volution, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, WooCommerce, 3dCart, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, Drip, Klaviyo, MailChimp, Moosend, Recart, SendGrid, Manychat. 

Personizely is an e-commerce focused personalization tool that integrates with all major e-commerce website builders and email marketing tools specialized for e-commerce.

Similar to the other tools in this list, you can personalize text, images, and call to actions with Personizely. Some of the triggers for dynamic content include referral source, geo-location, cart value, device type, order history, etc. 

Cart value and order history based personalization makes it a fantastic tool for e-commerce sites. Content edits can be done directly on the website with the inline editor which makes it incredibly easy.  

To make the experience even more wholesome, Personizely also lets you build widgets for list building, running special promotions, notify on any sale, or to add a cross-sell to an existing order. 

Overall, a really good tool for e-commerce websites. 


Website personalization is here to stay and the earlier you get into it, the higher the likely increase in conversions. 

There are so many tools that are coming out in this space and I will try to update this list as and when some good ones get released. 

However, the above tools are each fantastic for specific use cases and for specific types of websites. 

The best software tools to personalize your website with dynamic content for maximum conversions

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