If growing an agency was hard, it has only become harder with the competition getting more fierce and extremely crowded.

Irrespective of the industry you are serving and the type of services you offer, there are so many agencies out there competing for the best clients.

In order to sustain and grow, it is vital to stand out from the rest and offer something unique that is not mainstream. 

Using white label software tools is one of the ways to do that. 

So, what is white labeling, and how it works?

It is essentially rebranding an existing piece of software with your agency's logo, brand, colors, and domain. So when a client logs in to the software, it looks like your agency's own software tool. 

There are many advantages to using white labeling tools including,

  • Earning authority and reputation in your agency's niche,
  • Offering a customized and personalized experience for your clients,
  • Lots of upsell opportunities wherein you can offer additional services and increase the lifetime value of each client.

Of course, not every software company allows for white labeling. However, there are some really good SaaS tools that allow it and have specific pricing plans for white labeling.

We will look at some of the best such tools. Let's get into it. 

Brand Monitoring & Sentiment Analysis


Price - $299 per month for white-labeled reports

BrandMentions is a brand monitoring tool that is feature-rich with detailed reports that can be completely white-labeled with your agency's logo. 

You can also build shareable dashboards of all the mentions your clients get across the web & social media channels. 

The reports can be completely customized with the exact information and details you want to display.

The company plan also comes with 10 user seats making it perfect for even medium to big-sized agencies. 


Price - $199 per month for white-labeled reports

Mentionlytics is another very good brand monitoring tool with white-label reporting.

Apart from the wide range of sentiment analysis and brand monitoring features, you can also do social media management for your clients as Mentionlytics has a built-in publisher similar to the likes of Buaffer and Hootsuite.

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Mentionlytics lets you have 20 users in the Advanced plan. It also gives API access that makes it very useful to build custom integrations based on the specific needs of your agency. 

Client Portal and Management


Price - starts from $49 per month for the branded environment, $99 per month for the white-labeled URL.

SuiteDash is a client portal system where you can build a complete portal with your branded colors and login URL. 

The portal can be completely customized and you can share files, send invoices, and set up subscription payments with time tracking features as well. 

It can be also used as a project and task management tool for your own agency. With integrated email marketing and calendar booking system, SuiteDash serves as an all-in-one business management tool that might help to replace many of your current tools used. 

Native integration with all the majorly used gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and Authorize.net makes it easy to streamline your Invoicing irrespective of the location of your agency. 

Search Engine Optimization

SE Ranking

Price - starts from $89 per month for white-labeled reports

SEO is one of the most widely offered services by agencies to local and mid-sized businesses. 

Although there are many SEO tools in the market, SE Ranking stands out due to its many agency-friendly features.

You can white-label the platform with a custom URL or a sub-domain and brand it with your own colors and logo. There will be no mention of SE Ranking once the dashboard and reports are white-labeled. 

It is possible to set up client accounts, giving them limited access to the dashboard. You can also send scheduled reports from your own professional email address by just linking to an SMTP which is even available with SE Ranking. 

Just choose the period to be scheduled for the email, drag & drop the modules you need to be in the report and your entire SEO reporting process becomes automated completely. If you need to personalize the reports further, you can also add notes to different elements of the report to make it stand out even more. 

SE Ranking also has a very useful lead generation tool that can be used to send automated reports by installing a widget on your agency's website. Once a prospect enters their website, the tool sends a detailed site audit report to their email.

Overall, a fantastic SEO tool for any type of marketing agency. 

Funnel Mapping & Tracking


Price - starts from $297 per month for unlimited plans & white-labeling with a custom domain. 

Sales funnels are one of the most vital parts of a marketing campaign that you can offer as a service to varied types of clients. 

A sales funnel involves multiple steps and many trajectories and it might be difficult to explain a clear picture of your idea to a prospective client. 

A funnel mapping tool helps to achieve this where you can map out your whole funnel idea on a canvas with pre-built elements for landing pages, email sequences, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. 

MarketPlan is one of the best funnel mapping tools in the market with features to even track all your campaigns in real-time once it is up and running.

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The agency plan allows you to white label the tool with your branding and custom URL. 

Mapping out your sales funnel ideas in a tool branded with your agency's custom URL and showing it on a live call with a client improves your credibility and niche authority massively. 

Social Media Management


Price - starts from $50 per month for white-labeled reports

There are tons of social media management tools like Buffer, HootSuite, and a lot more. 

For an agency, SocialPilot has some of the best agency-specific features like client management, detailed analytics, white-labeled reports, etc. 

You can get Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google my Business analytics on how the posts are performing, the engagement levels generated, the best time to post for your client's audience, etc. and share all this information in a detailed white-labeled report. 

It is also possible to find influencers in your client's niche, which opens up a lot of opportunities to collaborate. 

SocialPilot's client management feature lets your clients easily connect their social media accounts without sharing private credentials. 

SocialPilot also has a very useful and free content curation tool that can be used to curate content for your clients on a consistent basis. You can search for content for any niche or industry and schedule it easily. 


Price - starts from $49 per month for 1 workspace and 5 social media accounts. 

ContentStudio is another fantastic social media management and scheduling tool for agencies. 

Apart from various social channels, you can also schedule posts for WordPress and Medium. ContentStudio is also very strong in influencer & content research similar to what you can do with tools like BuzzSumo. 

There is a built-in SEO assistant to optimize the posts for higher rankings in the search engines. 

You can also have individual workspaces to make client management easy for your team. 

Client Reporting


Price - starts from €35 per month for 5 clients.

Client reporting is one of the most important aspects of the smooth functioning of any agency. 

There are many reporting tools out there, but the ability to make white-labeled dashboards connecting various marketing channels and completely automating the reporting makes Octoboard a superb time-saver for any agency. 

Octoboard has more than 50 marketing and advertising tools to choose from including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads, QuickBooks, Stripe, ActiveCampaign, SendGrid, etc. 

White-labeling of reports and dashboards is available in all the plans at no extra cost. You can also host a white-labeled portal on your own agency website. 


Price - starts from $99 per month for 20 clients.

Although Oviond's base plan is slightly more expensive at $99 per month, it gives the advantage of using the dashboards and reports for up to 20 clients. 

The templates for dashboards in Oviond are extremely well-designed and look beautiful. 

It has an equally good set of integrations and more tools are constantly added to the library. 

Reports can be automatically scheduled and emailed to clients at a set date and time. Similar to Octoboard, all plans come with white-labeling of reports & dashboards.

LinkedIn Automation & Lead Generation


Price - $100 per month per LinkedIn account. 

LinkedIn is one of the most underrated and perhaps an underused channel when it comes to lead generation for marketing agencies servicing B2B clients.

With the right strategies employed, LinkedIn can be an absolute goldmine of prospective customers and leads. 

Skylead is a powerful LinkedIn Automation tool that can be completely white-labeled in your agency's brand name, logo, and color scheme. 

You can manage multiple client accounts under one master account dashboard switching easily between each account. It is also possible to give limited login access to your clients through your branded login page.

There are no limits on the pricing you can set, so the profit potential managing multiple clients is really huge. 


Price - $199 per month per seat.

Expandi is another fantastic LinkedIn automation tool that can be completely white-labeled.

It comes with unlimited LinkedIn outreach campaigns, unlimited drip sequences, dynamic and personalized tags, A/B testing, reply detection, campaign tracking, etc. 

Zapier integration and the availability of an API makes it easy to keep everything in sync with your CRM. 

There are many features focused on agencies, including managing multiple accounts under a single login and dashboard. 

White-labeling lets you fully brand the login page as per your styling, logo, and colors.

Wrap Up

So, that's the list of some of the best tools you can use to white-label and improve the branding for your agency. 

Although these tools are completely branded with your agency's name, it is important to add your unique selling points as an agency. 

There might be some more tools that fit the category, and I will update the post as and when I test them.

The best while label software tools for marketing agencies to brand and stand out from competition

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