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Tier5 Partnership Program

Starts from $97 a month

Software included


Beginner friendly




Value for money



  • So many excellent software included that easily pays back the fee paid
  • Re-seller rights to all the software for 100% commissions
  • Huge potential to earn money by selling the software to small businesses and marketers
  • Excellent tutorials and support team


  • Needs experience in using B2B marketing software
  • Digital marketing and sales experience necessary to make money using the re-seller rights

In the scam filled world of internet marketing and online business opportunities, it's very rare to find a genuinely impressive platform to start an online business and make money online. 

Therefore, when I first heard about the Tier5 partnership program, quite naturally, I was suspicious about it. It gave a feeling of too good to be true. 

However, after being a Tier5 partner for more than a year, I can confidently say that it is a fantastic partnership program that’s so unique and provides tons of value for money. 

Join the Tier5 Partnership

Exclusive bonus - Soleadify lead generation tool (get 300 targeted B2B leads per month for your business worth $99 per month)

What is the Tier5 partnership program?

Tier5 is a software development company with more than 30 full-time developers with 9 different SaaS products covering various features like cold email outreach, text and voice mail marketing, social proof, link shortening & branding, sales funnel builder, etc.

Tier5 partnership program allows you to use all current and future Tier5’s software and gives agency reseller accounts that you can resell for any amount and keep 100% of the profits. 

Software included in the Tier5 Partnership

Genius Pages

Funnel building tool to build high converting sales funnels


An omnichannel marketing tool that includes text message, voice mail, and email marketing

Robo Contact

Cold email outreach tool to automate the process of reaching out to business owners

Link Wizard

Link shortening and link branding tool to shorten, brand, track and analyze your links

Sticky Reviews

Social proof tool by displaying reviews on any website

Magic Zap

Personalization of content based on various parameters

Invoicing You

Software to build invoices and collect one time or recurring payments

Friend Connector

Automation tool to connect and add friends in a targeted niche

Group Convert 

Automatically add your Facebook group members to your email marketing tool (Only personal account - No agency reseller accounts for this tool)

As the list shows, the software included in the partnership covers a very wide use case for any business type and niche.

My personal favorites are Genius Pages and Chirply. 

Genius Pages is a full-blown funnel builder with huge potential with a lot of features planned and added constantly. This tool in itself will be worthy of the partnership fee paid once more features and integrations are added to it. 

Chirply is a fantastic omnichannel marketing tool that can be used and implemented in any small and local business to significantly improve their digital presence. Any other similar tool like Chirply will alone cost in the north of $200 a month with fewer features than what Chirply offers. 

The really unique highlight of the Tier5 partnership program is, additional to an account for personal usage in each software to use in your business, you get 10 more accounts in each software except Group Convert that you can sell.

It is an amazing deal for the price Tier5 partnership program charges and the potential to make money by selling these software accounts is really huge. 


There is a really helpful and active Facebook group exclusively for the Tier5 partners where partners help and share ideas on how to use or sell the software.

Also, there is a weekly meeting on Friday for partners to discuss any issue or to give opinions to improve the software and provide insights on new features that can be added to each software. Additionally, it is an incredibly beneficial networking opportunity to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Each software has in-depth tutorial videos covering all the features to have a quick reference. If you can’t find the solution for your issue from the tutorials, there is live chat support to help out anytime. 


Is it worthy to join the Tier5 partnership program? Is it legit?

Well, absolutely yes. If you have any type of business running and you would benefit from the wide range of software suite, it will pay back the value multiple times. 

Join Tier5 partnership  

If you are completely new to Internet marketing and have a use case for any of the software or if have no skills or experience in selling anything online, then maybe it is not a good fit. 

For everyone else, it is a fantastic opportunity. 

How much does Tier5 Partnership program costs?

Tier5 Partnership program costs $297 a month for access to personal use and reseller rights of all the software included.

Can I try before joining?

Yes, there is a 7-day free trial to try the program before joining.

Tier5 Partnership Review (2020) – Is it a good business opportunity?

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