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  • An unified workspace to have a look all the data makes it easier to collaborate
  • Useful templates to start with to build up boards
  • A lot of useful widgets like bookmarks, notes, advanced tasks, checklists, etc.
  • Advanced Tasks widget is very good that it can even replace your project management tool


  • It would be better to natively integrate wit other third-party tools and display the data rather than just links
  • No native mobile apps

With the tremendous increase in usage and affordability of could servers in the past decade, it is super rare to see companies using on-premise software anymore. Even enterprise-sized companies have moved to cloud and SaaS for their digital requirements. 

However, even a small business that ventures newly into digitization for their processes and workflows, it is most likely that they are using multiple SaaS tools for various requirements. 

This will require logging into multiple different tools and dashboards for yourself and your team members which makes things unorganized and also might affect the overall productivity. 

Also, the data gets scattered which makes it very difficult for you to effectively make decisions as a team.

Grab the Lifetime Deal of of Tixio

What if there is a tool to unify all these data within a single dashboard that will save you both time and effort to improve your productivity? That's exactly what Tixio promises to be. Is it good enough to serve that purpose? Let's find out in this review.

Dashboard, User Interface & Features

As soon as you complete the initial sign-up to Tixio, there is a short onboarding to be completed. First up, you have to give a name for your main workspace and also a subdomain name as well. 

Tixio - Initial Onboarding

After that, you can define your role in the organization you are going to use Tixio and also the specific use case to further customize your experience. 

Tixio - Account Personalization

In the final step of onboarding, you can invite your team members to Tixio, however, this can be even done at a later stage once you have got a hang of the tool. 

Tixio - Onboarding

Once you have completed the onboarding, you are welcomed to the main dashboard which at the first glance, might look a bit confusing and overwhelming as well. 

However, once you get an understanding of how it all works and what can be done with Tixio, you will find it easier to use the tool and also get the maximum out of it. 

Tixio - Main Dashboard

Everything starts as a board in Tixio where you can add widgets of your choice including bookmarks, notes, links, etc. There is a welcome board by default, but you can add any number of boards based on your specific use case. 

While building up a new board, the following templates are available as a starting point so that you do not need to start completely from scratch,

  • Competitor Analysis,
  • SWOT Analysis,
  • Meeting Minutes,
  • Company Mission Statement,
  • UX Analysis,
  • Project Plan,
  • Daily Scrum,
  • Growth Planning, 
  • Project Charter,
  • Onboarding Plan,
  • Marketing Goals.

You can get a preview of each board before selecting one for your use. It is possible to avoid the templates as well if you need a clean start from scratch.

Tixio - New Board

You can add various widgets to the new board including bookmarks, checklists, tasks, notes, etc. For example, if you are adding a bookmark, you can give it a title and add the link. It is possible to further customize it with custom colors.

Tixio - Bookmark Customization

The same can be done when you add a checklist widget. You can give the main title and customize the colors after adding the tasks to be done. 

Tixio - Checklist Widget

The tasks in the checklist can be filtered and viewed that are active currently and which are already done. You can also give custom icons to each headline. 

If you need a slightly detailed checklist with more data and options, you can add the Advanced Task widget to the board. 

Tixio - Advanced Tasks

Here, you can assign each task to a team member, set the deadline and the current status, and also define the priority of each task that is being assigned. 

You can also add custom status labels in addition to available ones like review, working on it, stuck, done, etc. Notes work in a similar way as well wherein you can add simple text-based notes under the main heading. 

Tixio - Notes Widget

Tixio also lets you build your team wiki and share it easily. All the basic word editing options are possible with the ability to add numbered & bulleted lists, links, etc. 

You can also add comments to the wiki that can be assigned to your team members and can be classified under open, resolved, and the comments specifically assigned to you.

Tixio - Team Wiki

Although it is possible to add a cover image to the wiki, it would have been better to be able to add images to the wiki's body.

Once you complete the content, each wiki can be as a template that can be further used by your team members. 

You can also share and access files within Tixio. Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive are supported.


There are two paid plans in addition to the free plan. The price is very affordable with the Basic plan costing $2 per user month and the Team plan costing $5 per user month when paid monthly. 

Tixio - Pricing

While you can build an unlimited number of boards and wikis even in the free plan, some of the important features like advanced task boards, templates, drive sync & collaboration, analytics, etc. are available only in the paid plans. 


Live chat support is available on the website and also within the app dashboard.

The text-based help center has quite an extensive list of guides covering each feature in detail which is quite good. Also, the official YouTube channel has a few short video tutorials as well. 

A public roadmap and changelog are maintained too to have a track of all the features that are planned and released. 


To wrap up, Tixio is a really unique tool that will definitely help you and your team members to be more collaborative and productive. 

Grab the Lifetime Deal of Tixio Now

Yes, there are some shortcomings like a lack of mobile apps and native integration with other tools, but the features it offers like a unified workspace with notes, checklists, wiki, files, etc. are really interesting and definitely worth a try. 

Tixio Review (2022) – Will an Unified Workspace really Improve your Online Productivity?

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