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  • Not much information on how the visibility index is calculated and how it can be used
  • No live chat support

Organic traffic by SEO and content is still rated as one of the best in terms of conversion rates and expected to be that way in the way digital marketing evolves. 

However, achieving organic traffic in any niche is quite a tricky process and needs a lot of patience and consistency in content generation. 

When you are putting out high-quality content on a consistent basis that adds real value to your core customer base, that's where you are recognized by the search engines and organic traffic begins to grow. 

Once you have done it started gaining rankings for your target search keywords, there is a whole new thing to do, which is to keep your articles updated in order to maintain the rankings. 

This requires you to constantly check your rankings and see which posts have gained, which have stayed the same, and most importantly, which are the posts that have lost the ranking. 

These are the posts that need your immediate attention to update the posts with fresher content and push it to the top again on searches. 

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It is incredibly difficult to do this manually, particularly if you have a lot of posts ranked on search engines. To keep track of every post's ranking is quite impossible and this is where a tool like TrueRanker comes in. 

It helps you track the ranking of many keywords periodically. All you need to do is to enter the keywords and set up the tracking scenarios. How good is it as a tool and what are its pros and cons compared to similar rank tracking tools? Let's find out in this review. 

Dashboard, User Interface, and Features

Once you have completed the initial sign-up, the main dashboard welcomes you with the first step, which is to add a project that will consist of all the keywords to track. 

TrueRanker - Main Dashboard

There are different ways to add the type of tracking you want. The most common is to add a single domain wherein you can track multiple posts in a single domain or website. 

Once you have added the project, you can then add the keywords you want to track inside of each project. Multiple keywords can be added in bulk as a CSV file or individually too if there are not many in a single project. 

TrueRanker - Projects

While adding the keywords, you can add the location you want to track which could be a country or any specific city. This can be incredibly useful for local SEO agencies to keep track of local ranking. 

TrueRanker - Keywords

You can also add the device type you want to track which could be either desktop or mobile. This can give you a fair idea of the percentage of visitors you get from each device type to help you fine-tune your content strategy. 

It is also possible to add tags to keywords which can be helpful to keep all the keywords organized under different subgroups to search easily. 

For every keyword added, you will be able to see some useful metrics like the cost per click of the keyword, the average number of searches the keyword gets, etc. 

TrueRanker - Suggested Keywords

Another neat feature in TrueRanker is that based on the keywords you have added in a project, it provides you with some suggested keywords too that can be added in just a click. 

You can also get the related searches from search engines associated with every keyword. This can be really helpful to unearth some hidden gems when it comes to keywords you want to target. 

For local search results, you get rankings on the local pack and also if you are ranking for any snippets too. 

The dashboard also displays a comparison graph of the change in average rankings for your keywords. Changes can be gauged every day, or every three, five, seven days.

TrueRanker - Ranking Comparison

TrueRanker also lets you add competitors to track how well they rank for your target keyword compared to you. 

TrueRanker - Adding Competitors

While adding the competitors, the system provides you with suggestions based on your content and keywords but you can always add any specific URL you would like to. 

Overall, the feature list is quite decent and covers all the basics of a rank tracker. The user interface is intuitive as well and you can get started with setting up your projects easily. 


There are 3 plans in total ranging from $9.99 to $49.99 per month. The main differences between the plans are the number of keywords you can track, SEO analysis that can be run.

TrueRanker Pricing

Competitors tracking is available only on the Business and Advanced plan. The pricing structure is quite decent with a decent allowance for the number of keywords.  


To wrap up, TrueRanker is a decent option to track all the keywords you are targeting when the focus of business is search engine optimized traffic. 

The user interface is neat and easy to get accustomed to. Live chat support is a miss if you are looking for a quick solution and the help & support documentation could be improved as well.

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However, overall the app is polished, functional and would definitely be a good addition to your tech stack if you are looking to improve your organic traffic. 

TrueRanker Review (2022) – How it compares against other Rank Tracking tools and will it Really help in your SEO efforts?

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